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I love to hear the story that ARNAB GOSWAMI of TIMES NOW is INCORRUPTIBLE. And  I have indeed heard it from many who claim to have known him. But of late I wonder if he is that same ARNAB who they are talking about. He has become more as a male version of BARKHA DUTT. I am not sure if either of them would take it as a compliment!

Both are disruptively interruptive ( pardon my coinage out of necessity),  egregiously autocratic, they sprint to suspecting connections among persons holding contrary opinion, well informed, adamantly opinionated and hang a badge of honesty to their own opinions. All the above self promoting traits are seldom displayed, except subtly by others.  But these siblings of platform grabbers are unparalleled in self promotions.

Both believe wrongly that TIME is running out- yes it is, but it is for them that the time is running out and not for TIME itself. In their eagerness to fast-forward future, they believe that those who are to arise in the media are in a pupa stage and these two siblings are the early ones to evolve into a butterfly and believe that the other pupae are DEAD! I like to remind them that the FUTURE would be better equipped than this generation to handle not only their challenges but also those challenges which the future generations would be creating out of their own wrongs!

Arnab is cut up with SRINIVASAN of BBCI/IPL/CSK/ IC just because he managed to circumvent a coup by a group belonging to another region and in effect got the motion passed by the “working committee” of the board according to his convenience.

What is interesting is that there are 2 prominent members who could not have been restrained into silence except by the QUEEN BEE! They have not shown up till now (wanna take a guess on these two?) One is a commissioner and the other is sitting on the dead man’s chest (LOL)!

Is it that the queen bee has silenced the back-room manoeuvrings of the DRONE FROM THE WEST- WHO PERCHES on SUGAR a  lot?

Sons-in-law are NOT SONS, they are MORE than Sons. They have to be protected at all costs- so before the pointer gets to the queen bee, the drone was silenced. Honey it is all about money- it can be indexed somehow- that is why marriages end up in alimony- but who decided to leave out the ‘e’?
That MUMBAI INDIANS won the IPL edition 6, in 2013 defeating CSK,  is a reward that should be given more to the MUMBAI police, for the timing of their churning the media frenzy! Surprisingly, after the MUMBAI INDIANS won, the MUMBAI police had fallen silent so that the drums of ill-gotten victory of the MUMBAI Indians could be well heard above the cacophony they had instigated through the likes of Arnab who clutch at straws and go on endlessly with a panel of like minded and loud-mouthed panelists! Thankfully the DRONE has fallen silent, at least he seems to have realized that he is merely a regional satrap functioning with his media buglers with no army to march on!

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