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In The Times of India dated 07/12/2009 Bangalore edition at page 7, is an article titled IT’S TIME FOR ELINS OF THE CITY TO TEE OFF by one Vinita A.Shetty, where she inter-alia says that her psychologist friend hd said, “… cheat more than women because they can and because they choose when to resurrect their integrity and when to bury it under a mountain of garbage.”

Read with the title, the above statement which the writer Vinita Shetty relies on, it means that the Elins of the Bangalore city are emboldened to catch their truant boyfriends/husbands/live-ins and club them to contrition!!

I haven’t seen greater wishful thinking than this in print. Ms.Shetty should bear in mind that not every male in this city, or for that matter in any other city would be a lamb submitting to the violent outbursts of a self-righteous wife.

To start off, firstly her nameless “psychologist” friend’s generalization may not be true. Even assuming that to be true, i am sure that not all married/attached men are gonna find unattached women/girls! The women/girls themselves might be married or in a relationship. There is no sound of one hand. Therefore the partners in adulterous relationships must be at least 50% attached women. To make such a sweeping generalization should indeed render that “psychologist” nameless!

Secondly, not all men are dependent on their wives to the extent Tiger Woods seems to have been. If the internet reports are to be believed, Elin Nordegren did not have much of an opinion of Tiger Woods when he attempted to date her initially. It was a FAVOUR bestowed by the Swedish on the Afro-American, despite her much lower station in life( had been a nanny et al). Mr.Tiger Woods doesn’t seem to have got over that initial awe despite his many years of marriage!!!

Some might argue that Tiger Woods was earning more through endorsements that he wouldn’t like to blow it all up like Mike Tyson. Therefore he wanted to behave in a way befitting his status of a winner of 14 majors. Further, ANGER is not an emotion in consonance with golfing. I am sure Tiger Woods must have tried finessing his peccadilloes after he was “CAUGHT”, by Elin, but failed.


Mr. Tiger Woods felt guilty and without that sense of “guilt”, he would not have been that defensive. Guilt could be because of any of the following reasons (but not limited to these!):-

1.In deference to the expectation of the woman wanting her man to be sexually loyal, had acquiesced to that expectation and had been behaving in a way compatible to her expectation.

2.Had taken vows at the time of marriage to remain sexually loyal.

3. Had professed belief in sexual loyalty to the spouse, as a creed.

Our Tiger must have done one of the above mentioned acts to have been convicted when confronted with proof of of his infidelity. That rendered him helpless. Had he been like Besson (the French Minister) or Berlusconi (the Italian PM), he would not have committed the initial folly of having acquiesced to unmaintainable conditions considering his proclivities and opportunities.

Moreover his continental mates might not have to please their spouses like the Americans have to. Americans are still labouring under the POP MORALITY popularized by the Evangelists, Preachers and Feminists. The Europeans have got over that phase.

Ms.Vinita Shetty should understand that in a man woman relationship there is no space for statistical truths. Much less for sweeping generalizations.

If the Bangalorean women start following Elin Nordegren, they may not benefit much. In the case of Elin, she was merely whacking the golden goose that was laying eggs which she as a nanny might not be even able to see- let alone sharing the golden egg. Elin’s success lies in having made the man run for cover under the burden of the guilt laid on his back so cleverly by the not so dumb blonde.

I am reminded of a nice apocryphal story. There was this cowherd who was used to milking cows of all hues. Cows which were unruly, the ones that used to kick at the touch of the udder and the ones which went straight with their horns like a bull against a matador. However this cowherd had his way with those cows that he subdued them and succeeded in milking them. One day in the forest this cowherd saw an animal with just one horn on its nose and more or less like a brown buffalo. He saw the udder of the rhinoceros and thought he could milk it. He went near the rhinoceros to milk it. The rhino came charging with a speed he could never imagine and in one spooning with its single horn tossed him after goring. The rhino left without pursuing him any further.

The wounded cowherd was found and taken to the hospital, where when asked what he tried with the rhino, he innocently said, ” I thought i could milk the one horned animal, as i had tamed even many a double horned unruly cow!”

Some women are under a mighty mistaken notion that all men are of the type known to them and that once they have succeeded in manipulating a single man, they think they could duplicate that with others also, but life with all its variety has not manufactured two persons with the same attitude.

There are Berlusconis and Bessons who are like the wild rhinos. Women get sane and run from the mental clutches of these generalizing man haters.

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