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Anand Jon, a sand nigger!!

The TIMES OF INDIA, dated 02/09/2009, Bangalore Edition screams on its front page that Anand Jon, a Person of Indian Origin and a Fashion Designer based in BeverlyHills, California, United States of America, had been sentenced to 59 years of incarceration by the courts.

Back home the sister and the mother of the convict, Anand Jon, have stated that the cases of rape, statutory rape etc. have been foisted on their brother and son by a prejudiced police force. The news item further states that the Beverly Hills Police Department cops had addressed Mr.Anand Jon as a SAND NIGGER.

Wiktionary gives the following meaning to the phrase SAND NIGGER:

sand nigger (plural sand niggers)

  1. (derogatory, offensive) A person of Arabian or other Middle Eastern descent.

It is not the prejudices of the Police, which is surprising, but the jury verdict. In the matter of Nathuram Godse, in the book titled THE MEN WHO KILLED GANDHI by Manohar Malgoankar, the author says, if the audience in the court had been converted into a jury during the trial of The Mahatma’s murder, the jury would have returned the verdict of NOT GUILTY on Nathuram Godse. So much for the jury. Luckily for Indians the jury system was abolished with the most interesting case of  Nanavati V. State of Bombay.

In the case of Nanavati v. State of Bombay, the husband who was a naval officer shot dead the paramour of his wife, by bringing a loaded gun into the house of the Paramour from his naval ship, when the paramour was alone. The jury got mixed up with MORAL ISSUES, instead of  returning a verdict on proved facts. The sympathy of the 12 good men is definitely going to lean in favour of the cuckolded husband. But the requirement of law is different- the judge was looking for legal ingredients like pre-meditation, sudden provocation, intention and the like. But the JURY was interested in returning a verdict that would palliate their own conscience. However the Judge found the verdict PERVERSE.

In Anand Jon’s case, a predominantly American jury, led by an American Judge, is not likely to take things easily when the charge was that Mr.Anand Jon was messing around with minor girls!!

The interesting part is the statement made by a girl who had turned 17 now and was a rape victim at the age of 14, by Anand Jon. Unfortunately, in statutory rape- which means that ingredients like consent, will etc. do not matter when the victim is below the prescribed age (in India it is 16 years). The very fact that a man had sex with an under-aged girl is sufficient to obtain a conviction under RAPE. Whether the girl in the instant case looked like 18 and showed sexual experience, whether she seduced Anand Jon for fame and name do not matter.

I like the statement made by that innocent babe in the woods- “Anand Jon stole my innocence!!” Oh, yes she did not know what was happening in the fashion world and she had to break that news of rape to her  father and is continuously traumatized about all that happened.

When these teenagers do not heed to the warnings  by their parents and succumb to temptations, should the society take up the burden of inflicting such harsh sentences on the perpetrators of such acts? I guess not. At least not by the 12 good men who are neither of Anand Jon’s ethnicity or colour or creed or coviction , much less the same profession!

In any case, as one of the Beverly Hills Police guy is stated to have said: YOU SAND NIGGER, YOU WANNA MESS WITH THE WHITE GIRLS?, it is better for us Indians to be warned about the prejudices that people harbour and unleash it without any sympathy, in times of judgement.


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