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The Rao cut!

Back in the Law College, at Delhi, during recess, student-friends used to saunter to the canteen to have light refreshments. If the next hour after the recess were to be handled by an incompetent prof or lecturer, the recess would be extended beyond his/her hour of lecture.

During one of those recesses, i was with my friend Vikrant and this CA friend by name Rao. Mr Rao, as my remembrance goes was an amiable person and a willing smiler. He had a certain reserve which Chartered Accountants have- the type of reserve which unless an opinion is sought and potentially paying would not volunteer any perspective or even info. But in a college one doesn’t get too deep into those traits, as keeping the association for 3 years on an even keel was more important.

So on that day when the three of us walked in to the canteen, pushed by urge to have some pastry we ordered for 2 pastries, as i said i wanted a full one and the other 2 were only keen on sharing one. So after i had picked up my pastry and walked to one of the tables laid nearby, Vikrant walked  to the table and placed the pastry on the table. So when Mr. Rao was asked to divide the the pastry in two, he took the top half of the pastry with the cream and left behind the bottom half for Vikrant to have. Vikrant was much younger to both of us and a little pushing around of Vikrant was always there in the agenda, but this act of skimming the top half containing the cream,  even aroused my sense of fairness.

So i told Mr. Rao, see bro, first is that the one who cuts cannot choose first; secondly, even if you choose frist, you could choose only the piece which is lesser of the two. In this case not only that you chose first despite cutting, you have chosen the creamy part. Mr. Rao was unabashed and said that i have taken only one half, so what is the problem? He was adamant about not seeing the ingredients in his half of the pastry and kept defending himself  saying that he took only one half. So during the rest of the course, we used to irk Mr. Rao by telling him that we could share if there is no RAO CUT!

After many years, i saw the same behaviour in the sharing of Biryani among colleagues. Some say, i do not want the full biryani and they push all the meat into their plate and leave only biryani rice, which they later call saying that “they only had half biryani.” What a fallacy!

In life everything cannot be measured in volumes but also the content that make up the volumes! GOOD LUCK TO RAO-CUT & HIS ILK- it comes so naturally to them against all sense of fairness.

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