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Joseph & the Pharaoh of Egypt:

So the Pharaoh told his dreams to the magicians and wiseman in his Kingdom and none was able to give an interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dreams.

Finally on the recommendation of the cupbearer of the Pharaoh, Joseph is quickly called out from the prison and Joseph expounds the meaning of the dream.

There was and is a huge difference between the dreams of the Pharaoh and the Babylonian Kings like Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. The Babylonian Kings dreamt of the future which was so far away, that in one instance the King insisted on the Chaldeans and the wisemen to not only expound on the dream but to reveal to the King even the very dream to which only Nebuchadnezzar was privy to! A demand which not only sounds unreasonable, to a man of normal prudence, but atrociously undiscoverable except disclosed by the dreamer himself!

Pharaoh’s dreams had an immediacy, the prosperity in the land had to happen shortly, otherwise Joseph’s interpretation would have been thought of as false, with dire consequences to joseph himself. The interpretation could be proved shortly.

The Pharaoh himself was satisfied and started looking for a discreet wise man upon the unsolicited advice of joseph which ran thus:

33 Now therefore let Pharaoh look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt.

34 Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years.

35 And let them gather all the food of those good years that come, and lay up corn under the hand of Pharaoh, and let them keep food in the cities.

36 And that food shall be for store to the land against the seven years of famine, which shall be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not through the famine.

In those four verses, Joseph redacts conceptually his experience in administration at Potiphar’s house and within the prison.

Pharaoh mulled over this and his mind was disturbed. He thought “No doubt Joseph is probably a good interpreter, but have i in haste decided to appoint him as the governor of the kingdom?“

The Queen sashayed in and saw the Pharaoh’s agitated thoughts and said: I heard Your Majesty had appointed a molester and attempted rapist as the Governor of the kingdom of Egypt?

The Pharaoh was all the more agitated. He said: So have i heard, but the cupbearer has told me that Joseph had always claimed that he was innocent of the charges of molestation and attempted rape of Mrs. Potiphar.

The Queen said: But that was a claim by one inmate of the dungeon to another. Does your Majesty have to believe, when His Majesty could find out the truthfulness of past facts?

After all Mrs. Potiphar is the wife of the Chief of your Guards, and i had scheduled a party to the wives of the High officials tomorrow, if your Majesty commands me i will ascertain the truth and let you know. In fact it would not be in your administrative interest to ask for such details directly by your Majesty to his own Captain of the Guards.

The Pharaoh was relieved and he said: I need to know the full facts by tomorrow evening and i don’t want to be accused of having appointed an attempted rapist as the Governor of the Kingdom.

Peculiarly, in this party the Queen was slowly gyrating towards Mrs Potiphar. After curtseying to the Queen, Mrs. Potiphar drew nigh to the Queen.

The Queen took her aside and said: Look Mrs. Potiphar, the Pharaoh has appointed the very person who has been accused by you for attempted Rape as the Governor. Don’t you have reasons to fear, if the accusations were falsely made, which is what the other inmates have made people to believe?

Yes your Highness, it all happened so fast that i had to concoct that lie. Joseph was so efficient and the way he managed the household of the Captain unobtrusively drew me like a moth to the flame. Joseph was not like our Egyptians, he was moderate in his appetite, he held a silent command over the other servants, he could do anything aesthetically and most of all he held enormous reserves of his mind – i just couldn’t figure out what could entice him. Shamelessly i confessed my love for him, yet he was so faithful to his tasks and the Captain, whereas day in and day out my passion mounted, unuttered and stifled. That day, i saw that none was in the vicinity and i don’t know what came over me, i pounced on him to attack his senses directly. Joseph ran out leaving behind his clothes and the noise made in the melee triggered a response, and i shouted out apprehending the other servants getting to know about it. In fact i thought Joseph would inform others and i preemptively shouted and created witnesses to bolster my intended false allegations before the Captain.

