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Did Joseph’s brothers sell him to the Ishmeelites?

There is a series of intended acts narrated at Chapter 37 of the Book of Genesis, which culminates in the sale of Joseph.
I don’t think that anyone has more facts than anyone else except as narrated in the said chapter, which I consider pivotal in determining the human trafficking of Joseph which takes place in Dothan, where Jacob’s ten brothers had meandered into from Shechem with their flock.

The fist part of evil intent is expressed by the sons of Bilhah and Zilpha, the maid servants of Rachel & Leah, who when they sighted Joseph afar discussed among themselves that if they killed Joseph, they could put an end to the fulfilment of Joseph’s DREAMS.
Who were the sons of Bilhah & Zilpah?
Dan and Naphtali were Bilhah’s; and Gad and Asher were Zilpah’s children by Jacob. Essentially the four sons who conspired to kill the dreams of Joseph were these four boys born to the maids of Jacob’s wives.
From the narration it is clear that these 4 were in the outer, if we look at the formation of the wives and children of Jacob when they were arranged by Jacob to meet Esau, his bother, at the vanguard were these two maids and their 4 sons. The middle was Leah and her six boys; and the rearguard comprised of Rachel and her two sons Joseph and Benjamin.
This formation must have been the hierarchical structure within the brothers too.
Ruben heard the conspiracy and tells these four to desist from killing Joseph but to keep him in the pit so that Ruben could rescue Joseph later.

From the narration it is clear that Judah enters with his own proposal of selling Joseph to the Ishmeelites who were on their way to Egypt with their spices and myrrh sourced from Gilead.
When Judah and his brothers were waiting, Midianites pull out Joseph from the pit and sell Joseph for twenty pieces of silver to the Ishmeelites.

28 Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Joseph into Egypt.

But there arises a contradiction at the end of the chapter wherein it is mentioned as follows:

36 And the Midianites sold him into Egypt unto Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh’s, and captain of the guard.

Therefore, the ultimate sale is made in Egypt by the same Midianites to Potiphar.
So what is this arrangement between Ishmeelites and the Midianites?
I believe in speculation that after retrieval of Joseph from the pit, the Midianites who were merchants in articles did not want to take up trading in slaves nor were they into human trafficking, which involved controlling the human being, guarding, feeding and marching him to Egypt, which they as merchants didn’t want to get embroiled in, consequently the Midianites must have sold Joseph for 20 pieces of silver with the assurance that if the Ishmeelites were to successfully bring Joseph to Egypt, the Midianites would get Joseph sold to someone at a good price, which would not only make good their 20 silver but fetch a better price including the cost of transporting joseph and a handsome profit over and above their initial investment. The Midianites would also get a commission on the final sale price.
Wonderful arrangement it seems.

So Ruben returns and finds that Joseph was not in the pit. What was his reaction?

Was Judah with his elder brothers Simeon & Levi the types who would have meekly left the scene without any money?
I guess not.
There is enough room to spin a big Hollywood story on this missing link.
Ruben is astonished that Joseph was not in the pit. Look at Ruben’s reaction, quite sincere:

29 And Reuben returned unto the pit; and, behold, Joseph was not in the pit; and he rent his clothes.
30 And he returned unto his brethren, and said, The child is not; and I, whither shall I go?
31 And they took Joseph’s coat, and killed a kid of the goats, and dipped the coat in the blood;

Ruben is astonished and he is bothered more about how he would answer their father Jacob. The story is spun, the multicoloured coat which the maids’ boys had stripped was drenched with blood and presented to Jacob, as if Joseph was killed by a wild animal on his way to meet his brothers.

