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Fraud by Ian Bell & Indians lacking the balls to enforce a FACT- all for endorsement goodwill

This morning i read a news item by Vijay Kumr Bobilli in THE TIMES OF INDIA (03/07/2011) and was not the least surprised that it was our Sachin Tendulkar who had put pressure on M S Dhoni to recall the batsman IAN BELL. Great. Sachin may be the greatest batsman India had ever seen and enjoys an enormous good will with the cricketing public, has a massive fan following and behaves decently on and off the field.

But why should he put pressure on MSD to recall Ian Bell?

To my mind, these are fall out of ENDORSEMENTS. Remember Tiger Woods, who when had to face allegations of gallivanting with all types of women and the unquenchable ire of Elin Nordegren, the first endorser to dump Tiger was the consulting firm ACCENTURE. Why? Tiger “WOULD lose his sheen and that should not spill over to the product endorsed by Tiger” , simple.

So, after all Trent Bridge is in England and we need new gestures of goodwill to find new markets and recruit new fans to our aging cricketers. So “FACTS” and “TRUTHS” could be given the short shrift and ‘go’ with the crowd ‘for’ the crowd. A kind of democracy in cricket.

From the footage specially recovered from the net to sustain my hypothesis, IAN BELL “assumed” that the ball had hit the boundary board. Should his mistaken belief deprive Indians an opportunity to enforce a rule? NAY. So appealed thrice and sustained by the Umpire, Bell is shown the door.

But the DRESSING ROOMS have their own dramas and machinations which brought back Ian Bell (lucky he added only 22 to his tally!). So whose VOICE turned the CRICKET MATCH INTO AN ENDORSEMENT GROUND? SACHIN TENDULKAR, that is what Vijay Kumar Bobilli says. I am very much inclined to believe that. Sachin may have a squeaky voice, but time has shown that he has been wise in getting neat packages in ENDORSEMENTS. Not that a squeaky voiced persons should not be wise- but a general presumption is there subliminally, that such people are not aggressive in pushing their point of view. Yet they could gently persuade a junior colleague, presently in command, to resile from his earlier decision. Indians have won the BRITISH hearts, but have lost the MATCH! That is the pith and marrow of that game.

Sachin, enjoy the good fortune in the staid pitches laid out by our groundsmen and organizers for your centuries, but SPARE INDIAN CRICKET from the rapacious and ruthless endorsement purveying advisers. THERE IS TOO MUCH OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST IN SACHIN’S CRICKET AND HIS ENDORSEMENTS FOR ME TO GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT!

And if possible show some aggression in playing on difficult pitches! Good luck to u too.

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