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The newspapers, TV channels and gossips abound with the latest assault and battery on Indian students by Australian thugs. I have excerpted herebelow the details given out by the Australian Government website and the link is appended herewith:

Please go thru the pedigree of the Australians- consisting of Aborigines and Convicts deported by the British.

“In 1788, the eleven ships of the First Fleet landed their ‘cargo’ of around 780 British convicts at Botany Bay in New South Wales. Two more convict fleets arrived in 1790 and 1791, and the first free settlers arrived in 1793.

From 1788 to 1823, the Colony of New South Wales was officially a penal colony comprised mainly of convicts, marines and the wives of the marines.

The early convicts were all sent to Botany Bay, but by the early 1800s they were also being sent directly to destinations such as Norfolk Island, Van Diemen’s Land, Port Macquarie and Moreton Bay.

Twenty per cent of these first convicts were women. The majority of women convicts, and many free women seeking employment were sent to the ‘female factories’ as unassigned women. The female factories were originally profit-making textile factories. The Parramatta Factory grew as an enclave for pregnant women and also served as an orphanage from the 1830s.

When the last shipment of convicts disembarked in Western Australia in 1868, the total number of transported convicts stood at around 162,000 men and women. They were transported here on 806 ships.

The transportation of convicts to Australia ended at a time when the colonies’ population stood at around one million, compared to 30,000 in 1821. By the mid-1800s there were enough people here to take on the work, and enough people who needed the work. The colonies could therefore sustain themselves and continue to grow. The convicts had served their purpose.

Transportation to the colony of New South Wales was officially abolished on 1 October 1850, and in 1853 the order to abolish transportation to Van Diemen’s Land was formally announced.

South Australia, and the Northern Territory of South Australia, never accepted convicts directly from England, but still had many ex-convicts from the other States. After they had been given limited freedom, many convicts were allowed to travel as far as New Zealand to make a fresh start, even if they were not allowed to return home to England.

At the time, there was also a great deal of pressure to abolish transportation. Given that only a small percentage of the convict population was locked up, many believed that transportation to Australia was an inappropriate punishment – that it did not deliver ‘a just measure of pain’. This, combined with the employment needs of Australia’s thriving population, ensured the abolition of convict transportation.”

When former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating put his arm around the queen in 1992, the newspapers in England back home asked a question: Queen Elizabeth’s great grand father was from the Royalty, but who was Paul Keating’s great grand father?- A TRANSPORTED CONVICT?

At that time i was a lot surprised as to why a human being’s pedigree was called into question, for merely the act of putting an arm around the sovereign, whose ancestors once ruled Australia as a colony! But today, when the problem has reached MY OWN DOORSTEP, I AM FORCED TO GO TO THE PEDIGREE OF THE AUSTRALIANS.

I am subliminally convinced that it is that convicthood  of  the forebears of the present day Australians, that could be expressing themselves through their VIOLENT gene strains.  15% of the student community in Australia are Indians, yet the Government of Australia seems to have done very little. If humanism does not prevail, at least Economic sense shud impel them to force the lumpen elements  from resorting to such dastardly violence.


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