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I am in a mood to fall into the first category. Lovers are of two types, the HUNTERS and the PRIESTS.

The HUNTER loves the chase and when he sees someone who whets his appetite, he starts the chase. He is willful and cannot have respect for anything he is offered. If at all he falls in love with someone who had offered herself, then he runs the risk of turning into a priest type.

The PRIEST lover, is not willful, but either devises ways to obtain the object of his desire as an OFFERING. This devising of ways, includes display of superior skills, expression of talents- which go a long way in fascinating the women folk, and make them pursue the PRIEST TYPES.

Let me make an attempt to analyze the PRIEST type first. The PRIEST worships a deity and he is in constant communion with the deity (or so he claims and has to conduct himself in a way befitting such claims!!)

But how to identify the PRIEST type?

He is self absorbed. He is self expressive. He could ignore the most beautiful woman merely because she doesn’t recognize his priesthood. He is a LEADER and wants to be followed- he may still not respond to the type of women who pursues all because his refined TASTES have a huge threshold. But nevertheless he is the priest type. He likes to have his OFFERINGS, but what he is gonna accept should be left for him.

What is the NATURE of the PRIEST types? They are hugely talented, great EXPRESSORS of their feelings, and very refined in their tastes and less willful- even if they are willful it would not show. The greatest artistes do belong to this variety. The women are a means and by no means an end in themselves. The women they get are normally women who have made a choice consciously and are of the willful type. We could say that the opposites attract!!

The typical PRIEST type of lovers would be celebrities like Bjorn Borg, Amjad Ali Khan (Sarodist), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Bob Dylan,  Albert Einstein, John Lennon etc. They look for besotted devotion in love by a woman, who does so more for their talents and their ASPIRATIONS- which are usually lofty. I would put a person like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan(may his soul rest in Peace), the Pakistani singer , in that category too. These PRIEST type Lovers care more for what they think of themselves or what their God thinks of them. The relationship they forge is seldom visible and never for display as trophy. When they find their WOMAN they find a completeness of their BEING.

The HUNTER TYPE of LOVER is a great EXECUTOR. An achiever who is in absolute touch with reality limited in Time and Space. They fall for a woman who is either docile, beautiful and obedient OR a woman who is as willful as themselves, but who aids their promotion. The examples that crop to my mind are King David of Israel, Chengiz Khan, Macbeth (Shakespeare’s character). They are willful to the core and they do not brook NO for an answer.

The beauty about life is that except for the examples cited and the likes, most of us are a cheap amalgam of both, and funnily the type that expresses the wrong side to the woman and thereby elicits sympathy instead of inspiring DEVOTION or DOCILITY!!

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