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The Bitches.

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Zorba had two bitches. Both devoted,  devoted to such an extent that they were vying with each other to show their affection towards Zorba, that they had lost all originality and were turning out to become like the TV channels, which in the course of being one up on the other, ends up IMITATING the other and, the originality shown, if any, is so minutely incremental, that there is no distinguishing factor.

Zorba decided to make up his mind, as to which of the two bitches was more devoted and affectionate towards him.

Upon his return from one of his long jaunts, when he reached the edge of his farm, Zorba saw both the bitches galloping at top speed towards him and was truly delighted to see both the bitches licking, clambering on to reach his face and wagging their tails vigorously. He was all the more confused as both the bitches were so engrossed in showering their pent up affection on their long missing master. Within minutes when Jackie was still licking and wagging, Corinna suddenly got DIVERTED by the affections still being showered by Jackie.

Corinna stopped display of all emotions and started watching Jackie. Corinna had truly run out of all the welled up love, for her master and was cogitating how and why Jackie could shower so much affection on its master.

That thought had made Corinna stop all action and turned her into a JUDGE.

Zorba,  observant as always, saw the bitch’s self-redeeming thoughts.

He let Jackie continue her display of emotions.

Silent as always, thought to himself, JUDGING DESTROYS SPONTANEITY. But lack of emotion made Corinna a judge rather than a good BITCH.

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