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The GERMANS are up again!

TIMES OF INDIA (Europe edition dt. 17th October, 2010):-

POTSDAM (Germany): Germany’s attempt to create a multicultural society has “utterly failed”, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday, adding fuel to a debate over immigration and Islam polarising her conservative camp.

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democrats (CDU), Merkel said allowing people of different cultural backgrounds to live side by side without integrating had not worked in a country that is home to some four million Muslims.

“This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed,” Merkel told the meeting in Potsdam, south of Berlin.

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Finally the Chancellor of Germany has voiced something which no German Chancellor since Herr Hitler had voiced more than 6 decades ago. This was something that was always expected by the Americans, Russians and the English. What is surprising is that this had taken so long, since the end of the II WORLD WAR. Legislation had been put in place to incarcerate anyone who said that there was no HOLOCAUST or that the Jews were not herded into the gas chambers at Auschwitz etc. etc.
With the arrival of  prosperity in the Sixties, there was a decline in attendance for unskilled labour in Germany (both in West as well as in East). So the Turks arrived and filled that slot with their exalted notions of their past, with SULEIMAN the MAGNIFICENT and the panoply of Sultans who threatened the world with the Islamic Ottoman Empire. But any ethnic group without a strong religious networking would have quickly lost its identity, but not the Turks who had an exalted history and a religious networking to reinforce their special position in the scheme of their God! The Jews survived years of humdrum in alien lands similarly, based on their Biblical history and the religious networking.
The only difference is that, now the turn of the Muslims has come to suffer in the hands of the Germans, who feel threatened by the growing UNINTEGRATED TURKISH population, totaling about 3 million out of the 7 million migrants in Germany. Till twenty years back the Americans, the English and the Russians had cleverly kept the Germans preoccupied with the EAST and WEST division, but after the fall of the Berlin Wall that integration has been pretty fast and surprisingly UNEVENTFUL & silent!!
This silence of the past 20 years seems to have coalesced into something similar to the times between the I and the II World Wars. Come to think of it, in a total population of 80 million the largest migrant population of 3 million is less than 4%, yet the “ANGST”- whatever that means to Germans- seems to have overtaken them. Since the Germans cannot ACCUSE anyone else they seem to be clutching at straws.
Further, Turkey should have a plan to rehabilitate the Turks in its own land, as Germans seem to have a proclivity for xenophobia more than any other country. The Germans seem to have forgotten the times when they needed cheap labour in the sixties and this statement of Mrs. ANGELA MERKEL is truly worrying. I hope this is not a clever ruse by the German political honchos to whip up national passions on ethnic grounds and start another purge.
Whether in German one calls it MULTI-KULTI or FALTU-KULTI, it is better that other ethnic groups leave the GERMANS alone. The good old saying is EAST OR WEST HOME IS BEST. Hope the Turks in Germany read the writing on the wall!!


The BEAUTY about Christianity is that mere SUSPICION does not entitle anyone to act upon it. Even emperors have been forced to search out the truths and only after discovering the TRUTH, have been allowed, by the Biblical laws, to take action. Any SUSPICION, however strong, is NOT sufficient grounds to take extreme action.

In the FACEBOOK which offers an application called POKER, there are very many instances where there are outright war of words that erupt and spoil the tranquility of the game. They are mostly based on nationality, religion, ethnicity, language and colour.

During one of those eruptions a Turk, seeing my profile had the impudence to call me a COW, in a derogatory way, gathering that i am an Indian from the profile. It is no doubt that cows are worshiped and even the Directive Principles of state policy, enshrined in the Constitution of India, enjoins the Governments to promote banning of cow slaughter. Seen from the secular point of view, i am of the strong opinion that it is more based on the principle that one cannot take a cow’s milk when it can give milk and then send it to the slaughter house when it cannot. That seems too selfish of men to do that.

The TURK who said that, was hardly aware that i knew a little bit of his background too. So i said, “Your LAW giver Suleiman the Magnificent could not hold his SUSPICION against his childhood friend and killed him merely because he was told by his dying minister that his childhood friend Ibrahim Pasha was conspiring to kill the emperor!!” And further added that even an EMPEROR of his stature could not hold his suspicion and verify facts, but got him murdered ( even though there were stories floated that Suleiman gave individual dinner to Ibrahim Pasha with the hope that Pasha would kill Suleiman instead of him- some loyalty of friendship!! This doesn’t hold water as we have seen Akbar sending off Bairam Khan on a pilgrimage instead of the gallows. Therefore without his active orders, Pasha would not have got murdered: and in any case if Suleiman had wanted to save his friend, who was actually innocent, he could have spared his life.) If with all his MAGNIFICENCE & POWER he could not wait to ascertain FACTS, what a poor threshold of EQUITY did he have?

The Turk was stunned. He asked me how the cow and the suspicion were interlinked. I told him Turks were butchers and killed people merely because they could not hold their suspicion and find out the TRUTH. It was not uncommon for the princes to fight after the death of the Sultan, and get the captured princes strangulated! And my example of the most powerful Turk ever, proved my hypothesis. That the TURKS did not value friendships & relationships (except when it was expedient), & that they further utilized the name of God for destroying political opponents whereby they shrunk the space for PEACE and promoted AUTHORITARIANISM. The TURKS were DEFECTIVE PEOPLE in their thinking.

There are TWO ways to kill SUSPICION.

One kill the agent which is the cause of the suspicion- like Desdemona being killed by Othello and later discover the facts, to repent.

Or secondly, hold the suspicion in your mind and gather FACTS to get incontrovertible proofs to take a side. But in politics one may not have time to do the second one, but at least one should devise ways of isolating the person from indulging in acts deleterious to the Politician’s interest, till such time that the FACTS are revealed.

The problem with the most Magnificent TURK was that, like any of his ilk, he killed the agent who caused the suspicion. He killed Ibrahim Pasha, the Emperor’s childhood friend, based on a dying man’s declaration!! Assuming that a dying man has no reason to lie!! ( even the Evidence Act of India supports this point of view- LOL) But some men can lie at any point and to any extent, that they can even disprove the mettle of a polygraph machine.

Suspicion is the mental tool given by God to correct our thought processes which get corrupted through passions . This does not imply that one should turn oneself into a Hamlet and blow up an opportunity based on whimsicality, but like Jehu – the King of Israel- wait out the 12 years in the service of Ahab’s son and then when the opportunity comes to strike. JEHU struck pith and marrow. That waiting out one’s suspicion and gathering proofs impartially is the next best thing to FORGIVENESS.



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