There is no effort by the four boys of the maids nor is there any mention of Simeon. In the latter chapters it is shown how Joseph had kept Simeon as a pledge till Benjamin was brought to him. Why Simeon? Simeon and Judah were the FORCE, the brutal force of the twelve and they were a pair. Joseph with all his experience in the most trying circumstances had learnt that these two HAD TO BE SEPARATED and by a master stroke separates Judah from Simeon, while taking Simeon as a pledge.
So from Chapter 37, the persons who were responsible for the sale of Joseph were Judah, Simeon, Dan, Naphtali Gad and Asher.
Ruben was kept ignorant and like a chief executive who is only worried about his charge, upon a credible alibi propounded by the conspirators abandons his pursuit of facts.
Levi was absent and the other two boys Zebulun and Issachar were probably hoodwinked by their powerful siblings Judah and Simeon.
But did Judah and Simeon make a part of the money out of the 20 silver coins?
For all we know, it could have been these two who had shown the boy in the pit to the Midianites to rescue Joseph and later enter into an arrangement with the human trafficking Ishmeelites.
Maybe Judah used the ill-gotten silver to obtain his wife Shuah, which appears in the very next chapter. A much older Judah is seen with bracelets, staff , all those accoutrements of a dandy when he went after his own daughter-in-law, whom he thought as a harlot‼️

Let us look at Joseph’s version

Chapter 40
15 For indeed I was stolen away out of the land of the Hebrews:

Joseph says he was STOLEN and nowhere does he say that he was SOLD BY HIS BROTHERS, that is probably because joseph didn’t want to belittle his older siblings in the eyes of the superior Egyptians. But later in chapter 45 when Joseph makes himself known as Joseph to his brothers he says thus:
5 Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life.

Joseph’s verdict is that ‘they had sold’
But not before Joseph brings two of his brothers to super time trouble. Simeon was bound and kept for at least 6 months, as only 2 years had expired at the time when joseph made himself known to his brothers.
Secondly, Joseph humbles Judah to such an extent that he makes Judah tell Joseph that he be taken as a bond man instead of Benjamin.
Joseph, who was perceptive wouldn’t have done these to Judah and Simeon, if they had been blameless.
Definitely, Judah and Simeon were the boys who benefitted by the sale and pretended as if the Midianites rescued Joseph and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites.
Why am I leaving out Levi? Levi teamed up with Simeon in the matter of Dinah in respect of Hamor of Shechem, but there was a gross injustice involved of using force to rape Dinah and in this case, Levi wouldn’t have involved himself in such a despicable deal. Simeon was up to any violent deal and Judah’s line of reasoning was always ‘profitability’. Considering these traits I am inclined to believe that Judah and Simeon were responsible for an operation amounting to a sale with the active assistance of the Midianites,  disguised as an act of stealing which happened when they left the boy Joseph in the pit‼️

Mirror, mirror on the wall……?

Prior to the Supreme Court of India clamping down on dark film users on the cars, women, girls and fops used to never pass by the cars without turning their heads on cars which have their window screens up to have a quick peek at how they look. Now most of the cars in most of the cities have clear window screens thereby bringing in a disappointed look in the eyes of those who were used to using the mirrored walls on the cars.

I have also noticed earlier that girls, women and fops used to intently watch the mirrored wind screens and side windows and adjust their hair, sometimes quickly apply a dash of lip-stick or lip gloss and then turn around and continue their walking, little knowing that there were boys and men inside the same car who enjoyed the care shown by these girls, women and fops!


Yet, i have seen that some of the girls and women who were habituated to such mirrored images of themselves turning suddenly to have a quick look at their images and disappointed that the windscreens are clear see-throughs!

The following verses which appear in THE BIBLE at James 1:23 & 24, clearly says why ‘men’ look into the mirrors

Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

If men look into the mirror the reason is simple, THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW THEIR FACES LOOKED LIKE; but when girls, women and fops look into the mirrored images, they want to make themselves attractive- which enhances their sense of well-being! That is a more polished way of looking at why girls and women look themselves in those mirrored window screens- but a more MCP view is that women and girls are NARCISSISTIC! I counter that as NARCISSUS was a young boy before he pined away and became a flower! If we get to Freud’s theory then Narcissism gets mired in all kinds of self-abuse theory!

