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Had you not ploughed with my heifer….

Most of the persons familiar with the English language would be aware of the Biblical character SAMSON and consequently DELILAH. But not many would be aware of the fact that there was another Philistine woman whom SAMSON had married- her name is not mentioned and probably that is the reason why Delilah has upstaged all the other women SAMSON had cohabited with.

So the Biblical story goes that SAMSON found this lady from Philistia and was enamoured of her and contracted a marriage with her. As was the Philistine custom, feast would be given to the couple by the bride’s family for ten days and during the feast days men folk  related to the bride have to spend time with the groom.

SAMSON put a riddle to those 30 men from the bride’s side, and the riddle goes something like this- OUT OF THE EATER CAME FOOD AND OUT OF THE STRONG CAME SWEETNESS, WHAT IS IT?

The background story was that SAMSON was confronted with a lion and he killed it, many days later, when he passed by he found that bees had built a comb inside the carcass of the killed lion and SAMSON took the honey and ate that. Therefore the answer was LION and HONEY- which means: out of the dead Lion came something to eat and from the strong Lion came sweet honey.

After the initial nine days the 30 men were not able to answer the riddle, so they pestered SAMSON’S newly married wife and SAMSON, being weary of her nagging, gave away the answer. Subsequently those gentle men wangled the  answer out of Samson’s wife.


The interesting imagery is about using a HEIFER to plough. Nobody ploughs land with a HEIFER, as a heifer is a young cow which has not calved. Heifers are nurtured with care for their milk and bringing calves. Oxen, bulls and buffaloes are used for ploughing the land but never a cow and much less a heifer. Samson refers to his young wife to a ‘YOUNG UNCALVED COW’ !

In that one answer Samson showed how these men had threatened a callow cow and taken the answer out of her, instead of finding the answer to the riddle through their imagination or finding out the facts of the life of Samson and using deductive logic!


The answer is that the generic drug manufacturers want most of the patent drugs to become OFF-PATENT so that they could produce bulk drugs and sell it in the market and make huge profits without the sweat of having done any research. In short, everyone wants to plough with others’ HEIFERS!

WE INDIANS, should encourage not only INNOVATION but also protect the products and processes which are the by- products of such INNOVATION.

To state that the PATENT sought is nothing but an incremental change not meriting the term INNOVATION is a tool used by the unimaginative and the dumb. Nobody remembers that before Edison arrived at TUNGSTEN as the filament for the incandescent bulb, he had to try 999 elements and compounds and abandon them . Even if Edison had serendipitously discovered TUNGSTEN as the material ideally suited for bulbs before trying those 999 material, he cannot be denied the fruits of the HOPE he nurtured that ‘there must be some material ideally suited for the filament, which I have not as yet discovered but I WILL PUT IN AN EFFORT TO DISCOVER THAT MATERIAL’. It is that HOPE coupled with EFFORT which is to be rewarded.

Clubbing HOPE, EFFORT & PATIENCE under the head of INNOVATION is nothing but over-simplification of HUMAN ENDEAVOR. Let us not plough with others’ heifers instead let us find our own bulls, oxen and the like, for reaping our rewards!

Diesel fumes are carcinogenic!

Socialism has many manifestations, and the underlying principle is that if anyone is benefiting too much from the existing policies of the state, then the state should be compelled to legislate or make rules so that those beneficiaries are penalized and a perceived part of those gains should be recouped to the state SOMEHOW.

Recently there has been a lot of debate about whether passenger Diesel car owners should be allowed to have the benefit of the subsidy granted to Diesel.  A subsidy is a payment made by the State to the producer of the goods so as to sell the goods at a concessional rate to the public. In the case of Diesel, the refining companies are all State owned companies and therefore there is no specific allocation of funds for the losses incurred by the refining companies, instead the refining companies are showing their shortfall as UNDER RECOVERIES.

So what is the percentage consumption of such “subsidized” diesel by the passenger car segment? It is 15% of the total sale of such subsidized diesel. So if the passenger car owners are to bear the subsidy which causes the under recoveries, then the diesel car owners should be made to bear only 15% of the under recoveries. But the proposal seems to be to exact more from the diesel passenger car owners, as they CAN AFFORD TO PAY! This is the second LIE of SOCIALISM.

