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An accredited journalist Jarnail Singh half seriously lobs a sports shoe on the Home Minister of India, while on a press conference. The throw did not have the intensity or the speed or the marksmanship of Zaidi, who in similar circumstances flung a shoe at President Bush (as he then was) which, had it not been for the sharp reflexes of the Junior Bush, could have been all over Bush’ face. But this lob was an underarm apology for a throw, however a couple of guys whisked Jarnail Singh away. Jarnail Singh was furious, as he felt that the minister was not being forthright with his answer and taking protection under the legalities.

The Anti-Sikh riots in Delhi is still being probed by the prosecuting agencies and also the Nanavati Commission. The clean chit given by the Prosecuting agency is being faulted by the Sikhs, as the clean chit for Jagdish Tytler had come about at a time when he is contesting for elections. The political party, that calls itself NATIONAL ( almost making it seem that the Federal Parties are all Anti-National!!) quickly drops the candidature of Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler from its party’s list of competeing candidates from Delhi state. One has to see the record created by Sajjan Kumar in the Lok Sabha elections, where he had been returned to the LOK SABHA with HUGEST MARGIN EVER.

This means that a person like Sajjan Kumar is liked by the constituents of the OUTER DELHI constituency. Then why should his candidature be withdrawn merely because of the SENTIMENTS that have erupted because of the shoe-throwing of a journalist?

Further, if as Chidambaram states that the Prosecuting Agency had filed a Closure Report before the competent court, and that it was for the court to decide; then it is not for the political party to buckle to such sentiments.

The Spokesperson of the Prosecuting Agency has not met the media to stand by the Report- rightly so, as that would tantamount to putting pressure on the judiciary, while the matter is still pending before it.

The epicentre of the problem is not in Delhi, but in the 13 MP seats of Punjab, 10 of Haryana and a few in the neighbouring states of Rajasthan and HP. So the calculation for the NATIONAL PARTY is whether to get the 2 MP seats of Tytler and Sajjan Kumar and lose badly in the rest 25-28 seats because  the other National Party might provoke the wounded pride of the Sikhs  further by highlighting how insensitive the ruling National Party is!! Therefore deny them the tickets. The electorate in Delhi are CHEATED. Since it is Delhi, it is tolerable, as Delhi is our Capital, cosmopolitan and every Indian has a positive right to be in Delhi- by virtue of it being the political & judicial capital of India. Consequently, any repercussion anywhere in India would have to be reflected in Delhi too.

But in the other States when the so called National Parties take such decisions, the local politicians when confronted by the local electorate are speechless, thereby losing local support and the electorate come to a REASONED conclusion that the so called National Parties are apt to sacrifice their interests when it concerns the Party’s overall seats vis-a-vis the local sentiments and issues.

IT is time that the NATIONAL PARTIES realized that if they resort to such treacherous balancing, they are likely to be reduced to NATIONAL PARTIES with thin presence in the states. The local leaders have to represent the legitimate interests of the local issues and the National leaders have to blend all the local flavours- within the constitutional limits, to produce a PAN INDIAN FLAVOUR.

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