I personally think that the Supreme Court of India has done a great disservice to those who were in the habit of quickly peeking into the mirrored images  on the dark screens of the cars to set their hair or looks. With this alteration in law, may be the security of the country has gone up, but I feel that the aesthetic component has taken a nose dive. Not every girl, woman or a fop has the facility of a vanity mirror……Further, boys have also lost a lot of fun which used to come out of the way of watching girls and women prepare themselves before a hurried rendezvous!

I am sure the dark films are going to make a come back and provide the Snow White’s step- mom-syndrome back on track! MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL?


The GREATEST PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE ever discovered by the human mind, finds a place in the BIBLE at PROVERBS Chapter 26 Verse 13, which is as folllows:-

                The slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets. 

A slothful man’s interpretation of the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE is motivated by his own PROCLIVITY. The slothful man wants to be idle. He is IDLE not because he doesn’t have work, but he doesn’t see IMMEDIATE PROFIT in his labour. The slothful man by looking for IMMEDIATE PROFIT, has lost his WORK CULTURE. Work by itself is not paying, if WORK is to be profitable one needs a man with CAPITAL. Because, a part of the capital would turn into the WAGES for the workman’s LABOUR. It is that wages when wisely invested and utilized by the WORKMAN, over a period of time turns to CAPITAL in his own hands. But, who can wait with HOPE for so long and burn up 25 years of one’s LIFE? cries the SLUGGARD. So what does the sluggard do? CREATE FEAR PSYCHOSIS and indulge in  scare mongering that a LION IS IN THE STREETS. No need for any proof, just spread canards and unfounded theories. Can one  dignify this as  the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE? No, NOT AT ALL.

In the MULLAIPERIAR ISSUE (mullaperiyar for my brethren from Kerala, who have a penchant for slurring over  vowels and connecting consonants – eg. MULLAI + PERIYAR becomes MULLAPERIAR the ‘ai’ is slurred and in INCOME, the N+K  becomes NG), the principle pleaded by the Lawyers representing Kerala is that as a matter of abundant cautela, since the scientific community is not in unison on the invulnerability of the Mullaiperiar dam, and as this involves the life of the Keralites, the Mullaiperiar dam is to be decommissioned and a new dam is to be constructed!

Just a few weeks back, the news papers had reported that out of the 183 countries assessed by the World Bank, India is said to rank 182 in ENFORCEMENT OF CONTRACTS. Not surprising at all, as the reasons adduced are not only specious, but the solutions offered are too BIASED in favour of Kerala.

Look at the AGREEMENT entered into between the Presidency of Madras and the Maharaja of Travancore in the late 19th century. The avowed reason for building the dam was not merely to supply water to the districts of Madurai, Ramnad etc., but also to fish in the dam and use the waters of the dam for such other purposes as desired by the Madras state. The spin-off was that the then Tampuran was able to control the inundation of a few areas of the then Travancore state. So the spin off was not mentioned as an EXPLICIT BENEFIT to Travancore state, yet the benefit aspired, and utilized by the Madras state was to be paid for as  the Lease money. Then HYDRO POWER generation also started and the spin-offs for the ENDURANCE of Tamil Nadu had started accruing. In concession to the idle Keralites, payments was made as license fee for such generation and also the fishing rights were surrendered- all after DEMOCRACY HAD SET IN, IN KERALA after Independence. Now the benefits for Tamil Nadu is much more than the benefits which is accruing to Kerala. The land rates have sky rocketed and the tourism industry could do well with space around the periphery of Mullaiperiar. So KERALA WANTS TO RESILE FROM THE CONTRACT. AND IN KEEPING WITH THEIR NATURE are making a new offer of a new dam, when the matter for determination before the Supreme Court is whether the structure would be safe at 152 feet after reinforcement of the existing structure. SIMPLE. But the boys are boys and WANT to be boys, that is disheartening.