Socialism is nowhere defined in the constitution, yet the word has been inserted in the Preamble to our constitution without any debate. This word, SOCIALISM has assumed different meanings in the hands of different legislative interpretations. While this AMORPHOUSNESS is allowed to continue in the interpretation of SOCIALISM, various measures are being taken in its name which is beyond logic and reason.

The first point to be noted is what is the difference between the Central excise duty on Diesel engines for cars and Petrol engines? If there is an existing difference, what is the reason for such difference? I am sure the Excise on Diesel cars would be definitely higher as the cost of Diesel cars are higher. Consequently, at the time of registration, the State government collects more money from such diesel cars as the Road Tax leviable by most states, are Ad valorem. So the principle of SOCIALISM starts right from the production of Diesel engines.

Why is that so? Because, diesel is cheaper to produce (as the impurities are more compared to petrol) and diesel engines give a better mileage. So penalize people who buy diesel cars. That is the SKIMMING which takes place at the time of purchase of the car. This is CAPITAL ACCOUNT SKIMMING. Then comes the CURRENT ACCOUNT SKIMMING, after all the diesel vehicles need diesel to run, so take more money for a litre of diesel under the head of  excise on diesel and the various levies which go towards it.

Leave the state, what do the garages of diesel engines do? They charge you more for the labour component which is the same for both petrol and diesel cars. The components are already over-priced as the excise is not on par with petrol engine components. The garage fellow (including volkswagen, skoda, maruti,  mahindra & mahindras etc.) indexes the cost benefit of your owning a diesel car and he does his own fleecing!

How is all this justified? Because in the name of the omnibus SOCIALISM, everyone is having a field day!

Now let us look at who suffers the most because of dieselization of the Indian economy- as some prefer to call it? HONDA car company, as they produce no diesel cars in India. So i am sure HONDA must have taken the maximum hit, especially because of the hike in petrol prices. They do not have a mechanism to off-set the losses for falling sales of petrol cars, unlike Maruti, Volkawagen, Skoda etc..

And why should today’s TIMES OF INDIA (dt. 14/06/2012 Bangalore edition) suddenly bring a report of  WHO and  say that Diesel causes cancer? Have they done a comparative study study among the different fuels and arrived at it? I suppose not. It must be like one of those skewed surveys conducted by AC-Nielsen which went on to publish that WOMEN PREFER CLEAN  SHAVEN MEN, for GILLETTE!

Marketing techniques have entered policy domain.

Democracy is all about doing the greater good to the greater number of people. If the diesel prices are kept low, then an average Indian family would be able to take the car out and travel the length and breadth of the country and get better integrated as a nation. Look at the states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu where there is a greater movement of people within the state. This is because of the subsidization of public transport, in the long run people should meet and interact so that their LIBERTY transforms into some profitable activity and development takes place in the long run.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, “THE PROBLEM WITH SOCIALISM IS THAT SOONER OR LATER THE OTHER PERSON RUNS OUT OF HIS MONEY!” We as a nation cannot find excuses for others to pay for our IDLENESS!


In the latest study from World Bank “Ease of Doing Business in India 2011” India is ranked as 134 out of 183 countries. Table 3 summarizes India’s ranking in “Doing Business” for key indicators. Though India has been ranked fairly for two indicators namely “ Getting Credit” and “ Protecting Investors”, it has secured embarrassingly in “Enforcing Contracts” in which it has been ranked 182 out of 183 countries and “Dealing with Construction Permits” as 177 out of 183 countries. According to the details in “Enforcing Contracts” India takes almost 1420 days and involves 40% cost of claim which is way above the OECD countries that takes just 518 days and 19% cost of claim.

Nowhere is India ranked this low by the WORLD BANK report except for ENFORCING CONTRACTS. Why is this so? The reason is neither hard to find nor is it complicated. The reason is EACH INDIAN’S UNDERSTANDING OF SOCIALISM AND THE EFFECTS OF SUCH UNDERSTANDING. What does SOCIALISM mean? It had been inserted in the Preamble to the Constitution of India along with “Secularism”. Secularism could be given a clear definition- that the state shall not discriminate nor appropriate any taxes and allot the same for any particular religion. But “SOCIALISM” is undefinable and carries a meaning dependent on the facts of each case, therefore no cogent PRINCIPLE can emerge. It is this AMORPHOUS philosophy which had been included in our constitution without defining the parameters of its operation.

