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Sabine Lisicki!

Today was not particularly a nice day at office. An opportunity to visit South Africa had slipped through my fingers and consequently, having nothing much to do but to mull over whether I had let an opportunity through lack of prosecution whirring my mind, I took refuge at the idiot box. Remembering that WIMBLEDON was on, i switched on STAR SPORTS II and to my utter dismay saw the buffalo playing her shots with her orange shorts showing her amply rounded bottoms.

I hate buffaloes, not because they are dark complexioned- I lost all that moral right when i discovered that I myself was classified as “dark”. But, being dark doesn’t disqualify anyone from calling others dark. Maybe, it is politically incorrect to discriminate anyone based on colour, but being a buffalo is not about colour at all. It is that sluggishness coupled with sturdiness and a bullish belief that one is better than the rest which makes one a BUFFALO.

I believe SERENA WILLIAMS has all those buffalo traits which gives the dark aura of INVINCIBILITY. Serena was playing SABINE LISICKI She was all ELEGANCE and FEMININE. I see no reason for a female to be in skirts if she doesn’t find a reason to be feminine. Muscles and veins may be the outgrowths of tennis practice, but lack of FEMININITY in a female form is terrible lack of soul.

LISICKI was amazing and wore a smile and especially when she saw twice in succession the ball rolling over to her side, Lisicki’s wry smile was refreshing. Lisicki had not lost her soul in the rush to reach the top in women’s tennis. She had the elegance of a swan and bowled me over! When she took the first set against SERENA, i was mightily pleased. When she the third set to the thunderous ovation of the crowd, it was exhilarating.

The match was a proof that one need not lose one’s femininity to come with strong serves or angled shots. It is not about pigging it out and keeping reserve fat to deal with exhausting exigencies in tennis.

What was even more irritating were the painted nails of the buffalo, which caused eyesore in the absence of femininity. But was relieved to see the back of Serena and at least till next July, I don’t have to see Serena in the courts of Wimbledon in Singles’ match.

Richard Krajicek once said about women’s tennis : “I said that 80 percent of the top 100 are fat pigs, but I just over-exaggerated a little bit,” he said. “What I meant to say was that only 75 percent, yes.” and when he was told that Martina Navratilova had not taken to his comment lightly, he said:“Why should she take it personally. She is not in that 20%.”

But in this blog I take no such protection, except for that wise little statement which says, “IF SOMETHING WALKS LIKE A DUCK & QUACKS LIKE ONE ,THEN THAT CREATURE HAS TO BE A DUCK!”

Serena has no elegance not to mention the daintiness some women players have exhibited. Some of the shots she played reminded me of the masculine THANDAVA, with her legs flailing upward in all directions!

Thank God! He spared me of such unsightly tennis!



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