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If ROMANCE is ‘ripening the passions while still in the stalk’ of the heroine’s  heart, …………then RAJESH KHANNA “IS” the greatest ROMANTIC ACTOR of INDIA!

Rajesh Khanna allowed his heroines to evolve – like in SAPNO KI RANI song), the heroine’s initial curiosity draws her out like a snail which fears no “intrusion” (probably because Sharmila was in a coach and Rajesh in a ‘convertible’ Jeep)! The seeds of romance is gently dispersed in the heart of the heroine and the comfort that the heroine feels in revealing the evolution of her feelings is an epiphany! Even though, it must have been the Director’s visualization, without the vehicle of RAJESH KHANNA, the idea could never have been fleshed so well. Men! watch and despair the following video (lol)

This blogger had met RAJESH KHANNA sometime in 1998, at a common friend’s place and spent close to 4 hours. The cordiality that he exuded was not merely refreshing but extremely humbling!

A man who swayed the hearts of so many human beings, with a non-intrusive cajoling- shed in the hearts of females- to “be out with it” ………….with an ocular expression confessing “i won’t have it, till it is given……….freely and willingly!” That helplessness which he created in a woman’s heart might not have gone down well with all those Greers and Beauvoirs, but none impacted a woman’s heart in a romantic way more than  RAJESH KHANNA !

What a loss my countrymen………..indeed a great loss!

MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE, while he still continues to cheer the romantic threads of his female fans through his cine songs.

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