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AT Matthew XIX:5 Jesus says, ” A MAN SHALL LEAVE FATHER AND MOTHER  AND SHALL CLEAVE TO HIS WIFE; AND THEY TWAIN SHALL BE ONE FLESH ” , whether it was an observation or a law ordained by Jesus, raises a whole host of futher questions. There is an implicit rule in the wording that Jesus was recommending MONOGAMY.

This LEAVE & CLEAVE has reached such alarming proportions that even after marriage, when one of the parties to the marriage finds it “impossible” to cohabit, applies the same principle. Now the word CLEAVE takes the other meaning of “splitting”. Firstly leave the person and then “cleave” the assets in such a way that the future of one of the 2 is truly secure!

I wonder often what would be the difference between MONOGAMY and UNIGAMY? would UNIGAMY mean that there was ONLY ONE MARRIAGE throughout the life of that person as against MONOGAMY where serial MONOGAMY is possible?  Like a “monorail” is a single series of rails, a “unirail” would be one single rail.

So people who have married ONLY ONCE in their life time should have the privilege of calling their marriages as UNIGAMOUS marriages. Well that leaves out Elizabeth Taylor and her ilk out of this coinage. Since MONOGAMY has been in vogue for long and it now includes “being married to only one person at any given point of time” the need has risen to distinguish. I hope like TRIFURCATE and PREPONE, people would start using UNIGAMY too, to bring in a fine distinction.

This, in no way says that UNIGAMY is in any way superior to MONOGAMY, but merely brings a factual distinction for the society to take it further. But if one is Greek and prefers MONO to UNI (which is Latin), one could still use it for UNIFICATION like ACTRESSES who detest being called ACTRESSES and call themselves ACTORS!!

Anyways, the CLEAVAGE is showing!!

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