According to an Ex PWD Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Durai Murugan, the Government of Kerala DID NOT GIVE ELECTRICITY CONNECTION TO THE PWD SITE OFFICE at MULLAIPERIAR! Would an Ex- Minister lie on the face of records? Nay. Bot the present CM of Kerala says, “If the political leadership of both the states meet, the issue would be sorted out in 5 minutes!” What a JOKE? Here is a CM who instead of honouring the Supreme Court verdict gets a contrary bill passed in the Assembly calls for a meeting!

It is time the political honchos of Kerala sit together and FIND A WAY OF HONOURING A CONTRACT ENTERED BETWEEN THEIR TAMPURAN AND THE FORMER MADRAS STATE, instead of making these SLUGGISH REMARKS, which are devoid of any sensible content or intent.

It is time Mr. Oommen Chandy issues orders to the briefing officials not to resort to PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE, which is used PRIOR TO EXECUTIVE DECISION MAKING and NOT FOR RENEGING FROM CONTRACT,,WHICH HAVE BEEN IN FORCE FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY.

Truly speaking, the only solution to this problem is that we from Tamil Nadu return Agastheeswaram, Kalkulam, Vilavancode and Thovalai taluks to Kerala and get back Devikulam and Peermedu taluks from Kerala…………..MY DEAD UNCLES WOULD RISE UP FROM THEIR GRAVES AND KILL ME, if i make this suggestion seriously!

But boys stop preening to attract girls and GROW UP, some day you have to become MEN and OWN UP TO THE CONTRACTS MADE BY OUR FATHERS and FOREFATHERS too!



In two books of the BIBLE the laws of the Medes & Persians find prominent mention.


The books in the Bible are ESTHER and DANIEL. Both Esther and Daniel were from Jewry, but both belonged to a generation when the Jews were under captivity. Esther was chosen from among many who competed to become the queen of  an Emperor called XERXES (Ahasuerus) of Persia. His father was Darius, son-in-law of Cyrus, who founded the Persian Empire.

So historically when we try to put things chronologically, Daniel served Darius before Esther warmed the bed of Xerxes.

Before Darius took over BABYLON, there was a king called Balshazzar s/o Nebuchadnezzar, who saw a WRITING ON THE WALL and got the writing interpreted through Daniel. The interpretation was ominous, yet Belshazzar true to his word honoured Daniel with a robe, gold chain etc etc. The next morning Belshazzar was killed, or atleast deposed, and Darius took over as the King of Babylon. Thereafter Daniel is elevated to being one of the top three rulers of the land and exercises great control and influence over Darius, that the other nobles scheme to get Daniel into trouble. A decree is passed that none shall petition any God or man except the King for thirty days and if anyone dared to petition his God or any man, the  OFFENCE would be  punishable by death.

Daniel used to pray thrice daily to Jehovah. So the nobles put him up for trial before the king Darius and it was decreed that Daniel should be put in a Lion’s den overnight. Daniel is put in a Lion’s den and he survives ( i think the Lions were well fed before Daniel went in- after all the King was sympathetic to him you see!). Darius is relieved the next morning to see Daniel alive.

The decree that none shall PETITION GOD OR MAN FOR 30 DAYS, was passed as a decree under the LAW OF THE MEDES & PERSIANS. So, whoever be the person found to have disregarded the decree was punishable. SO even DARIUS was not able to help. But the interesting part is that Darius after finding Daniel alive after his stint at the den, issues another order that all the nobles who accused Daniel were to be thrown into the Lion’s den (whether the same set of lions or not, i know not!). IN ANY CASE, the LAWS OF THE MEDES & PERSIANS BACKFIRED on the jealous nobles. The Bible says that the other nobles did not find favour with the lions as Daniel had!

In the curious case of ESTHER, she had married a Persian XERXES, against the tenets of  the Jewish Laws (plz refer EZRA chapter 9, if you doubt that!). This anathema-tic marriage to XERXES had its benign fallout for the Jewry who were in exile at SUSAN PALACE of Xerxes.  Xerxes was also a Persian like his father Darius and his blood was bluer than that of Darius, as Xerxes was not a commoner ever. His mother was Tossa d/o Cyrus. SO XERXES was doubly BLUE. Otherwise how could one justify a virgin being sent as a sexual fodder for Xerxes each evening, and at dawn the deflowered virgin was to get back to the custody of a Eunuch in another harem, and until called for by name should never go before XERXES?

