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This was the statement which sparked off a spate of cases being filed by the advocates in TamilNadu in 2005. It was election time and the only person who stood by Kushboo was Mrs.Manirathinam (Suhasini).

I ain’t no Voltaire yet, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,”

What i fail to understand is that, what has education got to do with the opinion of a man wanting to have a virgin bride or, shall we call it, “a fallen woman” bride?

Was Kushboo implying that the mark of an educated man was primarily NOT TO EXPECT a woman to be a virgin at the time of her marriage?

Or was it that, VIRGINITY should not be a consideration in an EDUCATED man’s mind?

In any case, i had gathered from the House of Windsors that at the time of the marriage of Prince Charles to Diana, something akin to a virginity test was conducted- either to rule out pregnancy or establish virginity. In any case, i cannot consider the Windsors as UNEDUCATED.

Further, in the BIBLE, it is a command given to the tribe of Levi, that when they wive they shall take VIRGINS. Further, in the Bible, one of the defenses given to the bride, when her newly wed husband deserts her, is that she and her family shall show the BLOOD STAINED bed-sheet that was supporting their first conjugal bed and thereby absolve the wife of all blame and get the price of her virginity and she shall NEVER be put  away  by her husband (Deuteronomy 22).

Be that as it may, may be those are, according to Kushboo outdated norms which should not be supported by the liberated new generation.

The Supreme Court of India has liberated Kushboo from those flippant cases which were filed for obtuse reasons.

Can she not hold a view that is patently false, utterly idiotic and totally unfounded on common sense? and furthermore propagate it? I believe she can. And she did. I do not for a minute say that her opinion was false, idiotic and not founded on common sense, but that she could even say things which are steeped in such circumstances.

VIRGINITY, is there or not there or it has been RECONSTRUCTED, is a question of FACT. If a man has the balls to demand it and get it, it is his choice. If a woman could get married without it, it is her efficiency. If it is demanded by the groom and if it were to be reconstructed and shown by the bride, so be it. These are preferences and stratagems which are shown and resorted to by the hot-headed youths.

Yet as Voltaire said, Kushboo , “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,”


In a debate in channel m tv, on gender issue a woman called anousha springs a question on a callow youth if he was a virgin?

The woman had got into a mental rut!

Virginity is a factual phenomenon only applicable to females, and truly verifiable and provable.

The question can be whether the loss of the hymen was because of a finger or something thicker. But never that it wasn’t there to start with,
poor anousha, a victim of gender equality idea, stretched beyond reality!


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