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During their first trip to the US, BEATLES were asked by a fan at the JFK international Airport on the 7th of Feb, 1964, “ARE YOU FOR REAL?”

Pat came the repartee from John Lennon, “COME AND HAVE A FEEL!”

The Americans across the Atlantic had heard a lot about the lunacy BEATLES had indulged in, their music etc., but that was the first instance the AMERICANS had the opportunity of GETTING THE REAL FEEL of BEATLES. Humans are generally sceptical of what they hear and do not believe all that they hear. It is the RAW DATA that they look for. The RAW DATA may not reflect accurately the state of affairs, yet they get the “FEEL”.

Ringo Starr who was beside John Lennon started laughing at the repartee. The answer meant something entirely different to the ears of Ringo – after all they were Liverpool buddies you see? Contextually, the female fans heard what was said and they proceeded to HAVE A FEEL of the BEATLES. Rest is not merely history but HISTORIC.

With WIKILEAKS and OUTLOOK website (in India) putting out RAW DATA in the public domain, for those who care to read and listen there are ample stuff for them to make up their minds.

I am sure we don’t need a Barkha Dutt or a Vir Singhvi to shape our perceptions on the RAW DATA provided to us now. Now that we have the raw data they seem to be jittery, as to what conclusions we might draw. The melting of their HALOS seems to be of great concern to them. BTW, Roberto Cavalli’s black gown in the cabinet (!) of Nira Radia seems to have elicited the shy snail Tata into shedding of his halo too! Well to call Nira Radia’s audios in public domain as a threat to somebody’s privacy is ludicrous.


Thanks Julian Assange and Vinod Mehta. Thanks a million.

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