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HUTCH previously and VODAFONE after the red avatar, had sent a TM (Tele Marketing) sms to me on my mobile.

The gist of the sms was that if i wanted to know the gender of the child that i could possibly have with my spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/live-in etc. etc. , i should sms my name, my spouse’ name and send an sms to the number designated by the mobile operator. The charges would be Rs.3 per sms.

It is a known fact that the Mobile operators have various wings to enhance their revenues.  Most of those  are companies set up at the behest  of these mobile operators  who provide data, personnel who interpret the data to  create applications  to a defined market,  joke writers,  news purveyors,  cricket score  keepers and the list is endless. Based on these inputs these mobile companies keep sending these smses to generate more mobile activity and thereby attempt to enhance their revenues. A company that is judged on a quarter to quarter basis has to show growth failing which, the prestige of the company suffers (pl. refer to SATYAM’S financial manoeuvres to show inflated results).

With all these back room manoeuvres, have risen a breed of boys and girls who have become copy-writers of not intimating the public of a product or service, but inciting the unwanted greed of the mobile using public. The above mentioned sms is one good specimen to exemplify the same.

In the cited sms, even couples contemplating marriage and consequently children, could use the service to find out if they as a couple are going to produce children of the gender of their choice. Amniocentesis as a mode of ascertaining the gender of the child, after pregnancy, is a crime in most of the states and Laws are in place for restraining, if not abolishing such attempts.

With the mobile companies making such offers, there is no need for AMNIOCENTESIS. Straight send an sms  to VODAFONE and u get the gender of the child/ children a couple are gonna produce. What guarantee is there that the PREDICTORS of VODAFONE are going to get it RIGHT? The probability is 0.5, as any half baked fool would be able to arrive at without having to use his brains, if any. It is merely a toss off between a girl or a boy. But what are the repercussions?

There are many games making their rounds in the internet, which neither sharpen your skills nor make you knowlegeable. They are there because there are lots and lots of idle people who want to kill time in some activity. Likewise, if one is interested in playing games, one can write even one’s friends’ names and after pairing them with anyone see the gender of the child that they could produce. It could be taken to a different level- one could pair anyone with anyone and get the results of their produce!!

The mobile companies are not bound by the advice they tender. None can turn up and show the result predicted through VODAFONE and say that based on the prediction, they formed a union and the child of their union has turned out to be of the gender other than the one predicted, thereby causing severe mental trauma.

The ADVICE/PREDICTION is free, ABSOLUTELY FREE. The sms came from a TELE MARKETEER (better to call them TELE RACKETEER!) and the mobile operator is a distinct entity from the Tele Marketeer and therefore not liable. The mobile operator merely collected the charges of Rs.3, as per the agreement between the Tele Racketeer and the Mobile Racketeer. The user of the network was under a notice that the sms would be charged at Rs. 3 per sms. So, in all, after deduction of taxes due to the governments, the TELE RACKETEERS and the MOBILE RACKETEERS split up the profits and laugh all the way to the bank, having befooled the aam aadmi in retail. Only Rs.3, but when u succeed in fooling 50,000 mobile users per day, it is substantial in the long run.

There should be a regulation in place to rein in such trickery by the TELE RACKETEERS and the MOBILE RACKETEERS, failing which innocent boys, girls and the illiterate masses of this country would be washed away of their meager earnings,  in retail racketeering, resorted to by these unscrupulous RACKETEERS – all done in the name of business.

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