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A week or so back Mr.Abhishek Singhvi in the op-ed page of the TIMES OF INDIA, Bangalore edition had in an article more or less titled “IQ-EQ”, made the point that the Nobel Laureate Mr.Venkatraman, by not being indulgent to the fans from his home town of Chidambaram, from the state of Tamil Nadu had betrayed that he lacked the EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT to empathize with the fans in Tamil Nadu. Almost as a response to that in today’s TIMES OF INDIA (27/10/2009- Bangalore Edition), one Mr.Ashok (said to be a bureaucrat) had defended the response of Mr.Venkatraman as a respose from a seeker of TRUTH and contrasted it with, the politician’s objective of a “just social order”. Very well written article- i should say.

The problem with Indians (including me) is that we do not want to accord SPACE to our fellow human beings. Every human being has rights but no LIBERTY. His LIBERTY, if exercised is immediately interpreted as a LICENSE granted by the society. Mr.Venkatraman had out of his own efforts made it to wherever he has made it. Even a week before the declaring of the Nobel Prize no Indian outside the scientific community had heard of the work done by Venkatraman. Suddenly after the receipt of RECOGNITION thru the ultimate prize, the politicians swing into action and lecture us as to how the recipient should have the Emotional Quotient, and be humble to the native Indians, etc. etc. Have the politicians named any main road in the capital city of New Delhi in the name of Sir C.V.Raman or Ramanujam or J.C.Bose in all these years? I know of only COPERNICUS MARG (the monk who discovered that the Earth was not the centre of the universe and left the proof for posthumous publishing, so as to avoid the Papal BULL!!), and none besides that radiates from INDIA GATE.

The roads that radiate are AKBAR road, Rajpath, Ashoka road, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Copernicus Marg, Tilak Marg, Purana Qila road, the High court Road ( do not remember), Shah Jahan marg and one more. Of these roads there is only one SCIENTIST and that also a Polish. So where do we RECOGNIZE the discoveries of our own SCIENTISTS?

We are a nation led by some humbug palliatives. Mahatma Gandhi had contributed to this nation’s independence, had brought out the soul of India by organizing the nation against the British through NON-VIOLENCE. But who is Kasturba Gandhi and besides the fact that she had been the wife to the Mahatma, is there any other achievement that is worth remembering through the generations to pass in this country? I guess not. Yet we have named a road after her. Maybe we have used her name as a replacement to Lord Curzon, so it is okay. But why not name significant roads after C.V.Raman, Ramanujam, Hargobind Khurana (Medicine Nobelist), J.C.Bose, Chandrashekar? After all we haveerrectedstatues for the LIVING POLITICIANS too in India (Dr. M.Karunanidhi, Ms.Mayawati etc). Why do we not recognize their INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS?

Secondly, except for a few lectures delivered by Mr.Venkatraman in the IISc, Anna University has the COUNTRY FELICITATED him in any way by giving him FREE AIR TICKETS TO INDIA in our MAHARAJA AIRCRAFTS? OR the unpunctual TRAINS of India? or VIP protocol during his visits to India? No. That is preserved for the POLITICAL MARKETEERS!! The political marketeers who bring about a “JUST” social order thru PROCRUSTEAN methods. CUT THE BIG ONES TO FIT WITH THE COT OF UNIFORMITY!!!

Now that he had won the Nobel Prize, certain self- appointed high priests of social etiquette are prescribing SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR to our own NOBEL LAUREATE. If only such persons could influence the government and make policies relating to RECOGNITION OF INDIAN SCIENTISTS ABROAD, they would have done some service, instead of curbing the LIBERTY of a great mind.

Finally, Mr.Venkatraman is a scientist who is not into politics or marketing that he has to appease people with his charming behaviour. All great minds have their idiosyncrasies and it squarely falls within the LIBERTY of an Individual. If some fellow in Chidambaram is going to claim that he taught Mr.Venkatraman, when that is not the case, why should NOT Mr.Venkatraman deny it on record? Mr.Venkatraman still cycles and goes for work ( or so the reports say!), so why not leave a MAN alone who is busy with his own vocation and draw him into ACCEPTABLE SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR and make him feel guilty both in his own eyes and in the eyes of his fellow country men?

Mr. Abhishek Singhvi might even question the wisdom of Mr.Venkatraman wanting to buy a Stradivarius cello for his son paying $200,000/- when there are many Indians living below the opaque statistical poverty line!! Leave the man alone. The poor will always be there.

Let me reiterate what Jesus said: SABBATH WAS MADE FOR MAN, AND NOT MAN FOR THE SABBATH.


An Artist & his Stradivarius

An ARTIST according to me is a person who has gone beyond the defined terms of logic, established procedures or even principles; and therefrom had  made man conscious of territories beyond the explained. It could be in any field, including science. For example,Max Planck was not merely a Physicist, but an Artist. An Artist had to explain or even if he is not able to explain the phenomenon, he should show to an intelligent mind a phenomenon hitherto unseen, much less explained.

But there is one area of Activity, where the very nature of the activity precludes the possibility of  a third party. That is the relationship between the Artist and his instrument.

The Stradivarius was played by many musicians, but it was this Artist, who was able to draw the sounds that had not yet been imbedded in the critic’s consciousness. The Critic was having a prejudged mind looking for established patterns and when such pre-established sounds were produced in the accepted form, he made himself the judge of that music.

But the Artist who played this Stradivarius, was no ordinary Musician. He was an Artist. He was looking for sounds that were emanating from his Stradivarius that were not noticed, even not noticeable. They were not new sounds, but merely sounds that had escaped notice in the preoccupation of observing  the existing and established sounds.

The Artist, did not play his Stradivarius in public. It was a spiritual symphony between his soul and the Stradivarius. He did not design the Stradivarius, nor could he have ever made himself accessible to the Stradivarius. It was the longing of his soul, that led him to the Stradivarius, or so he believed. It was beyond him, to contemplate that he through his own efforts, could have ever brought himself near the Stradivarius. It was placed in his hands.

When he held her between his chin and his palm on the one side and the draw of the bow over her from the other side, he heard sounds that he had never heard. Between those, established notes were variations, when augmented in his consciousness he was feeling, an echo of his reverberating soul. He heard himself in his silence. A skill imaginatively commingled, and drawing the inaccessible echoes of his soul.

She was in his hands, surrendered to his mastery and forgetful of her self. A dreamful  state of peace. A sound stagnanttill now, was being drawn out of her & was  wafting the fragrance of her soul. She was no more hearing herself, she was lost in the ecstasy of the Artist. The Artist was no more playing  his Stradivarius, he was emphasizing the hitherto unemphasized notes. She was reveling herself  in the frenzy of the new sounds that she was producing out of the welling eruption of his skill.

She finally felt that all the hands that had played upon her and the stained music produced, were washed away in the flow of the new notes. She transformed herself into a VIRGIN in his hands. The earlier music had been drowned in the Artist’s consciousness. She could never be the same again.




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