This idea of SOCIALISM is enshrined in Article 39 (c) of the Constitution of India under the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES of STATE POLICY:-

39. The State shall, in particular, direct its policy
towards securing—

(c) that the operation of the economic system does
not result in the concentration of wealth and means
of production to the common detriment;

So in effect, the State shall ensure that even legitimate gains under a Contract shall not go to the beneficiary of the Contract. Secondly, the party who wants to resile from the contract files a suit in a civil court and by the time the Decree is passed, even if the verdict were to favour the defendant, the monies due would be received by the Defendant’s great grandson! By the time, INFLATION at the rate of 6% per annum would have eaten up the monies due, leaving merely the chaff for the great grandson. Incase the defendant is the state, there is every likelihood that retrospective laws could be enacted to ensure that the state appropriates the amount.

Here is an excerpt from an article which appeared in THE OUTLOOK dated 21/02/2005 by one paromita shastri (

For some, it was as if the Ides of March had arrived a month early. On January 25, the government passed an ordinance amending the Central Excise Act to wipe out the Rs 803 crore excise relief awarded to ITC by the Supreme Court last September. Instead of recovering Rs 350 crore from the government which lost a 17-year-long dispute, ITC will now have to fork out an extra Rs 450 crore by end-February.

As expected, ITC went into a shiver and a huddle.

Why pay Rs 720 crore more for only 4 crore EPF subscribers? What about 93% of the labour?

Industry was outraged and shocked. Overseas investors dropped their jaws. Then, on February 3, the government announced a revert to the old Employees’ Provident Fund payout rate of 9.5 per cent, upping the reduced 8.5 per cent interim rate declared last August. Both the labour ministry and the EPF organisation are now in a state of shock, wondering how to say yes to a decision that will cause a deficit of Rs 927 crore and how to bridge that gap without any government support!

So, here we have a clear case of the State not submitting itself to a judgement and using its powers to evade repayment! So this is the inherent SOCIALISM which is prevalent in out country. But we do not care. We as a nation keep our word only as long as it is “convenient” for us. So The Indian Contract Act 1872 has all the provisions in LETTERS but the SPIRIT takes the colour of the parties involved. After 17 years and look at the plight of a giant like ITC, where do ordinary mortals stand?

This morning in the TIMES of India there was a piece of unsolicited advice given by the pompous and ineffectual Mikhail Gorbachev to PUTIN: QUIT LIKE ME! That is SOCIALISM from the motherland of SOCIALISM which became the flavour of India and contaminated the seventies. The reasoning given by Mikhail Gorbachev is that Putin should feel happy that he had served 2 terms as president and once as the Prime Minister. What reasoning is that? Putin did not, like Gorbachev, PRESIDE OVER THE FALL AND DISINTEGRATION OF A GREAT COUNTRY LIKE USSR with his PERESTROIKA and GLASNOST! So, Gorbachev says, YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH rather MORE THAN ME! SO STOP.

I hope Putin, the JUDO MASTER doesn’t quit sheepishly like Gorbachev and hope Putin carries his fight to the hustings, in a true democratic fashion.

SOCIALISM is striving for PROCRUSTEAN EQUALITY,  which kills competition and the free enterprising spirit of man. The state should strive to collect taxes and use them properly for the upliftment of the poor and not stymie the spirit of the enterprising and positively oriented individuals.

Psalm 15:4 says, He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.

It means that a person should not resile from a contract merely because the contract has turned out to be disadvantageous. That OUGHT TO BE the principle. In India we have become champions of the poor and have succeeded in keeping a majority of the population that way, so that we could REMAIN CHAMPIONS. The POOR are our CAUSE, and we shall in no way let them become RICH and lose our CAUSE!!

LET US KEEP OUR WORD and when the Judiciary settles a dispute favouring the rich let us not change the rules in the name of supporting the poor or the state. In effect, the epicentre of we as a people not keeping our contracts or not enforcing our contracts is the malady of SOCIALISM which has become the bedrock of our consciousness.

