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Hi Liberals, Die-hards & the “MEAN”minded,

Whatever hue yr conviction might be of, it is time to take note of the MAJORITARIANISM which is eating into the tolerance quotient of the liberals of this great country- i.e INDIA.

Smoking is gonna affect not only the smoker, but also those who are exposed to the stream of the exhaled smoke. Point taken and as a matter of defending their rights, in public places the smokers ought not to smoke.

Is my fully window wound-up car a public place or a private place, while on the road?

It is a tricky question. If u say it is private, then why have a rule that penalizes the smoking driver in DELHI? Further why absolve the passenger who smokes, with all the windows wound-down?

or are we to conclude that the only way to discipline the drivers- who have gone out of the control of the owners- is to expose them to the police force? Maybe yes. Nobody cares for the drivers (an INDIAN driver) or his right to smoke, as it helps him to beat the sleep and drowsiness which creeps on him, as mostly his bosses keep him waiting without reason and his female bosses expect him to run and open the back left door for them to step out languorously!!


The driver becomes stealthy and instead of holding his ciggy between his index and middle fingers, starts holding it inverted between the thumb and index! Guilt has already been spread by the society on his consciousness.

THERE is a saying in TAMIL (the only thriving classical language of India)- which says that a dog after biting the goat with impunity, bites the bull/cow/ox and then the dog is emboldened to bite MAN.

We make laws and rules without testing if the rules, when at the stage of conception itself, trench on the individual rights. Later, the rules are extended to squelch the bleating dying sounds of the liberals.

No doubt, CIGARETTE SMOKING MAY BE INJURIOUS, but who gives us the right to take away the man’s right to indulge in an injurious act esp. if his act harms none?

The minister who is spear-heading this move hails from a party that had FELLED TREES TO PREVENT TRAFFIC ON THE STATE AND NATIONAL HIGHWAYS! Now they become champions of causes, when backwardness and ignorance are inundating their party cadres!! The minister and his dad shud do something about the pathetic condition of his supporters, instead of instigating legislation curbing the liberties of INDIANS- all in the disguise of HEALTH!!

The APEX court shud decide cases on LEGAL PRINCIPLES and not based on POLICY. Unfortunately, the SC was in no mood to look into the rights of the smokers affected. It was unwilling to be reasonable and require the executive to clearly demarcate the PUBLIC PLACE from PRIVATE SPACE. It has allowed itself to be convinced by the laudable policy of RESTRAINING SMOKING, all at the cost of an INDIAN’S RIGHT TO BE WRONG- WHEN HE HURTS NONE!

MAJORITARIANISM is the malaise that plagues large societies, where composite culture and practices are slowly eliminated and the human spirit is STUNTED thru restrictive rules and legislation. May the INDIAN liberal rise and voice his opinion against it!!

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