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NEAT job! 

A person is to be judged by the rules which are applicable to him or her.

The medical college entrance called NEET acronym for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, conducted recently in Tamizhnadu, is a travesty of Fairness for the reason that most students who took NEET had studied either matriculation or samacheer kalvi. Consequently their syllabus varies vastly from the CBSE, which is the basis of the said NEET. 

A student studies what he or she is prescribed to study. If the parents enroll the child in a State Board, it is not the fault of the child. The student ought to be judged by the syllabus that he or she was taught.

Unfortunately the SC order, which has been uniformly applied to the students in Tamizhnadu appears to be more jingoistic than fair. CBSE has a standard, which caters to a different section of the society, with a strong North Indian  flavour in its syllabus. May be one might say in science and maths, such biases don’t matter. Right, absolutely right. But Thamizhnadu’s priorities in inclusiveness, has brought about a churning which the other feudal states have neither attempted nor achieved.

In the social churning which had been at play since the late 60’s, a certain sense of fairness had to be brought into the admission system and into the curriculum too. Therefore a certain lowering of standards to accommodate those who are deprived, had been built into the curriculum. This is reflected in subjects like science and maths too. Whereas, in search of building a new caste of the educated, CBSE has included advanced syllabus and therefore the students from State Boards have been handicapped, for no fault of theirs. Even the brilliant ones had prepared only from their syllabus and hence, in all likelihood would lose out in this NEET game, which had been imposed on them suddenly.

NOTICE, is one of the abiding concepts in any civilized society . The students who had prepared as per the State syllabus, had  NOT BEEN NOTIFIED in advance of the yardstick by which they would be judged. Supreme Court ordered and within a week, the test had been conducted.

Thirdly, how higher and other technical education came under the control of the Union Government itself is a big study in how to perpetrate a gradual fraud! Education like food, is terrain specific. Anyone can aspire for anything and with effort and a little backing from luck and family fortunes, might be able to make it. The aspirations of the many from the more populous States with no infrastructure, have instead of going to Russia and China, aspire to be within the country and study Medicine. But Medical colleges are not  super special educational infrastructure paid for by the centre’s resources, therefore creating a foothold for students from the other States of the Nation is not a VESTED RIGHT. If Thamizhnadu had built more medical colleges, and if the central revenues have not been expended on such infrastructural creation, to let other state students to enter would be a backdoor promotion of Regionalism of a reprobate kind.

Medical colleges in Thamizhnadu are not meant for people who do not know Thamizh, as the goal is to serve the people of the state of Thamizhnadu. He who has sown should have the predominant right to reap, especially if the LAND belongs to him. 

If standards is what the real worry is, then medical exams could be conducted by other state medical boards by rotation or by a national examination committee, after duly prescribing the syllabus and examining the medical students therefrom. After all it is in nobody’s interest to produce KILLER DOCTORS. 

Finally, those feudal states which have eked out a living through the munificence of the beleaguered governments of the day in the parliament for want of majority, cannot seek equal opportunity in the infrastructure built so assiduously for the denizens of states which are more democratic and inclusive in its politics.

In my opinion, the views of the states are to be taken otherwise it would be disrespecting the sacrifice of the states done over decades.

God bless India.

Let us notify the syllabus before examining students. 

Let us give at least two years’ notice period, to be Fair.

Let us not grab even the infrastructure after grabbing the revenues. 

Let Medicine be taught in the Mother Tongue of the student, to serve the State better. 

In all fairness let the grasshopper states be encouraged to build and nourish its own institutions, instead of eyeing to grab the medical seats from the hardworking Ant states. 

India vaazhga! 


Any statute empowers an officer or a body of persons with a PURPOSE. But when the officer or the body of persons APPLY or USE the powers vested in them, to ascertain  whether  they are relevant  to the purpose or not is TYRANNY.

I’d like to give an example, for greater clarity to the aforesaid statement.

On the HIGHWAYS in Thamizhnadu, prior to the elections there were Election squads, Income Tax squads and even maverick state police squads which indiscriminately stopped all the cars passing through the highways and conducted a check. There were instances where a car would be stopped and just as the vehicle is about to stop, a cameraman would start rolling his camera. The passengers are asked, sometimes, to get off their cars and a thorough search is conducted. Then if nothing is found, they are told to leave , without even as much as an apology for the time lost and the inconvenience caused.

Once during my trip, i told the CRPF cop who stopped me, that he could search, if he could arrange for 2 independent witnesses and hand me a panchanama, after the search of my car. The cop called for the sub-inspector on duty and the sub-inspector asked me if i was an officer. I told him i was an Indian and he needs to know nothing more unless he compels me under some authority of law to divulge more. For reasons best known to him, the sub-inspector saluted me and politely told me, “Sir, sorry saar. We are under orders to use our powers to curb the flow of cash during elections.” I ain’t no Anna Hazare to give a crash course to the other passengers who were piling up with their cars behind me. With notions of my LIBERTY left intact by a wise officer, I left. Had he insisted, i’d have asked him the empowering statute and also walked back with a NIL panchanama and educated a whole lot of brother Indians during the course of the search, to be assertive about their RIGHTS.

Now getting back to our concept: the officer is well within his rights to curtail my LIBERTY, if he has reason to believe that i was in possession of unaccounted money, contraband etc.. He could conduct a search, but he should also furnish me with a statement of the proceedings as I have a RIGHT to be informed of the LAW under which my LIBERTY was curtailed.