ANYWAYS, getting back to our thread, Jews were hated by the chief Minister of Xerxes. His name was Haman. But he was not sharp – serious condition of INTELLIGENCE FAILURE. Haman had an enemy by name Mordecai, who was a Jew. The relevant part was that Haman, despite holding a position of such authority, did not know that ESTHER was the COUSIN of MORDECAI and therefore ESTHER  should also be a JEWESS. SO in a classic case of cutting off the nose to spite the face, HAMAN gets a DECREE under the LAWS OF MEDES and PERSIANS marking a date for destruction of the persons and property of the Jews. XERXES issues the decree. He himself doesn’t know a damn as to the stock from where his second Queen came from. So much for running their Kingdoms.

Esther, like any sharp Jewess, acts on the advice of her cousin Mordecai. Ensnares the busy Xerxes to come for dinner to her palaces, seduces his palate before she makes a petition for her LIFE. XERXES is outraged that anyone would dare kill his primus inter pares concubine. She lays it all open and begs that she and her people be spared.


So eventually, the JEWS end up killing those who wanted to kill them. SO the Jews celebrate that day as PURIM.



That is why, the LAWS OF MEDES & PERSIANS did not survive. In India we have MALLEABLE LAWS, with provisos, exceptional clauses, interpretations, ingenuous orders and a long winding legal labyrinth to hide some where.






My Father is greater than I!!!

IN  the Gospel of St. John, Jesus says MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN I.

In another instance Jesus says I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.

Let us cut back to the old Testament and there when Moses asks YAHWEH what he shud tell the Pharaoh as to the God’s  name, Yahweh tells him to say, “I  AM  HAS CALLED US TO WORSHIP HIM”.

So what is the “I”?

The Psychologists have split up the human consciousness into EGO, SUPEREGO, ID, etc. Almost in all systems, the Psychologists have made the divisions three fold. They have adequately defined the nature of the space held by each of the three divisions. But by dividing thus, probably the Psychologists have achieved clarity in expression and the efficacy of such division has been salubrious, from the therapeutic point of view. But it still does not clarify the above statements that have been made in the spiritual sense. Maybe the TIME has come to attempt at some effort, to deconstruct the statements that offer a severe challenge to our understanding and grammar.



It is this I space, that was occupied by the Son Jesus. Thus Jesus becomes the INTERCEDER.

Jesus thru  HIS submission, to the FATHER, of his baser self, in the form of flesh,  was able to  integrate  this  lower  self with the  I SPACE- which  has been his original  space while he was with GOD AND WAS A PART OF GOD.  This is the example that Jesus wanted man to emulate. He took upon the human form to demonstrate that it was possible to submit the BASER SELF TO THE HIGHEST SELF- that is the Father Space.

When Jesus said I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, he was stating that the I space in him was a part of the GOD the father’s space.

Human beings have this I space but get contaminated by the above mentioned baser self and the identification becomes so thorough that the human has evicted the interactive space of GOD THE SON, and thereby loses the connection with the HIGHER SPACE OF GOD THE FATHER.

So when Moses says he has to worship I AM, he was taking the JEWS to get them reconnected with the INTERACTIVE SPACE of GOD the Son.

Jesus’ statement that HIS FATHER WAS GREATER THAN I, is plausible as the interactive GOD THE SON could get disconnected with the GOD THE FATHER, when the son space is laden with SIN. This took place when Jesus was laden with the sins of the world. That disconnect takes the SON to the underworld and Jesus’ submission even there to the FATHER space brings him back to life thru RESURRECTION.

I believe that the above satisfies my rational mind. Even to REASON, GOD reveals himself thru REASON- if it is tempered with willingness to know  the Truth  and Humility.

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