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World no.1 in Tennis and the newly crowned French Open Champion- NADAL.

He is everything that i don’t like a tennis player to be, yet i can not help admiring him.

He comes out as an emotionally vulnerable person who badly needs a nice dose of mothering. I remember that statement when he said after his runner-upship in a grand slam tournament: IT IS NICE TO HEAR ALL THE NICE THINGS BEING SAID ABOUT ME, BUT ROGER IS THE WINNER, YOU SEE!! That statement truly reflected his unaffected EMOTIONS. His inability to assimilate the loss and the disappointment so vividly laid in words for everyone to see.

Very rarely one gets to see such unadulterated EMOTION displayed at this level with all its pristine purity. It is then that one thinks that the RACE SHOULD NOT be merely for the swift, nor the battle to the strong.

When he rolled in the red clay of Rolland GarrosĀ  after this year’s win with his veins all standing out and him crying relieved after the previous year’s loss, was truly comforting for me. In any case it spared me the sight of Federer crying!!

NADAL makes one identify oneself with him, whereas a FEDERER makes one see him with awe. After all i am human and i’d rather be a participant in Nadal’s emotions than be awe struck at the genius and talent of a Federer!

Soderling was not only not a match for the fire and exuberance of Nadal, he lacked the cool precision of his erstwhile compatriots like Edberg and Borg. Had Soderling stretched the match to a five setter probably, Nadal would not have been left with so much of emotions to display!

But can any reader of my blog enlighten me as to why Nadal was sucking at the knob of the trophy? It looked very juvenile- maybe Nadal has just started a new TRADITION to the French Open!!


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