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The Great IPL Circus

Match fixing, drunken brawl & molestation. All three issues are pending at various levels. The interesting part is that each of the three issues mentioned appeared in the press in that chronological order. But the issue which is closest to CRICKET is MATCH FIXING, the other issues of SHAH RUKH KHAN making counter allegations of his daughter being treated rudely or the issue of a woman accusing an RCB player LUKE POMERSBACH of misbehaving with her ‘FIANCE” are all issues which are either twice or thrice removed from cricket, but have unfortunately overtaken the important issue.

If we ignore MATCH FIXING, it wouLd be better that we ALLOW the bookies auction the IPL trophy than have the players exhibit their skills.

I like that pouty lil kiddo called SIDDARTH MALLYA telling the media that THE WOMAN WAS ALL OVER HIM AND THAT SHE ASKED HIM FOR HIS BBM PIN, AND THEREFORE WAS BOT BEHAVING IN A MANNER BEFITTING A WOMAN ABOUT TO BECOME A WIFE! If there was any overt offer from any woman, it surely is because of his pedigree and the heirdom that is likely to befall (with all that KINGFISHER debts to settle!)  him and not because of his ACHIEVEMENTS AS AN INDIVIDUAL.  The POUTY kiddo, no doubt should take up for his “RCB FAMILY MEMBER’, but not by making such derogatory remarks on a woman.

Let us for a minute assume that she did not behave in a way worthy of a woman about to become a wife; yet that episode was between the POUTY KIDDO and HER, does that mean that she would have behaved in a similar  way with the RCB player LUKE? Not necessarily. LUKE is definitely no Becker or Tiger Woods! Assuming that the woman invited LUKE POMERSBACH to her room, does LUKE POMERSBACH  acquire a vested interest to molest the woman? No not at all.

For a minute i wouldn’t have any reader of my blog believe that i impute great innocence to the woman or Sahil Peerzada! But taking up for a man who beat up an occupant or the occupant’s fiance in his/her own room is unpardonable, especially  if there is no justifiable reason for the aggressor. Till now there is no counter allegation from LUKE POMERSBACH.

I like VIJAY MALLAYA’S mature answer that the incident was unfortunate and that they would co-operate with the authorities. Well said, that was all that was needed instead of mouthing nonsense like his brat son. A word of advice for the POUTY BRAT:A MANTLE IS DIFFERENT FROM A MAN! A MAN IS SELF-MADE, WHEREAS WHEN THE MANTLE FALLS ON SOMEONE HE WOULD MERELY BECOME AN INHERITOR, AND NOT A PIONEER! Grow up kiddo- don’t let a few chicks ( giving u the kicks) get to your green tongue.

Now coming back to our Shah Rukh Khan, he sure is a self-made man and deserves to be raptly heard, mostly for all those sober explanations which he mouths the day after the incident. We have sixteen cameras to capture cricket action, i suppose we should perpetually focus a couple of those on celebrities who appear in a choreographed manner with a batch of kindergarten kids to add innocence to their blood-shot drunken looks!

TRUTH surely seems to be a casualty in this episode, the morning after, the guard says nice things about SRK. A raise to the guard by his Security & Detective agency boss cannot be ruled out, nor can a good contract by Karan Johar around his project sites should not be ruled out. BUT BELIEVE YOU ME, THEY ARE UNCONNECTED.

Mr. Shukla says that BCCI’s ruling on SRK’s disqualification from entering Wankhede Stadium would be final (nobody went on appeal on the decision of the Bombay Cricket Assn. at the time of this statement! )- what he means is that : IF I OVER-RULE THAT DISQUALIFICATION, THEN SRK CAN ENTER- SO INFLUENCE ME!



Finally the battle is won and lost. I am ineffably happy that the same Indian, who had brought back the SWORD OF TIPU has succeeded in the AUCTION at the ANTIQUORAM in NEW YORK CITY to reclaim and RECOVER the legacy of one of the GREATEST MEN IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.

This blogger was anguished at the coldness exhibited by the very people, who owed their very existence in the political panorama of India, in reclaiming the Timepiece, bowl, specs, sandals and the thali that the Mahatma had used once. But it is not their fault- it is the system. The system tells us to debunk the value of the items put up for sale so that it could be bargained for at a cheaper rate on a future date. But VIJAY MALLYA, like the true blue KINGFISHER had waited for the appropriate moment to strike, AND HE STRUCK! WHAT A BLOW THAT WAS, MY COUNTRYMEN!!!

Generations to come, it may be, will scarcely believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth’- Albert Einstein (1944)

(this statement was made w r t Mahatma Gandhi by the second greatest scientific mind of the 20th century- the first being MAX PLANCK- the German first and the Jew next!!)

The SCARCE BELIEF, that the generations to follow might suffer from, cannot be allayed except thru education, but it is through these symbols of personal effects that we give concrete shape to the History of this nation.

That Gandhi lived and saw the world through those SPECS, drank the goat’s milk from that BOWL, had his meals out of that THALI, woke up to the alarm of that TIMEPIECE and strode on those SANDALS, shall stand in History. These are hard REALITIES and stand as ROCK EDICTS for generations to feel the presence of THE MAN, who like Colossus strode the sub-continent and pygmied the sustainability of the Global Imperialism through NON VIOLENCE .

This blogger’s anguish was poured out in an earlier blog, that had found a reference in the E-Version of MIDDAY. The link is given below for reference:

HISTORY IS BUILT FOR NATIONS AND PEOPLES, BY ITS OWN PEOPLE. IT IS A CONTINUAL PROCESS and Shri. Vijay Mallya has truly paid off his debts as a FREE INDIAN to the Nation by SUCCESSFULLY BIDDING. There have been many who, before the Auction, went to town talking of bidding and gathered to themselves MEDIA ATTENTION, and all those big-talk, by hindsight, seems as fulminations from the publicity seeking windbags! But the man, MALLYA has lived upto his PEDIGREE after his obtaining the TIPU’s SWORD earlier. It was sad that there was no NATIONAL participation in TIPU’S SWORD, but now the SALAR JUNG of THE 21st CENTURY has earned the ADMIRATION and REGARDS of millions of Indians.

It has been reported that the Justice Dept. of the US had issued notice to the Auctioneers not to part with the items. The least that the PEOPLE of India can do, is to convince the Government that it should not put any blocks in the way of the KINGFISHER, from recovering those items for India. MOVID is of the view that the US system itself would accord that in Time, but no delay is to be caused by our oblique JINGOISM.


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