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To the best of my understanding, which though not considerable, there is no provision in law to compel the Governor of the State or the President of India to  recognize a pre-poll alliance and thereby call the person most likely to command the majority of the house and offfer him/her the first opportunity to prove  majority in the House. However, we have followed a convention that the PRE-POLL ALLIANCES are RECOGNIZED and given much WEIGHT.

In the recently concluded elections for the State Assembly, there was a PRE-POLL ALLIANCE between AIADMK and DMDK (Vijayakanth’s party). Upon declarations of results it was found that AIADMK had enough numbers to form the government without the support of its PRE-POLL ALLIANCE partners. So, after the results, DMDK, by virtue of it having more MLAs than the DMK, decides to sit in the OPPOSITION and its Leader Vijayakanth is made the OPPOSITION LEADER. What a FARCE.

What is the idea of giving the OPPOSITION leader the status of CABINET MINISTER? Simple, in electoral politics the voice of the opposition- which has also got a minimum amount of seats- should not be allowed to go UNHEARD. That i think is the principle. If the PRE-POLL alliance partner of the WINNING SIDE sits as the OPPOSITION leader, how would the DEMOCRATIC SPIRIT be fulfilled with that arrangement?

This is not the first time that this has happened. But not framing RULES or LAWS on this point would be deleterious to DEMOCRACY! I hope our LEGISLATORS recognize this and take prompt action……………

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