The Queen listened to the confession of Mrs. Potiphar in absolute silence. She saw in Mrs. Potiphar a certain girlie effervescence even in the narration of her confession. Mrs. Potiphar drew closer to the Queen and imploringly asked: Now that Joseph has made it to the Governorship, May i request your Highness to intercede on my behalf with His Majesty and ensure that my misdemeanour and the false accusation are not brought to light. “Not only the Captain would kill me, all these wives of the high officials would treat me with contempt and if the word spreads around, the Captain’s prestige itself would be diminished.”

The Queen was compassionate and all the more so when she considered that Mrs. Potiphar was one third the age of the Captain and has been maintained by the Captain more as a trophy with no utility value!

The Queen said to herself, i can’t allow past facts to disturb the present peace and prestige of this childless couple, who have been in the service of His Majesty.

The Queen met the Pharaoh that night and narrated with much sympathy and sensitivity the role of Mrs. Potiphar yet extolling the virtuous conduct of Governor Joseph.

The Pharaoh was relieved, yet he resolved to meet Joseph the next day to obtain a promise from him to desist Joseph from using his authority to discover the facts relating to the circumstances which led Joseph to the dungeon.

Joseph made obeisance and entered the Private Chamber of the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh made him seated on the chair opposite his own throne and smiled at Joseph – a man whom Pharaoh considered to be an Angel in human form. He has intimated me what God revealed to me in a dream and has shown Supreme efficiency in handling the administration in all these three days!

Pharaoh opened: There are records, prison records that you had been thrown into the prison some two to three years back and no charge has been mentioned except that you had gained the displeasure of the Captain of my Guards, Mr. Potiphar, while you were in his personal service. I am sure, you have the power now to diminish his dignity.

Joseph lowered his head and gestured his interjection. The Pharaoh said: Go on Joseph.

Joseph said: Your Majesty, i have gone through a lot in my life since i was eighteen years old. I was sold to the Midianites as a teen and ended up a slave in the Captain’s house. Thereafter You Majesty knows why i was put behind bars.

I had relied only on one person My God, the God of my great grandfather Abraham, my grandfather Isaac and my father Jacob. I tend to look at the Good that is engendered through evil. Had i not been sold as a slave i couldn’t have gained the favour of your Majesty; likewise, had i not been accused falsely by the Captain’s spouse, i wouldn’t have met your Majesty’s cupbearer. Had i not met Your Majesty’s cupbearer and not expounded his dreams, he wouldn’t have recommended me to your Majesty. I believe that all things work together for Good to them that love God – and i love God. Your Majesty shall not have any apprehension that i might indulge in any way to diminish the authority of the Captain nor the social standing of Mrs. Potiphar.

The Pharaoh was pleased. Very pleased and mused to himself, what a wise man have i chosen. A man who doesn’t go around wasting his time rewriting his past!


Moses, the DELIVERER of the Jews from their bondage in Egypt, had a special relationship with the mountains. Moses according to his own confession was the MEEKEST man on the face of the earth, while he was still alive. If one were to go by the Hollywood flick, TEN COMMANDMENTS, it would seem as if he was the underdog with a mission not only to resist the cruel treatment meted out to the Jews, but also to get them the liberty.

But underlying the portrayal,if  one could place oneself in his shoes and imagine, it was all about a man who was raised as a prince in Pharaoh’s palace, & lost his position either due to a discovery of a fact and a consequent choice or to the palace intrigue of Ramses. The discovery was that he did not have the royal blood coursing thru his veins, but was an offspring of a Jew! A dim prospect for a man with that lineage in those times, in Egypt.

Many discoveries of parentage had led to great Tragedies.

Like in the case of Oedipus (king of Thebes). He killed (although inadvertently) his father and married his mother Jocasta. The oracle had decreed that the plague in the land was a consequence of the taboo committed. Oedipus was not able to wash away the guilt  thru his penance or any other means, and the end is truly tragic as it unfolds  man’s helplessness in the light of a discovery, that could not have been imagined when the deeds were committed.

