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Phaneesh Moorthy & Delilah!

The lawyer firm representing the woman who gave in  to the “facility” of being not only being in a physical relationship with her boss but also “retained” the zygote unilaterally, has curiously called this woman the “victim”!

This woman ‘gave in’ willingly or ‘seduced’ the CEO of iGate, is going to be the subject matter of the lawyers squabbling before the courts, that is only if an out of court settlement is not arrived at and the woman goes sniggering all the way to the bank!

What an easy “life” this woman had chosen!

Firstly, she says that Phaneesh and she have been intimate for more than a year! She curiously believed that she had been chosen for her skills in stenography and logistic support, but subsequent events have shown to the world that she had more, not only to offer, but that indeed she offered more than professional assistance to the CEO of the company!

Now this woman wears not merely her intimacy but claims that her present pregnancy was “caused” by him! Okay, let us assume that she was forced to have unprotected sex with her boss, yet there are many ways to ensure that such unprotected sex does not lead to an “unwanted” pregnancy! There is nothing to show that she even tried to preclude pregnancy. If she had been “HARASSED” into that relationship, why did she not avoid the pregnancy, by which, she could continue to have the job which helped her “eke out a living”? And instead of showing disgust at having to nurture the life of an egg fertilized by her “HARASSER”, she is wearing her pregnancy as a promotion gained through motherhood?

From the circumstances, Phaneesh Moorthy is seen as one who is an easy prey to the wiles of women who have sex willingly and once the heat and dust is over, CRY over spilt milk and all! The fact that this woman is trying to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER OWN WRONG, is one good reason for denying the EXTORTION RACKET which she has set rolling with the adept engagement of able lawyers!

Phaneesh Moorthy should have been clever enough to identify such “types” and got them sterilized before he engaged in UNPROTECTED SEX.

Now let us look at the fate of the AS YET UNBORN CHILD- he/she is UNWANTED by the man who is alleged to have “caused’ the child, UNEXPECTED by the woman, ACCIDENTAL and UNWELCOME as is being made out- but the woman is going to CRY & PLEAD BEFORE THE COURTS FOR CHILD SUPPORT and make for herself and for the lawyers a GOOD LIFE- rather a cosy one at that!

Or MOVID supposes that she just SEXUALLY AMBUSHED him– women are sharp enough to know those fertile period- and that she had chosen to go unprotected and got “so attached” to the foetus after the pregnancy shows, that she no longer wanted to lead the life of a drab support staff, but share the cream, which Phaneesh through his hard work and exemplary application had gleaned over a period of time!

This support staff KNEW fully well that PHANEESH was married and that he was still with his wife, does this knowledge not bring responsibility towards ANOTHER WOMAN who still enjoyed a better RIGHT? All those feminists who take up the cause of such Delilahs should ponder over this and SENSITIZE women who prey on other women’s men (if they believe that men could be OWNED)!

I hope the US Courts make this a landmark case and deny the benefits to such women who extort men after giving themselves a good life out of the resources of men and malign men and push men to go out of court settlement! 

If there is SANE and SOBER ADULT CONSENT, except for infections and child support, NO HUMAN BEING, IRRESPECTIVE of GENDER,  should be held responsible for the mere fact that they had sex. After all……………ALL LIFE IS STILL DEPENDENT ON SEX FOR PROCREATION! Let us get real!



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