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The story of Kasab has revived. Revived by the Shiv Sainiks, who object to him being represented in the Courts of Law by any Advocate in India. The TIMES OF INDIA dt. 2/04/2009 in its Editorial contends that for the preservation of the Judicial system that has as its fundamental premise that EVERY ACCUSED IS INNOCENT IN THE EYES OF THE LAW, TILL PROVEN GUILTY, an Advocate has to defend Kasab, as otherwise the basic premise would stand TAINTED.

Further, the Editorial goes on to state that the Guarantees given under Article 22 of the Constitution would not be fulfilled if a lawyer does not represent the Accused.

I would importune the readers of this blog to go thru my earlier blog for greater clarity of this blogger’s opinion on the same topic vide the link given below:

Article 22 of the Constitution of India does not EMPOWER the courts in India to COMPEL a lawyer to represent an accused. Even if a Lawyer is bound under the Legal Aid Rules, Advocates Act etc., to represent an accused without considering if the person he proposes to represent is guilty or not guilty, before accepting the brief, the LAWS and RULES CANNOT and DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE PROFESSIONAL LIBERTY OF A LAWYER TO ACCEPT OR REJECT THE BRIEF WITHOUT ASSIGNING ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

This blogger is of the opinion that each Advocate is at ABSOLUTE LIBERTY TO TAKE UP A BRIEF OR NOT TO. Further, such a decision CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be the subject matter of the BAR COUNCILS of the respective states. Ms. Anjali Waghmare is at liberty to represent or not to represent Kasab. The bar council should not compel, nor public pressure be mounted to restrain Anjali Waghmare from accepting the Brief for Kasab, as that would seriously jeopardize the PROFESSIONAL LIBERTY OF THE ADVOCATE. Kudos to Ms. Anjali Waghmare for sticking to her conviction despite political and peer pressure. In fact she should file A WRIT AGAINST ANY ADVISORY PASSED BY ANY BAR COUNCIL RESTRAINING ANY ADVOCATE FROM APPEARING FOR KASAB.

Further, the protection of Article 22, clauses 1 & 2 are NOT APPLICABLE TO ENEMY ALIENS. The courts should first, determine the import of the phrase ENEMY ALIEN and see if Kasab is an enemy alien and construe Article 22 in the light of the declared Law and not based on the opinions, brainwaves and unwholesome views of a few.


Even though our judicial system is ADVERSARIAL( which means that the Judge need not bring up the points not pleaded by the defence counsel into focus etc..), it nowhere states that the FACTS cannot be gathered by the TRIAL JUDGE himself to establish the TRUTH. If the FACTS are gathered by the trial JUDGE at his own initiative – who is vested with extraordinary powers to ascertain those- diligently, even the best lawyers would not be able to obfuscate the EVIDENCE showing Kasab’s guilt.



There has been a lot of debate as to whether the captured TERRORIST of the MUMBAI MASSACRE was entitled to the protection enshrined in ARTICLE 22 (1) & (2) of the CONSTITUTION OF INDIA. If the captured terrorist KASAB @ QASAB were to be both an ENEMY as well as an ALIEN, he would not be eligible for the following protections guaranteed in our CONSTITUTION:-

  • 1.information of the grounds of arrest;
  • 2.right to consult;
  • 3.right to be defended, by a legal practitioner of his choice;
  • 4.production before the Magistrate within 24 hours of his arrest &
  • 5. no detention beyond 24 hours without the authority of the Magistrate.

The Constitution of India does not define these terms and both these words i.e ALIEN and ENEMY concern not merely the guarantees to the individual but also the SECURITY OF INDIA. In any democracy PERCEPTION of the majority is important, but when the perception of the majority is perverse vis-a-vis the constitution of the land, that perception HAS TO BE OVER-RULED.

There is a perception that KASAB @ QASAB should not be given the GUARANTEES that are enshrined in ARTICLE 22 (1) &(2).

Upon examination, it is no doubt clear that Kasab is an ALIEN for three reasons:-

  • that he is not an Indian and he himself doesn’t make that claim;
  • that the country that he calls his own DENIES that he is from Pakistan;
  • that the country from where he claims to come from has NOT RECOGNIZED his statehood nor has any other state owned up.

He is not merely an ALIEN but also STATELESS in the eyes of the International Community. Therefore none can tomorrow claim any nationality to the terrorist and make requests based on a Nationhood for the terrorist. So we INDIANS ARE ABSOLUTELY GUILTLESS ON THIS COUNT.

But the news that the terrorist is a Pakistani, must be based on overwhelming evidence gathered from his person as well as the confessions made by the said kasab @ Qasab. However, since the confessions have come while he was in the custody of the police, the confessions cannot have the sanctity of evidence in the eyes of the Law.

Pakistan is an UNFRIENDLY NEIGHBOUR and we have had many aggressions from their end. In lay-man’s terms a person who claims that he hails from the territory of an UNFRIENDLY NEIGHBOUR can be classified as an ENEMY.

Further as per the Army Act 1950 and Air Force Act 1950 the definition of an Enemy is ONE THAT HATES AND WISHES OR SEEKS TO INJURE ANOTHER.

As per the Official Secrets Act 1923, THE TERM ‘ENEMY’ INCLUDES AN UNFRIENDLY STATE.

As per our own INDIAN PENAL CODE under section 121, Kasab @ Qasab has been waging war with India and he being an Alien, from the point of view of the Government, is an ENEMY ALIEN by his mere actions.

