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In the Hindi movie, KURBAAN, directed by Karan Johar, the posters put up for publicity has the bare-backed Kareena Kapoor standing in front of the hero Saif Ali Khan. This still showing the bare back of Kareena has stirred quite a lot of controversy by “offending” the sensibilities of the touchy Indians- or so the Shiv Sainiks say!!

Visual impression is such a thing that it is nothing but magic. I have seen many a bare backed posters that had sprung  from time to time to elicit the curiosity of the average movie goer. The youth are more susceptible to such gimmicks. But the beauty of this poster needs a better analysis. If one hasn’t had the opportunity of seeing the poster, one could have a peek at it from the following:-

Please have a look at the poster again and it apparently is not any different from many other posters which we, as Indians, have been exposed to. But there are ASSOCIATIVE DIFFERENCES which attack our sensibilities subliminally. The hero and the heroine viz. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are in a RELATIONSHIP. It is visually assumed that she is in all probability BARE FRONTED too, giving the benefit of the view to her present boy friend, Saif Ali Khan. There are no noodle straps, or cups visible that could have concealed the front of Kareena Kapoor. Further look at the EYES of  Saif Ali Khan, they seem riveted just below the clavicle of the bare backed(for us!!) Kareena, who has a helplessly surrendered dead-panned look!!

Post Shahid Kapoor, this is the still publicity that brings out the total capitulation by Kareena before the rippling manliness (atleast physique wise!) of Saif. It seems like a statement from Kareena that THIS IS IT & IT IS FOR KEEPS. Further this still drowns all those kissing smses, clippings that have been doing the circulation both in the net and the mobiles, involving Kareena and Shahid.

By Kareena showing her back to the crowd and the nude front (as could be assumed from the poster!) to Saif, KAREENA and SAIF have made us all the WITNESSES to the commitment they both have made to each other.

Shiv Sena has taken objection to this poster on the grounds of sensibilities. There has to be a voice that should represent even such thoughts. As long as the Shiv Sainiks play that role, without resorting to vandalism and hooliganism, i welcome it to be a registration of a democratic protest.

But to tell the truth, I wish i  had just seen what Saif must have seen(during the shoot of that still/scene)- just to assess if, what i had imagined (like most other prurient Indians) matches REALITY!!


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