Oedipus is laden with PATRICIDE & INCEST. Both ABSOLUTE SINS, one for not knowing one’s father and yet killing him unknowingly, and the other for having sexual relationship with one’s own lineal ascendant- also unknowingly. The forms in which both the acts were committed were LEGAL. Oedipus’ father was killed in a fight with him and Oedipus got married to Jocasta, as she was the prize for having aided in destroying the Sphinx which was troubling the Thebans. The  TRUTH could have lain hidden and  the plague  regressed, but  his imagined non-involvement in the DEATH OF LAIUS (Oedipus’ real father and husband of Jocasta) emboldens him to search out, even against the opinion of TIRESIAS. But his arrogance led him to the discovery, without recourse.

But in the case of Moses, it was not any of those ABSOLUTE SINS, but a MISTAKEN PEDIGREE! The storyline is the reverse of KARNA in the Mahabharata. Karna (Karan, to the Sanskritized) was thought of to be from the hoi polloi, whereas Moses was imagined to be from the Royal stock. Moses’ discovery leads to his abandoning the comforts of the Pharaoh’s palace and consequently takes him to the ghettos of the Jews.


Karna’s conflict was that he had the skill fit to be a king, but without the pedigree to rise there. He could at best be a WARRIOR but never a CONQUEROR. The skills that he had in him was pushing him higher, but his supposed humble origins – like gravity- was pulling him down.

To clarify in Christian terms, the distinction between a WARRIOR & a CONQUEROR is the difference between JOAB and DAVID. Joab, the commander of the Israeli army during King David’s reign, used to subjugate the enemies with the strength of his sword, but when the City was to be taken, David used to be called for, by the same Joab and the city gates were flung open for the CONQUEROR KING to make his TRIUMPHAL ENTRY. A warrior has to DO IT HIMSELF EVERYTIME, but for a CONQUEROR things were DONE FOR HIM IN HIS NAME. History RECOGNIZES the CONQUERORS but the warriors are mere footnotes. A KING is mostly a WARRIOR, but a WARRIOR need not become a KING.

Moses’ conflict had to be resolved. But how can it be?

In the movie TEN COMMANDMENTS, Moses’ wife tells the Queen U LOST MOSES WHEN HE WENT LOOKING FOR HIS GOD, AND I LOST HIM WHEN HE FOUND HIS GOD! (one sane inference that could be drawn is that, God and Woman are not simultaneously compatible!), but the pertinent point is that MOSES DISCOVERED GOD. His first tryst with God was in the Mountains of Sinai (Horeb).

IT WAS ALWAYS IN THE MOUNTAINS THAT MOSES MET JEHOVAH. Moses met his maker also in the Mount Nebo.

I am left wondering, as to why God had to meet Moses in the MOUNT and not in the plains.


Is it because that the AIR is RARER and the PRESSURE is DOWN that the mortals start hallucinating better there?,

Or is it because of the geographical elevation that a person’s perception is raised above the occupants of the valleys and plains?

Or is it truly that God’s attention is drawn quicker on the hilltop that the mortals made it a habit to get to the mountain top?

The answer is not certain and whether the question was right at all, is a bigger question!

In any case, the resolution for Moses came from the discovery of his God. A God who believed in what Moses himself believed in, but couldn’t do anything about. He saw that the burden of slavery was so heavy, that thoughts of LIBERTY, FREEDOM & HAPPINESS did not dawn in those embittered hearts, worn down thru slavery and bondage.

It isI here that he invents ways of explaining the GOD, he had discovered. The God who names himself as “I AM WHO I AM“. This God I AM shakes the Pharoah and the Jews alike, from their logic and understanding of their EXTERNALIZED OMNIPOTENT GOD.

This wordings used bu Moses, to define God, brought God to Man. Since the time he was chased out of the garden of Eden, it is for the first time that the first person pronoun  “I” was used to SIGNIFY GOD. The space of “I”, was made DIVINE and men were given a foretaste of the possibility of God becoming Man and also residing in MEN. This definition of God, marks the beginning of the end, to the Externalization and outer experience with God. Even though this tradition continued in the Jewish history. NOW MAN HAD TO MAKE WAY FOR GOD IN HIS “I” CONSCIOUSNESS. The nameless desert God straight made an ENTRY into the JEWISH hearts, through that definition of Moses.




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