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MICHAEL VINCENT of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has reported the following :

It has now emerged via French news websites that Mr Sarkozy said: “I cannot bear Netanyahu. He’s a liar.”

Mr Obama is reported to have replied: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.”

What is so intriguing about this statement? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING! Firstly, this was not for the ears of the common man. This was a conversation which was between the heads of 2 states who are in the process of co-operating with Israel with regard to the Iranian Nuclear issue.

Let us assume for a minute that what Sarkozy said was true and proceed further. As an “opinion” i hold that the French are the first to reconcile with TRUTHS faster than any other Caucasoid. That has led them to be the pioneers in pursuit of aesthetics. To LOVE BEAUTY, ONE HAS TO RECONCILE WITH TRUTHS. One should not be willful and hold on to opinions contrary to the TRUTH, as revealed through apparent facts. The French get there first. They are not the ‘battering ram’ type Germans, nor are they the ‘opinion reserved’ type Scandinavians, nor ‘the ever ready to settle dispute with a duel’ type Italians! They get there FIRST.

So i have enough reasons to believe that SARKOZY spoke from his heart.

Coming to our man who wants to outdo Abraham Lincoln, Mr. President, i feel that the alacrity with which he not merely endorsed the opinion of SARKOZY but went on to add his annoying experience of having to deal with him on a constant basis. Mr. Obama’s gaffe is likely to draw a bigger consternation back home, as the Jewish lobby is likely to view this as a betrayal of the avowed policy of the US to stand by not only Israel, but also their LIES and their LYING LEADERS.

Netanyahu is the person who had authorized Jewish settlements in the Palestinian region, against the wishes of the Pacifists. The beauty about the lies of a Jew is that, he is likely to invoke the name of Jehovah for each lie concocted, disseminated and propagated and also quote the TORAH in support of his statements. All that an American Christian is to be told is that the BIBLE has said so, and the American goes into the MUTE MODE – as if the sole right to interpretation of the Bible is given to the Jews only. The Bible might have come THROUGH them, but not FROM them. The ZIONIST preachers are also likely to put pressure on the public by depicting Obama as the villain in the piece!

Come to think of it the US and Pakistan are not very different. The Pakistanis would support and rear the Afghans to their own peril in their backyard, as much as the US raises the Jews in its front-yard. What i do not understand is that when the wishes of Golda Meir were acceded to and granted by the Allies, WHAT ARE THE WEALTHY JEWS STILL DOING IN THE US WITHOUT GETTING BACK TO THEIR PROMISED LAND!  


So whether Netanyahu is LYING abroad or LYING in Israel, he is bound to LIE!

I love you Sarkozy- you made a statement about an INDIVIDUAL but, just as i have made it a class action, the interpreters of your statement are also likely to brand you ANTISEMITIC.

Earlier we needed an Assange, to publish the inner workings of the Governments, but now a snippet has fallen out from the mouths of the political honchos without any recourse to spin doctoring of their spill-outs.

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