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Captain Secular‼️

There was this Captain of a ship which set sail from a port to another somewhere in the Middle East. On the way, a storm brewed and all the passengers, the crew and the Captain realised that their journey was in jeopardy and escaping with their Lives became their ONLY PRIORITY. Bad Times don’t support our pet theories and ideologies, consequently, the Captain of the ship issued an edict as follows:

So the shipmaster came to him, and said unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not.

The Shipmaster was the Captain of the ship proceeding to Tarshish from Joppa and the sleeper was Jonah, a Jewish Prophet, running away from the instructions of his God to proceed to Nineveh.

The Captain says: O sleeper? arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not. The Captain’s personal beliefs notwithstanding chides the sleeping Jonah to call upon HIS GOD and doesn’t even ask the sleeping Jonah to identify his religion or the name of the God he worshipped.

The prayers sought was for the storm to subside but the answer came from Jonah, who felt penitent and told the Captain to throw him overboard. Sure enough the crew, Captain and the passengers threw Jonah out and sure enough the storm abated.
Well it is not uncommon to say that God had plans, rather other set of plans to deal with the errant Jonah. Doctrinally that ‘plan of God’ is odious to my ears and thought. God is God and Time is in His hands. God could do anything, so why plan? Plan is a forethought of a
possible future. When it is God who creates ‘future’, where would be the necessity of a Plan? Plan is an anthropomorphic idea laden with the deficiencies of human understanding. Why ascribe that to God?
God send a fish which swallows Jonah and he his transported to another location and he finally lands up in Nineveh.
The point of this blog is that, when absolute necessity arises in one’s life one may surrender to the will of God, whom he or she believes. But as a Captain of a ship, having the responsibility of the ship, the goods in the ship and the human lives involved it is the DUTY OF THE CAPTAIN not to ascertain the names of the gods those humans worship but to exhort every human in his ship to pray to HIS OWN GOD. That full-throated participative prayer is what a Captain is to exhort and hope for a relief.
The prayer was not answered in the way it was imagined. Till Jonah was offloaded, the storm did not subside. The proposal itself came from the person who was to suffer the consequences of his own proposal. That is how the prayers of those who called their own God’s was answered.

My best example for Secularism is the Captain of that ship caught in the storm with Jonah.
Getting human participation retaining their own beliefs is more important than proselytising humans in distress or cataloguing them during distress.
Like that Captain, leaders ought to shed the divisive distinguishing mapping of people and exhort them to give their best.


Well in my earlier blog i had written about traversing between two metros in India, the route, the charm that it holds, the uniqueness et al. I like to discuss in this blog about a problem that is becoming rampant and the remedial measures that one can take, and if one can’t take those measures -for want of power or the attitude of others- at least to make mental changes to get out of stereotype prejudices and build a multi cultural strong India.

One of the papers carried a news item that mentioned that a car bearing another state’s registration number was stopped on the Bangalore- Mysore state highway, damaged and the occupants threatened by the locals. When the occupants reported the matter to the police, they are reported to have said that THEY SHUD BE THANKFUL THAT THEIR LIVES ARE SAFE.

It may be politically right to accuse the police of callousness, but we shud be acutely aware of the fact that we as a nation had lost a PM who was protected by the best force, another ex-PM to the terrorist act of an overseas organization. WE HAVE TO TAKE MEASURES TO PROTECT OURSELVES. Structurally DISTINCTIONS that distinguish our statehood, language, affiliations shud be done away with.

Distinctions that incite anger, hatred and violence have to be controlled by adapting ourselves and merging with our surroundings. Seeing the registration of a number plate shud not become a red rag to the fanatic bulls, but their attitude shud be deflected by causing confusion in the minds of such fanatics.

We may consider having a FEDERAL VEHICLE REGISTERING AUTHORITY, which shud be bound to register those desirous of having a more SECULAR(!) number plate.

The safest as i see today is to have a DL registration as the state of Delhi is common to all INDIANS and is OUR capital. Therefore the attrition levels against Delhi registration numbers are the least. Further, everyone has something to identify himself with Delhi. The next best is to have Daman registration DN, as it is confused with Delhi number plates, even by the traffic cops of Delhi!!

As a reasonable alternative let us give options for Indians to have IN as the registration tag.

We as individuals have to protect our lives and property from hooligans, to effectively uphold the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT enshrined in ARTICLE 21 of OUR constitution. Post facto damages are meagre, and meaningless when it concerns loss of lives and limbs.

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