Hope India would improve its position in the next review by the WORLD BANK.


FACT, as i understand, is to represent things as they are, and HYPE is to add one’s own masala to the implication of certain FACTS and either GLORIFY the FACT beyond reality, or interpret the FACT to ALARM beyond possibility.

This debate on FACT versus FICTION has been a topic of the erudite, but seldom discussed when the implementation of certain policies are stabilized. In the 50’s and the 60’s, in India, there was a general feeling that OWNERSHIP OF LAND in the hands of the few resulted in large scale poverty. So the government had brought in stringent measures thru land ceiling acts, labour laws and crippling wealth tax. These measures were used to ensure that the RICH DID NOT GET RICHER. At least, the RICH would not be able to add any accounted WEALTH. If they did they had to pay exorbitant taxes. These measures DID NOT  accentuate the poor to DO, whatever they could, instead set up a good excuse for them to crib about the RICH having large land holdings and thereby depriving them of the opportunities. This story was further fueled by the politicians who, in the process of DEMOCRACY smelt the benefits accruing more from the poor and kept the poor at loggerheads with the RICH and continued their orchestra. Till the time came, where the LABOUR LAWS and LAND LAWS were made defunct because of the evolution of the IT and ITES industry. They did not need SPACE ( read as land in the Indian context) and needed only the LABOUR of the educated, who were not dependent on any one company for their livelihood and weal. In fact, the engineers did not want to work for the same company for more than 2 years as they saw that as “stagnation”. Thus the story of BANGALORE was born and the FALLACIES propagated by the Nehrus, Lohias, Indiras, Jai Prakash Narains and the Communists, came to be falsified. This theory that LAND could be  the only source of INCOME, was a thoroughbred HYPE. It is the HUMAN INNOVATION that helped man to get out of the morass of poverty.

Likewise now the International community on climate change, had been in an alarmist mode, stating that the glaciers of the Himalayas would be all down the drain by 2035. All that based on a “fact” said to have been uttered by an eminent scientist. There have been no scientific study on that. Is it because  we do not have time to understand, or is it because there is a group of carpetbaggers who do not want to give us  time to clarify FACTS from HYPE? I think, it is the latter.

The unholy nexus between the Medical practitioner and the Pharmaceutical companies is not news anymore. When the swine-flu broke out, even the World Health Organization went on an ALARMIST mode and that benefited the pharma companies. It is also no news that many trial drugs are used in the cities and villages of India and the results, if any, are communicated to the pharma companies for their “reasearch”. These practices are truly beneficial to the medical practitioner and the pharma companies immediately, but the patients who take these drugs are not told the possible side effects and their ignorance in many areas are taken advantage of.  The pharma companies  use them as guinea pigs and instead of paying the patients for using them as specimens, the doctors peddle it as special medicines and charge them too. INNOVATION has to have some sacrifices you see, therefore, they sacrifice the gullible patients before they take a patent on the drug!!

HYPE helps the economy to boom in many ways. For example, in NOIDA, GURGAON and DELHI showing the Common Wealth Games of 2010, the prices were pushed up ti dizzying heights half a decade before the year of the COMMONWEALTH games.

HYPE is nothing but an extension of RUMOUR -MONGERING, with the difference that for the sake of CREDIBILITY, references are cited. It creates volume to the TOPIC. If we see the HIMALAYAN glacier episode where Pachauri and others are in a damage control mode, they were CAUGHT hyping and therefore confessed the TRUTH, otherwise the HYPE would be allowed to continue so that persons with commercial interests would be allowed to exploit and the HYPERS themselves would be benefited in some way unrecognizable by the masses!

Hype is essential in galvanizing opinions, but they should be used sparingly and only for SOVEREIGN purposes. When Joseph Goebbels went on airing the NAZI victory it served the morale of the German forces. Hype should be used sparingly and only for truly national and human purposes and the hype should not be allowed to  be taken advantage of by persons having COMMERCIAL INTERESTS, otherwise we may end up having a situation like DEATH OF A SALESMAN, by Arthur Miller.

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