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CLOSER (trailer)

There are a millions movies  made every year and they pass by as yet another movie holding our attention for a while. Very rarely does  a movie hold abiding interest in our minds. CLOSER seems to me to be a movie which has made that grade. The topic is unusual and the treatment par excellence.

The lead is played by Jude Law and the actresses are Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts. The storyline could be had from the link furnished below:

The movie has strong undertones of sexual jealousy, sexual vengeance and subterfuges to conceal sexual waywardness by each of the four main characters. The storyline when abstracted, is not  at all interesting , but as a movie it conveys a lot and suggests even lot more to a student of human passions! The only book which i recall that could measure up to this is INTIMACY by Jean Paul Sartre.

Julia Roberts is amazingly good. Each character is authentic and it would not be difficult for anyone to sympathize with each of them individually. I wish an Indian movie would take up issues like these and portray it devoid of vulgarity.

Thanks SONY PIX, which had played the movie 2 days on the trot. I enjoyed every bit of it. To tell myself the TRUTH, the theme is yet to sink deeper into my consciousness! As of today, i wouldn’t mind watching the movie any number of times to just let it sink deeper.

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