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He used to pitch the stake and she used to throw the quoit around it. Twelve on the last count. She had the knack to get it right every time she quoited the stake.

The rules had been changed considerably. When he was younger she used to throw the quoits and he had to chase with the stake and ring the quoit into the stake. The game was counted and every time the quoit hit the ground the girl was in giggles, and naturally he lost a point. The clumsiness she had induced in him during the chase and the lengths to which he had gone to ring his stake with her quoit was amusing. She took great pleasure in watching him chase the quoit, stumble and scramble upto position to ring the next quoit,and this  was all a ritual. A RITUAL which kept them not only occupied but imbued in each others activity.

Both used to return from work, yet their tiredness wouldn’t deter them from playing the stake and the quoit.

Years rolled by and he got tired of chasing the quoit. He thought to himself, why chase the quoit, why not see if the quoit was interested in ringing the stake. From a CHASER he had developed a temperament of an OBSERVER. This attituidinal change had been partially because of the INDOLENCE which had crept into him and partially because he wanted to explore the mind of the QUOITING female. More or less a gender issue had wormed its way in. He felt like a BADSHAH, who would lie supine on his bolster and sipping his wine and watch the game go on!

He decided to make a stable stake by half burying it on the floor and she had to throw the quoit around the stake. Her markswomanship (in deference to the rabid feminists!!) amazed him. Her concentration before each throw was intense and she wanted each throw to be a clean one. He became an observer and delighted watching her quoit the stake.

They play the game and change the rules to add spice to their game of QUOITS – did i miss a “u” between the T and S?

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