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Yesterday (25/01/2009), there were TV reports stating that some self appointed high priests of INDIAN CULTURE entered a pub by name AMNESIA in Mangalore, karnataka and beat up the women who were in the pub. It was said to have been done by the members of a group called RAM SENA.

The most important point is that i had seen myself on the TV a woman’s ponytail being pulled by a male hand, besides two women were seen running and a man(?) kicking them from behing and they both fell down and scrambled back to stand up. The images revealed that the INTRUDERS were not only NOT civilized but were BRUTAL.

In INDIA we are breeding people who have ARROGATED TO THEMSELVES THE RIGHT TO BE THE GUARDIANS OF THE MORAL STANDARDS OF THEIR LOCALITY. The same ignorant fellows should know that this country’s development, when it spreads would bring with it many disturbing features which may not be familiar to the terrain in which such developments take place.

I am tempted to cite an anecdote which happened during the reign of Akbar the Great. Salim Chisthi’s sons complained to their father that Akbar was poaching women from their harem. The wise Chisthi said, ” When you invite a mahout into your home, be ready to make your door big enough to let in the elephant too!”

It is the same story in Mangalore, when call centres and BPOs have migrated to towns like Mangalore, the goons should be educated that micro skirts, smoking and beer swigging women would also proliferate and it cannot be controlled by the mere wishes of the local denizens.

The rogues who had indulged in such terrorizing acts of beating women should not only be arrested but also be handled in such a way that they feel the humiliation which they so zealously carried out on their victims.

Of late in the state of Karnataka such types of violence seem to be on an upsurge. It is my surmise that, the lumpen elements are emboldened on the ideological starching delivered by the idealogues of the brigade that peddles small minded morality in the name of religion.

Whatever be the reason, the goons had no right to firstly enter a pub for enforcing their idea of morality, secondly they cannot violate the personal integrity of another Indian.


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