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So the number  one tennis player of India is asked (as per TOI dt. 20/06/2012 Bangalore edition) as to why he did not practice with Bopanna, if Leander was keen on playing doubles in 2012 London Olympics?  Leander’s explanation is that Leander was not sure if Boppanna was “UPTO THAT LEVEL” .

So when Leander was asked why he did not talk to Mahesh and fix him up to be Leander’s partner, Leander says that he was not sure whether Mahesh Bhupathi would be fit, as Leander thought that Mahesh had “FITNESS ISSUES”.

So. in effect Leander was neither sure of Boppanna’s “ABILITY” nor Bhupathi’s “FITNESS”  8 months back, but now that Mahesh and Boppanna TOOK THE RISK and are battle fit, Leander is trying to break (through the ‘good’ offices of AITA) the partnership nurtured through HOPE and EFFORT ! What a SISSY Leander has ended up being! Is he the same player, who upon winning a point used to go chest clashing with Mahesh and celebrate the point? Nay – Leander is behaving like a sissy and wants to choose the best at all times! (except Mahima!!)

The lesson one should learn in an INDIVIDUAL SPORT like tennis is that, in the ‘apology’ doubles, if one doesn’t stand by one’s peers, one’s peers would never ever stand by him.  Period. Running to the Association management and invoking “jingoism” to turn public opinion against 2 players who have sacrificed their cosy existence, is sissiness at its height.

Look at what AITA says: Leander has qualified to participate on his own ! WOW ! that is great! But why did the AITA fail to show that Bhupathi and Boppanna are 7th seeded Doubles’ team and thereby had qualified also? Well. that is intriguing. Is it because AITA is ‘patriotic’ that they are indulging in such suppression?

Next, when 2 teams could be sent, why not ask the players’ choice and if there are irreconcilable differences, considering that Tennis is an INDIVIDUAL SPORT, why not let the players decide? Supposing, if Boppanna says yes now and is forced to play (fearing disciplinary proceedings) and then pulls out citing “fitness” reasons, where would that leave INDIAN TENNIS?  Tennis is not like football or volley ball where one man’s performance could get diluted by the other players’ super performance. Further, there can be SUBSTITUTIONS in team games, whereas in Tennis there is no possibility. Essentially, TENNIS is an INDIVIDUAL GAME and EMOTIONS do play a very great part in the play.

I hope BHUPATHI and BOPPANNA play the doubles and hope LEANDER is allowed to play with whomsoever is willing to play with LEANDER the SISSY! By the way, i mean the second meaning ascribed to “sissy” in one of the dictionaries mentioned below:-

  1. A boy or man regarded as effeminate.
  2. A person regarded as timid or cowardly.
  3. Informal. Sister.
I think, Leander is influenced by the mercurial (unstable) nature of Didi! Leander, take a chance and TRUST peers………that helps, not the sports administrators! And after all Leander is no bigger singles player than Ramanathan or Ramesh or Vijay………… why this bratism?


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