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For those who are unacquainted with the word SWAYAMVARA, here is the meaning of the word as explained by the WIKIPEDIA:-

Swayamvara (स्‍वयं‍वर): Meaning – Own-choice, Swayamvara, in ancient India, was a practice of choosing a life partner, among a list of suitors by a girl of marriageable age.

When there are a whole list of suitors to a girl, and there is likely to be a bitter dispute as to who shall have the hand of the girl, humans had invented a method whereby the choice would be left to the girl. The above is exemplified by the stories in mythologies.

Prithiviraj Chauhan and Sanyogita, where she garlanded the statute of Prithiviraj Chauhan- which was placed to insult him by her father Jaichand of Kannauj- but to the surprise of all, the statue came to life and Sanyogita was whisked away on a steed by Prithiviraj Chauhan hiimself who stood like a statue!

Then, as per the Greek mythology, the wife of Odysseus (Roman equivalent being Ulysses)- Penelope,  was besieged  by the waiting suitors, who had taken over Ulysses’ house, wanting the Swayamvara to be expeditiously conducted as they believed that Ulysses was MISSING IN ACTION. Of course, Ulysses returns and besides the faithful dog, none identifies Ulysses and his wife Penelope identifies him in relation to a query raised by her over their MATRIMONIAL BED!!(very interesting the Dog sniffs him out and his wife finds out that he was her husband over the BED!!)

The second one was a REUNION.

Going by the Indian Mythologies, legends and stories in the Holy Books, it appears that only GIRLS OF MARRIAGEABLE age were to choose their prospective husbands thru the process of SWAYAMVARA, by garlanding the person of their choice. But in India Rakhi, who had had a boyfriend earlier (as per her own admission), smooched by the cheeky Mika (the singer), and a whole host of unseemly pubic, oops! public display of pelvic gyrations, RAKHI has chosen to have a SWAYAMVARA. Thereby she has dispensed with the requirement of a girl making her INITIAL CHOICE OF A MATE!

On the whole the final episode telecast LIVE was a delight to watch- not with awe and inspiration, but with amazement that an idea that had been popularized thru the various stories could be applied by a COMMON WOMAN,  well past her nubility and get sponsorship. It was a parody of the image that one had on the whole concept of SWAYAMVARA.

Further, she gave a Christian twist to the concept by singing a Christian Hymn along with her “friends”. IT WAS A BURLESQUE.

Watching her choose her GROOM, was like a person starting to read a thriller from the last page so that he would be sure of the end, when the book is done! Rakhi’s image is not so pristine that it would befit our image of swayamvara!!

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