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POKER, means different things to different persons. Some play poker for the RUSH they get when they have concealed their great hands and ambushed another player; some for the camaraderie that this game brings; some for the cash; some for just whiling away their free time; some to test their luck; some study the game and try to predict the outcome of the hand and some for assessing human behaviour. There might be many more reasons for playing poker which have not occurred to the limited vision of this blogger. But what fascinates me is the POKER LINGO. There are specialized words that signify a situation, the fall of cards, the behaviour of players at the table etc..

One of the usages that had fascinated me was the BIG CHICK! Big chick is nothing but holding of an Ace and a Queen of any suit, as the pocket cards. I suppose the CHICK part is the one that signifies the Queen and the BIG signifies the ACE. To hold high cards as pocket cards have always advantageous. But that does not guarantee success in the game, there is a great deal of human emotions  & nerves that come into play.

You call any woman or girl as a CHICK, it is considered derogatory. But the word chick, must have been used quite commonly in the gambling houses. Now that there are very many women who flock the gambling houses, in deference to their gender, CHICK word has fallen into disuse.

BUT THE USAGE BIG CHICK STILL FASCINATES ME! When a chick becomes big, it could be a hen or a rooster. But the usage BIG CHICK has a different ring to my ears. In all the thousands of games played by me, i have never won a hand with BIG CHICK. Therefore as a matter of policy, i never fold with a BIG CHICK on hand. Come what may, i stand by my BIG CHICK!!!


The first time i heard of POKER was in the movie McKenna’s Gold, where Eli Wallach tells the Marshall (Gregory Peck) that they could play some poker along the way! Peck retorts, “Not with your cards, but mine!”

Even though i had been familiar with a few card games including Bridge, somehow the game of POKER never sounded interesting to my ears. My friends have been avid players of this card game in an application offered by FACEBOOK. It was by accident that i espied  my son playing poker at the same site and yelling out when he made a few tens of thousands of virtual dollars.

The game was introduced to me by my son, who had by then run up a healthy 50,000$ to his credit. Having a greater credit of those virtual dollars allowed one an access to rooms where the stakes were high. If one did not have a sizable balance one would not even know, what gambling is all about, much less as to what a POKER FACE was!!

It took me a cool two and a half months to get into the millionaire category and as luck would have it, the mentality to gamble is embedded  human  mind, and i decided to try my luck. FORTUNE and POVERTY both come thru this  strain. Till this strain struck me, i was happy making my $50,000 daily and quitting the table. But alas, gradualism is unexciting and the mind speculates as to what would happen if one million chips are thrown in for a good hand!

Aided by my college mate, on that fateful night of 15th of June, 2009, i embarked on a venture that was not merely bordering greed, but avarice. Found a seat in the room where the big guns were blazing. Sat with one million dollars, and like a spider waiting for a pair of Aces or Kings. Many rounds i had folded even after putting the initial chips of 10,000$ or 20,000$, as the dream hand had not turned up. Lo and behold after about 5 rounds a pair of Aces turned up for me. I played blind and dropped half million dollars. Almost everyone folded, but one of the multi millionaires put 900,000$ and raised the bid, I went ALL IN. All of ONE MILLION chips, hard earned through the school of gradualism.

I was thinking to myself, another Ace and i might leapfrog into the two million category. It was a nice feeling. My friend Shekar was egging me on, if you don’t trust your luck NOW when could you possibly TRUST? The next three community cards came up. One Ace and two kings. I was thrilled. Now i had Three aces and two kings to make a Full House. There is a very rare chance of a person beating a combination of hand like this.

I felt at the top of the world. Am gonna become a multi millionaire (anything more than one was multi- exuberance, my friend exuberance!!). The  other options possible for me to lose were FOAK (four of a kind), Straight Flush or a Royal Flush. My experience had shown me , that it was never that a FOAK or straight flushes or royal flushes occur in the same game to compete with each other., although it was theoretically possible.

The other two cards opened up and they were 7 club and 2 Diamond. My anxiety about my opponent holding a better hand receded. When the hands were shown, to my shock i found that my opponent held 2 more kings in his hand making it a FOUR OF A KIND in KINGS!!

I saw my chips flowing towards my opponent’s table and mine showing the grand cipher. Thus my hopes turned to be false and now i have gone back to where i started from and the stakes are $2/$4.

My friend Shekar was amused. “Hey these are worthless virtual dollars and nothing more, ” said he. But today when i enter the casino and see myself sitting with paupers and scrambling for 1 dollar and 2 dollars, i remember my greed and justify the divine justice that is inscrutable and mostly illogical to human mind!! With a stern and expressionless face, i play my poker now.

Throw with HOPE, but never with the certainty of Winning!!

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