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I was indeed flabbergasted when Obama invoked God’s blessings upon the people of the USA and on the US of A., as I was under a mistaken notion that Martin Luther King Jr. deserved an EXPLICIT mention in Obama’s, (shall we call it an apology for victory) speech before benediction- and it wasn’t there.

When Sir. Isaac Newton was praised for his discoveries, and contribution to physics and mathematics he was quick in stating that HE WAS ABLE TO DISCOVER SO MUCH BECAUSE HE STOOD ON THE SHOULDERS OF A GIANT! That was HUMILITY. No doubt, Newton was a genius and had applied himself undauntedly, but his reach would have been stunted had he not had the corpus of science left behind by his predecessor scientists, in an understandable way. It was that REALIZATION which led to his statement reflecting HUMILITY.

Here stands OBAMA who talks of the marginal communities like Gays and refers to them, in the passing, in his so called victory speech, but leaves out the GIANT MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr.. If there is one person who owes MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. ,more than any other man alive, it is OBAMA. He refers to him as THE PRIEST FROM ATLANTA- maybe he thinks that being a priest was more exalted than him having been MLK-Jr.! There have been many priests from Atlanta and i’m sure there are gonna be many more from there but, in the ANNALS OF HISTORY THERE WAS ONLY ONE MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. and he had better made it plain.

Let us consider if it were demeaning to the whites to mention MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr.’s name? I remember that in his speech at the LINCOLN MEMORIAL, MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. had made a clear distinction of the whites who were eager to bestow civil rights on the blacks and stood hand in hand with their black brethren, and the other whites who resisted the rights, when the IMMORTAL, I HAVE A DREAM speech was unleashed. Therefore OBAMA had no logic to refer to MLK jr. as …..THE PRIEST FROM ATLANTA!!!

We all kick the ladder that aided us reach the top sometime, but OBAMA’S kick WAS THE UNKINDEST KICK OF THEM ALL!!

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