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It is nothing surprising that Michael Jackson had used the donor sperm of his Dermatologist of thirty years, to father his first two kids thru Debbie. But what surprises me is that the DERMATOLOGIST has insensitively, even before the shock of the death of Michael Jackson had died down,  filed a suit for custody of both the children.

It has been a joke about Dermatologists in general, that when they get a patient, it is for LIFE. The person with skin problems seldom gets completely cured and the condition would come back thereby assuring the Dermatologist of an assured patient for LIFE. Secondly, the patient has to have continuity of the treatment process and therefore sticks to one. Thirdly, no patient disturbs his dermatologist in the dead of the night complaining of any acute problem needing medical intervention, and therefore the Dermatologist is the only Physician assured of his daily night’s repose.

But this dermatologist, has not only been smart in choosing the branch of Medicine, but had also cuckooed in the nest of Michael Jackson and after the death of Michael has made claims on custody of the children. It has been reported that MJ  wanted the sperm donor to be this Dermatologist, as his IQ had been very high and probably wanted to give his putative kids a good genetic start.

But this wolf in sheep’s skin (oops! another derma related figure of speech.) had bided his time to strike. And he did strike! What a blow, my fellow men! He not only struck, but struck at the root of MJ’s honour. Now it is not easy to malign MJ’s attitude in the episode when he held his putative kid over the window sill for public view- after all it was not his kid!!!

I have been, in many of my blogs, taken up the issue between FATHERING and PARENTING. The dermatologist had been relied upon  by MJ, for the secrecy and the genes as well. But the FATHER, breaks a story and makes a claim thereby removing the halo that wud have otherwise surrounded the heads of MJ’s kids. All the PARENTING that MJ had done has gone to waste!!

THIS DERMATOLOGIST wants all of the money that is meant for the kids, by breaching the trust reposed on him by one of the greatest musicians of all time. The dermatologist deserves to be publicly whipped and pilloried, if possible  impaled also, for attempting to destroy the basic fundamental belief  that kids have- the right  to believe in the fatherhood of their parenting father.

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