The police would not be able to comply with all the procedures, as there would be a stampede and a deleterious law and order situation if vehicles were to be  be allowed to mount. And knowing the police, they would not have cyclostyled format of NIL PANCHANAMAs to hand over to the recalcitrant suspects, to hand over to them signed copies of the panchanama  immediately upon completion of the search of the vehicle. The police is more apt to tell the persons who want a panchanama, to wait and thereby detain them endlessly to fulfil a useless formality. Hence, most of the persons would choose to be wise and leave showing the boot and all of their respective cars.

So in the instant case, the POLICE officer stopped all the cars to DISCOVER persons who were carrying cash and thereby prevent them from using unfair means. But it was a  WHOLESALE suspicion which was let loose on umpteen individuals based on a SUSPICION. There was NO INTELLIGENCE or INFORMATION. Yet ignoring the INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, the police without even following the PROCEDURES laid down by the Law had obstructed and defied the LIBERTY of the INDIVIDUALS.

In effect, the POWERS vested in a police officer by a STATUTE was used by him WITHOUT  ANY JUSTIFICATION  (no intelligence or information)  to curb the LIBERTY of many individuals merely to discover an odd person carrying cash and  then write a lengthy PANCHANAMA which says that “upon credible information etc. etc” post facto the discovery made through fishing expedition.

This whole sale  trampling of the Liberty  by the POLICE and individual waiver of RIGHTS by the Individuals have made India a very tolerant country with laws becoming unenforceable and feudalistic application of authority.


There are two festivals in Thamizhnadu, which are celebrated with much gusto. “GUSTO’ is the word! PONGAL is celebrated as the celebrations of a good agricultural produce and DEEPAVALI for historical/religious reasons. There were times when my friends from northern part of India  were surprised that Thamizhnadu celebrated DEEPAVALI! Well, i was more surprised that they were surprised. There have been instances when my friends ‘father from the equator’ who asked me how Thamizhnadu could celebrate Ram Navami when the rogue Ravanan was from SriLanka, which most of those ‘farther from equator’ thought was a part of Thamizh culture, though politically and geographically distinct.

I had often resorted to telling them that there was an epic written by a great Thamizh poet Kambar eulogizing Rama and that parts of that epic were prescribed for students right through the school and even further.

Coming back to DEEPAVALI, it is a known fact that crackers are burst all over the country during the festival, but most people outside Thamizhnadu do not know that all cracker industry in this country is located in and around Sivakasi, and the cost of cracker is cheapest in Thamizhnadu. For example, on the eve of DEEPAVALI i had to cross Hosur, a town within Thamizhnadu, but 30kms away from Bangalore. A distance of 12 kilometers took me one and a half hours- despite the brutally efficient Thamizhnadu police. There are umpteen cracker shops which sprout during the Deepavali season- and hold your breath – do you know what is the discount on the Maximum Retail Price (MRP)? – it is 80% and they still bargain and get another 20% on that 20%, which means they get it at 16% of the MRP. Something like CANTABIL and KOUTONS eh?

The same crackers when they travel farther from the equator within India, the price gallops and reaches the MRP and above MRP in Kashmir and Ladakh. So naturally Thamizhnadu makes the maximum noise during Deepavali and if one happens to be a relative or friend of one of these cracker factories’ owners, the goodies arrive in cartons weeks in advance to your home and each year there are new additions to the rockets, sparklers, flower pots etc. etc. and the show is amazing.

But that is not Thamizhnadu DEEPAVALI, it is the PATTIMANTRAM which is the HIGHLIGHT of all activity relating to Deepavali. PATTIMANTRAM is like a moot court, with a topic given for discussion and there are usually 2 teams which take up the issues for and against. The topics could be literary, religious or social and never political. For example the topic given in one PATTIMANTRAM was WHETHER THE LYRICS WRITTEN FOR THAMIZH CINEMA WERE DEGENERATING OR UPLIFTING? another was WHETHER THE RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN THE SOCIETY HELP THE YOUNG GENERATION OR PERVERTS THEM?. Some of those PATTIMANTRAMS are telecast LIVE and people in Thamizhnadu hate to be disturbed at that time. One has to be deep rooted in Thaamizh culture and Thamizh cinema to appreciate the pattimantram. This PATTIMANTRAM is nothing new- they are held in jails, schools, any available auditorium all over Thamizhnadu. It is this which makes DEEPAVALI distinct.

My much-above-equator friends (shall we call them the POLAR ORIENTED FRIENDS contrasting them with the EQUATORIAL ORIENTED FRIENDS?) insinuate that a Thamizhan ( called Tamilian by them) can seldom be separated from his SAMBAR, but they rarely realize that the yearly PATTIMANTRAMS which take place during PONGAL and DEEPAVALI which provide CEREBRAL DELIGHTS -besides the sound and light of Crackers and the dainties served during the season-  and keeps the Thamizh community glued to the state of Thamizhnadu.

The interesting part is that the PATTIMANTRAMS are not named on the TOPIC OF DISCUSSION, especially when the JUDGE is a heavyweight- like Leoni or Solomon Paapaiyya.They are named as LEONI PATTIMANTRAM or SOLOMON PAAPPAIYYA PATTIMANTRAM!!

PATTIMANTRAMS are the true delight of DEEPAVALI in Thamizhnadu.

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