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The greatest tragedy that is besetting retail trade in India is after sales service. My personal experience with two products have made me realize that most of the “claims” made in the websites by these 2 Companies, viz. WHIRLPOOL and AIRTEL have nothing to do with the ground realities which exist. I have excerpted a write -up of WHIRLPOOL‘s website making extra-ordinary claims of “meeting customer expectation”!

Customer Excellence: Excelling the customer expectation from the company, its brands, products and services are a three-step process. The three steps are: Know a customer, Be a customer, Serve a customer.

The product in question is a FRIDGE which was bought in 2009 just prior to DIWALI, the  model being “PROFESSIONAL”  of WHIRLPOOL brand. Within the warranty period, which is one year, totally 10 complaints have been made and the technicians who are misnomered “SERVICE ENGINEERS’ attended to the faults and were perennially evasive of the problem. NO REPORT OF THE DEFECT DETECTED AND THE REMEDIAL ACT DONE was given to the client to understand the problem.

Toward the 11th months of purchase, the service technicians (designated with a lofty title ENGINEERS) started canvassing for AMCs. Now, that is Annual Maintenance Contract. The AMC guys are a part of the racket let loose by WHIRLPOOL. The problem has been recurring and almost everything from the voltage stabilizer to the internal wiring of the whole house had been redone. Yet no reprieve. The problem was recurring. WHIRLPOOL had failed and it seems, intentionally at that. Probably the DIS-SERVICE of WHIRLPOOL rose from the fact that an EXPENSIVE part had to be replaced and WHIRLPOOL’s DIS-SERVICE technicians were reluctant to do it. Phone calls have been to no avail!

Well, i thought, WHIRLPOOL was an exception, but DIS-SERVICE was a RULE was discovered when i found that AIRTEL TV was installed in 4 hours flat and the necessary charges taken , but when i wanted to relocate the dish antenna of AIRTEL TV, despite 100 calls, and much persuasion each day was deferred till the “DIS SERVICE ENGINEERS’ did not turn up. And consequently had to migrate to TATA SKY!!

So much for after sales dis-service. When i narrated my woes to my friend, he gave me a great example as to how the barber in Tirupathi temple first takes the token from the devotee and instead of  tonsuring  the head of the devotee, firstly removes a swathe of the hair on the head of the devotee and puts him on hold and takes the token from the next devotee on queue and does the same. The barber thereby enhances his client base and when he cannot handle it, he gets the help of his jobless barber friend and out-sources the pending tonsure for a pittance

Most of the RETAIL COMPANIES are doing the same. They sell fast and quick, but when it comes to attending after sales service, they are slack and reluctant. Atleast, WHIRLPOOL and AIRTEL bear me out based on my experience.

It is better we go back for products which have ENDURANCE instead of CHEAP offers of WHIRLPOOLS and AIRTELS!!

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