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The issue of SPERM has gained a lot of importance these days!

A woman saved her boy friend’s sperm (without his knowledge) and after he split up with her, the woman , with the help of an in-vitro fertilization clinic, used the sperm, so stolen, and conceived. The clinic, in the US, sent the bill to the woman’s ex-boyfriend. This sending of the bill is without prejudice to the claims of child support that the ex-girlfriend is likely to raise in the courts!

In another case, a lesbian couple used a donor’s sperm to get themselves impregnated and now the Donor is facing paternity consequences of child support!

These are just 2 instances and the web is replete with such bizarre tales, that one cringes to even read the articles written on the topic!

In TORTS there is something called STRICT LIABILITY and ABSOLUTE LIABILITY and  in both the cases “mens rea’ does not apply- which means the action which happened need not be the one “intended’ by the defendant. But how it differs is that in STRICT LIABILITY it has to be shown that at the time the culpable act took place, the defendant was in control and therefore even though the act was unintended, the defendant caused it. Whereas in ABSOLUTE LIABILITY it is merely necessary that a particular thing “caused’  was because of a particular ‘defect’ or ‘action’ which facilitated the damage. Now that may not be clear- as it was not when I tried reading, therefore an example might bring clarity. In the OLEUM GAS LEAK  case decided by the Supreme Court of India, the following observation was made, which adequately explains ABSOLUTE LIABILITY!

We are of the view that an enterprise which is engaged in a hazardous or inherently dangerous industry which poses a potential threat to the health and safety of the persons working in the factory and residing in the surrounding areas owes an absolute and non-delegable duty to the community to ensure that no harm results to anyone on account of hazardous or inherently dangerous nature of the activity which it has undertaken.
The enterprise must be held to be under an obligation to provide that the hazardous or inherently dangerous activity in which it is engaged must be conducted with the highest standards of safety and if any harm results on account of such activity, the enterprise must be absolutely liable to compensate for such harm and it should be no answer to the enterprise to say that it had taken all reasonable care and that the harm occurred without any negligence on its part.
LIKEWISE, if the sperm’s “PRODUCER” is found to  be the father of the child, it is no answer that the man had never cohabited with the woman who claims to be the mother of the child! So, ABSOLUTE LIABILITY is on!
Things have come to such a pass that men are forced to keep their “stuff” to themselves and take extra care to dispose of the “sperm”, so that they do not get slapped with paternity suits and child maintenance! According to the EVIDENCE ACT of INDIA, in paternity suits the accused could show that he had not cohabited with the mother or that he could not have had access to the woman during the period prior to her pregnancy . But with the new law raising such issues, man has to become very careful otherwise wily women could bleed men with such devices!


The clock has come a full circle. At least, that is what Richard Anderson of the Edinburgh University would have us believe. He has sought volunteers who would take the shots of his “preparation”, which he claims would reduce the sperm level to 0% in men and the shot would keep it that way for about two months. So unwanted pregnancies could be avoided.

If one could relate it to the rocket technology, there are two things which make it work. One the DELIVERY SYSTEM and the other the PAYLOAD. The delivery system is the rocket, which takes the payload and puts it in the orbit. The payload could be a bomb or a satellite, depending on the purpose- whether productive or destructive. If we correlate this rocket technology with the attempt made by Prof. Richard Anderson, the payload has been fulfilling the command “go and replenish the earth”,  but now that the earth is bursting at its seams with humans it needs fewer humans, this MALE CONTRACEPTIVE seems to have come as a boon to aid population reduction.The rocket is now a fanciful flight without the purpose of the payload!

So far, woman had to be put on hormones or on IUDs which would prevent unwanted pregnancies. As it is the  woman who had to eventually carry the child,and therefore was anxious to take the precaution. Now if Prof. Richard Anderson’s experiment were to be successful, the Prof would have given an entirely new direction to this issue of ISSUES!

There have been a lot of PATERNITY SUITS, where the woman who had probably seduced a rich or famous man, after getting pregnant would file a suit for maintenance for the child claiming that the child was that celebrity’s! If one thinks that these are fanciful imagination of MOVID, he/she may refer to the various allegations made against Imran Khan, Boris Becker, John Lennon etc. etc. The sexual activity which is between two consenting, sane adults, spills over to public domain and the media drags them through the mud with the help of  an abetting partner for pecuniary reasons, AND makes a mess of an individual’s life and liberty. The examples i had cited have been males, but is in no way confined to them. Celebrity women have suffered similar fate. But the women were in control (or at least could have been) of their fecundity, as they could control their pregnancy with the help of harmonal shots. With this PREPARATION, the MAN has the assurance that despite him having had a fling, he is not gonna leave a trail. CELEBRITY MEN REJOICE- U CAN HAVE IT AND EAT IT TOO!!

With Prof. Richard Anderson’s preparations being successful, men would be taken to the clinics on the appointed day by their girlfriends/wives  and given a shot of the preparation and be sure that they don’t get pregnant and also have an assurance that even if their boys sow wild oats, nothing germinates to skim off his resources through  paternity suits!! The day is not very far when the women are gonna lead their men by their noses and take them to the clinics for a bi-monthly shot of Richard Anderson’s preparations. I’d love to see that day when some men  would take PRIDE in the fact that their women accompanied them and were ‘SUPPORTIVE’ while they had his shots! LMFAO.


I can visualize the rockets blazing the skies with no payloads. This is another milestone in unadulterated pleasure. Fear of unwanted pregnancy had been the greatest anxiety in man woman relationship and with the invention of IUDs, pre-coital pills, post-coital pills, hormone shots for women the fears had been allayed to a large extent, but with this preparation becoming successful women would be truly empowered and one could hear Mrs. Jane calling out from the kitchen and asking Mr.Jane, “Darling, is it not your appointment day for your shot of  SPERMNIL today?”

But how all this would pan out vis-a-vis the HIV infections that have been rampant in Asia and Africa is a matter to be watched with concern.

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