Therefore we do not need to have compunction on the grounds that his fatherland is disowning him and buckle under the fact that THEY ARE WATCHING. Who are they – a splintered state that has less than the population of Uttar Pradesh; has no credible INSTITUTION, whatsoever; which has been ruled by the Army and its cohorts?; and has shown no development whatsoever neither has kept its people happy and secure??- except for the fact that that country holds land mass where Punjabi, Sindhi and Kashmiri (all these are also our Schedules Languages) are spoken, we have no sympathy or connection.

The Chief Justice of India, has reiterated that if the said Kasab @ Qasab were not to be defended by an Advocate, the TRIAL PROCEEDINGS WOULD STAND VITIATED. That is true if one were to go by the existing precedent. But His Lordship must be also aware that the precedent could be distinguished on the mere ground that the precedent relates to a case where neither the facts were relating to an INIMICAL ALIEN, nor was the conduct of that person WITNESSED by so many eyes in India.

In many of our judicial decisions, when we came to sticky solutions, the HIGHER JUDICIARY had invented IDEAS like ABSOLUTE LIABILITY(in the matter of Oleum gas leak case), BASIC STRUCTURE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA (in the Kesavananda Bharti case) etc., which have stood the test of TIME. Likewise, it is possible for the Judiciary to divest the protection of ARTICLE 22 (1) &(2), merely by interpreting that such loose canon balls like Kasab @ Qasab , who do not fall within the established hierarchy of a nation ( as Pak has already denied his citizenship), by their mere acts of revolting crime could be treated in law as INIMICAL which wud fall squarely within the meaning of ENEMY.

Further the Honourable CJI’s fears that he would be acquitted, seems unfounded, as even in the Jessica Lal Murder case, when the belligerent and astute Ram Jethmalani’s rational arguments were effectively rebutted by the appeal Justice, i’m sure that in Kasab’s case (which is of graver import) whoever the Judge might be, would issue a well reasoned order of conviction.



ASIF ALI ZARDARI , who by quirk of fate is the President of Pakistan, is the only political person in this world who has donned the mantle of an assassinated wife. He was known as 10%-er, for all the backroom support he was providing when his wife was holding office.

Had he stepped boldly, into the shoes of his assassinated wife, one cud atleast say that he wanted to carry on the democratic process initiated by his wife, but the slime-ball techniques that he exhibited by projecting their son as the heir and assuming power as a REGENT PRESIDENT, is to say the least pusillanimous.

Not only his mode of assumption of the President’s post is dubious, but his statements are PREPOSTEROUS. No Indian Prime Minister, nay even a Chief Minister of a state in India, would go public stating that a person, captured for any criminal activity, does not belong to the nation or the relevant state within 12 hours of the question arising. India has @ 600 districts and each is headed by a District Collector / District Magistrate and without their report, no Constitutionally appointed person would make a statement of fact, as time could reveal facts and also show that he was in the know of that fact. But our WIDOWER, makes a statement disowning Kasab @ Qasab, as not being a Pakistani, unmindful of the future possibility of him being exposed. At least he could have asked the Chief Minister of the province to make a statement and back it up as the president.


Dear Zardari, u r like the frog from the well which could not conceptualize an Ocean.

FIRSTLY, if one has a look at the map of Pakistan one can see that no part of Pakistan is more than 500 kms from the nearest territory of India. Whereas, India cannot be covered from Northern end to the Southern Tip by an overnight journey! Nor can the East to west be traversed by an overnight journey! 500kms is nothing but an overnight journey. And these distances are not filled by vacuum, but amazingly variegated culture.

SECONDLY, Mr.Zardari, out of all the languages spoken in your land Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi are languages which are merely 3 of the 22 languages listed in Schedule 8 of The Constitution of India. These 3 languages form probably the mother tongue of less than 5% of the population of India. Yet Zardari has the AUDACITY TO TELL THAT THERE IS A PART OF PAKISTAN IN EVERY INDIAN.

THIRDLY, India is not a THEOCRATIC state- neither by its Constitution nor by its Practice. There are INSTITUTIONS that stand by the CONSTITUTION and HUMANITY. It is the land where the APEX JUDICIARY INVENTED THE BASIC STRUCTURE DOCTRINE AND OVERCAME THE CONFLICT BETWEEN FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES, thereby had resolved conflicts thru fine judgments and refinement of thought and not thru crass force and muzzling!! The very composite nature of the society has brought a tolerance, which for a common Pakistani to appreciate might take ages.

FOURTHLY, if Zardari thinks that India is made up of the border districts abutting Pakistan, he is grossly mistaken. There are ethnicities that are diametrically different to his country’s ethnicity.

FIFTHLY, maybe India has been exporting Hindi Movies for the entertainment of the Pakistani people and Pakistanis might be influenced by those movies to such an extent, as to believe that, that was all India was about. If that were to be so they are grandly mistaken. There are movies made at a serious level in at least half a dozen more languages, which reflect cultures beyond their understanding!!

SIXTHLY, Pakistan has a population less than that of Uttar Pradesh (the most populous state of India) and India has more Muslim population than that of Pakistan. The dimensions that we are talking here are incomprehensible for a leader from Pakistan.

SEVENTHLY, at best a Zardari could qualify to be treated at par with some of the Chief Ministers of the major states of India, had it not been for the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Therefore, if he cannot get his facts right and be HUMBLE, the least he could do is to refrain from making those insidious statements, as if every Indian is carrying a part of Pakistan as a royal vestige!! The People’s power and the strength of the Institutions of India are incomparable, and its multi-culturalism, unparalleled.

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