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Surrogacy children are precious children, but behind such preciousness there must be a NECESSITY for it to be counted PRECIOUS. But when the only reason for surrogacy is a whim to choose a gender or to have one more biological child, beyond the recommended two (in India) is not only anti-social but simply CUSSED!

Sure, it is not anybody’s business to recommend the number of children a person may WANT have.

So I told my sharp friend that Shah Rukh Khan, a Hindi actor, had had a surrogate baby, he was not merely sceptical but dragged my mind to a remote possibility- not altogether pleasant. He said, “SEE MY FRIEND, HAVE YOU READ THE LATEST STORY A BOUT A NOW GROWN UP MAN, WHO HAD EARLIER TESTIFIED BEFORE A COURT OF LAW IN THE US, STATING THAT HE WAS NOT SEXUALLY MOLESTED BY MICHAEL JACKSON?

I said in the affirmative and while still wondering about the connection between the topics, he said, “DO YOU ALSO KNOW THAT MILLIONS OF $ WERE PAID TO THOSE KIDS FOR OBTAINING THEIR SILENCE BEFORE THE COURTS?” I said YES. So what has Michael Jackson’s story gotta do with our Shah Rukh Khan’s surrogate kid?

He said, “No one except SRK, Gauri Khan and the surrogate mother may know the whole story. And now that the people concerned are not willing to talk and SRK has added a new spin of “sadness” to the undisclosed reason, why don’t you speculate and see the connection?”

I was still lost as my imagination was not taking me to such Poesque heights.

So he butt in and said, “See my dear pal, MJ managed the matter in the courts and had to pay enormously each time an abused kid’s relatives threatened MJ. Thankfully MJ passed away before these kids grew a spine and revealed the FACTS. Otherwise, he’d have had criminal charges brought against him. In this case at home, is it not possible that the donor egg was also from the surrogate mother?”

I said, “I don’t know. I believe that it could be G’s. But as you said it could be the surrogate mother’s egg too!”


Possible, I said.


I could not tolerate such distasteful speculation on the macabre. I said, “Boss, let us think well of others and give everyone a benefit of doubt. And as SRK has said, let us be patient and hear the sad side of his story before making up our minds.

OH ST.MOVID! The only thing missing is a halo at the back of your head. Grow up and think up all possibilities, however remote they might be. Let us forget about all those bored celebrities who adopt children from different continents, remove their breasts at the slightest hint of a research suggesting a defective gene or even attributing throat cancer to cunnilingus. They have to be innovative and as they are in the waning phase of their celebrityhood, they concoct issues never thought up before.




Male hymen!!

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Now for those who are amused at the title to my blog, let me take you to a news item in the following link:-

Women who have been clamouring for gender equality have finally discovered something that should be very easy for them to identify “VIRGIN” males without much ado.

Pham Thi Hong, the female Acupuncturist from Vietnam, who claims that there is a red spot on /behind the ear of men who have not had sexual intercourse with women, has been instrumental in getting , shall we call it, acquittal for three young boys charged for rape on the grounds that these “red spots” are still intact and therefore these boys COULD NOT HAVE HAD sex with any woman- leave alone the victim!!

In India, such quack observations and assertions, however reputed their practice, would not carry any weight with the courts. But the courts in Hanoi seem to trust the assertions of HONG, which has in all probability has not gone through the sampling process. I hope the American Universities would come forward and do a study on this. Otherwise, it may continue to be an assertion with no proof like what Aristotle said: WOMEN HAVE FEWER TEETH THAN MEN and as Bertrand Russel puts it, it just needed Aristotle to check up the mouths of women before making that assertion.

Till Hong came out with the discovery, i have been quite sceptical about this MALE VIRGINITY issue. When Oprah Winfrey asked Michael Jackson, ” ARE YOU A VIRGIN?”, I was stunned as much as Michael Jackson was, even though i liked his reply- “I AM A GENTLEMAN.” Now what Michael meant by that was, probably, that MEN and VIRGINITY are unequally yoked. Yet Oprah Winfrey in her understated, disguised feminist style glossed over taking advantage of the severely embarrassed Michael Jackson. In any case the reply was as stinging as the reply given by Humphrey Bogart to the impudent , supercilious question about Rick’s nationality in the movie CASABLANCA.

Major Strasser: What is your nationality?
Rick: I’m a drunkard.
Captain Renault: That makes Rick a citizen of the world.

Now coming back to our VIRGINITY ISSUE, it is quite interesting that when it comes to the male ( according to Pham Thi Hong) virginity the identifying spot should be so far away from the epicentre!! The irony is that the FEMINISTS who have been linking VIRGINITY idea with MEN, on grounds of equality, have finally stumbled upon something quite serendipitously which has gone in favour of the accused men in Vietnam! Good luck to them. The only trouble is that men who want to get married to VIRGINS have to make their candidates go through a dead-frog procedure whereas, with this discovery, women who want VIRGIN men could easily get under the ears of their prospective grooms and get the proof!!



It is nothing surprising that Michael Jackson had used the donor sperm of his Dermatologist of thirty years, to father his first two kids thru Debbie. But what surprises me is that the DERMATOLOGIST has insensitively, even before the shock of the death of Michael Jackson had died down,  filed a suit for custody of both the children.

It has been a joke about Dermatologists in general, that when they get a patient, it is for LIFE. The person with skin problems seldom gets completely cured and the condition would come back thereby assuring the Dermatologist of an assured patient for LIFE. Secondly, the patient has to have continuity of the treatment process and therefore sticks to one. Thirdly, no patient disturbs his dermatologist in the dead of the night complaining of any acute problem needing medical intervention, and therefore the Dermatologist is the only Physician assured of his daily night’s repose.

But this dermatologist, has not only been smart in choosing the branch of Medicine, but had also cuckooed in the nest of Michael Jackson and after the death of Michael has made claims on custody of the children. It has been reported that MJ  wanted the sperm donor to be this Dermatologist, as his IQ had been very high and probably wanted to give his putative kids a good genetic start.

But this wolf in sheep’s skin (oops! another derma related figure of speech.) had bided his time to strike. And he did strike! What a blow, my fellow men! He not only struck, but struck at the root of MJ’s honour. Now it is not easy to malign MJ’s attitude in the episode when he held his putative kid over the window sill for public view- after all it was not his kid!!!

I have been, in many of my blogs, taken up the issue between FATHERING and PARENTING. The dermatologist had been relied upon  by MJ, for the secrecy and the genes as well. But the FATHER, breaks a story and makes a claim thereby removing the halo that wud have otherwise surrounded the heads of MJ’s kids. All the PARENTING that MJ had done has gone to waste!!

THIS DERMATOLOGIST wants all of the money that is meant for the kids, by breaching the trust reposed on him by one of the greatest musicians of all time. The dermatologist deserves to be publicly whipped and pilloried, if possible  impaled also, for attempting to destroy the basic fundamental belief  that kids have- the right  to believe in the fatherhood of their parenting father.

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