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Political parties cannot be seen sponsoring violence otherwise they run the risk of being DE-RECOGNIZED. In the olden times, the votaries of political parties used to indulge in violence, arson and vandalism, whenever they were upset with either the death/arrest of their leaders or in response to a policy decision. Many a time, the political parties were pulled up alongwith the persons who indulged in such violence, arson and vandalism.

The 21st century has brought a newer method. The method is not apparent but has taken shape and for the relentless seeker of facts, it would be clear. When Pakistan says that Kasab, is not a Pakistani it is difficult for us to believe, as there is every possibility for him to be a Pakistani loose cannon ball who had aligned with the wrong ideology and took upto arms and perpetrated the carnage in Mumbai alongwith his associates. The trouble is when they(Pakistanis) go to great lengths to show that he is NOT A PAKISTANI. That is when the doubts arise of the collusion(a silent one) between the terrorists and the establishment.

Likewise, the POLITICAL PARTIES in India have forged units containing hot-headed youths, who are fed with dubious ideology and when they indulge in VIOLENCE, ARSON & VANDALISM, the first reaction from the recognized political parties is DENIAL of the out-fit to be from the parent political party. When Ram Sena indulged in violence against young girls in Mangalore, the BJP was quick to deny their association with the Ram Sena outfit. But the congruence of the ideology between the BJP and the Ram Sena has given rise to the suspicion that they may merely be an arm of the BJP.

Ram Sena is disowned, but the very next day the IDEOLOGY for which they perpetrated the violence was APPLAUDED by the CM and the Home Minister of Karnataka by making a policy change in respect of the PUBS in KARNATAKA.

The Pakistani’s reaction of disowning Kasab was very similar.

It seems to be a global phenomenon that none wants to be seen as being VIOLENT, TERRORIST etc.. Therefore, connive with the outfits -that could be controlled by the Political parties- and use them as and when required to spread terror and violence. TheseĀ  murderous outfits are nothing but OUT-SOURCED UNITS THAT SPRING TO VIOLENT ACTION WHEN NON-VIOLENT DEMOCRATIC METHODS ARE INEFFECTIVE TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA.

Earlier, the students of various colleges especially the Law Colleges were used, now the education quotient of these vandals seem to have fallen to such an extent, that it suits their masters as that would aid better compliance- without any interference of education or intellect.


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