OBAMA has made it. McCain has conceded and i shud say that his concession speech was more appealing than the acceptance speech of Barak Obama. McCain’s speech was crisp and besides thanking his supporters for having stood by him thru the days of campaigning, he also sought the co-operation of his supporters to the president-elect in the process of nation building. There was thankfulness for the opportunity he had received from the Republican party, and the pride that the battle was well fought. I was extremely impressed with the way he carried himself- DIGNIFIED in DEFEAT, and GRACIOUS in his CONCESSION. (In a lighter vein well in those trying circumstances he couldn’t have risen higher- somebody had to lose and it was his day!!)

OBAMA’s VICTORY SPEECH was too much clothed in euphemisms to make it palatable. He had to import that 106 year old lady and had to present the landmarks in the American History thru her eyes. He did not have the guts to mention the name of MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr., instead he made a reference to him AS THE PREACHER FROM ATLANTA. The speech was expected to be the culmination of the I HAVE A DREAM speech of that Atlanta priest. It was his dream that had taken shape and the USA has finally got a 50% African as the president. But i suppose his 50% WASP blood seems to have overruled such FLOURISHES.

What was mostly surprising was that both the vanquished and the victor had forgotten to thank GOD, in whom the US currencies scream to TRUST. Maybe they wanted to appease the Atheists and after all one cannot open new fronts for thanking when one has not invoked those names during the campaign. Suddenly invoking GOD’s name would have smacked of the ARROGANCE of the VICTOR. I’m sure that OBAMA has a lot to thank God for what he has been endowed with thru the democratic process.

Maybe the Vanquished and the Victor have realized that the screaming words on their currencies were sufficient to appease the GOD.




Many of you have been fascinated with the predictions of Nostradamus and have wondered how a person in human form could have predicted so accurately about things yet to happen. Even though , i consider the interpretations CONTRIVED, NOSTRADAMUS sells. Lo and behold! we have a prophet.

After reading Judges ch:4 & 5, u must be familiar with the dramatis personae. Yet knowing the indolence of human nature , let me make a brief of the chapters recommended.

There is a Judge in Israel named DEBORAH. During her regime (Kings had not yet been anointed in Israel, by then,and only Judges were dispensing Justice and organizing the society), Canaanites had been suppressing God’s chosen ones! She prophesies that BARAK, has to lead a posse of 10,000 persons from two of the weakest tribes viz. Zebulun and Naphtali and defeat the Canaanite king and his army leader SISERA. Deborah importunes BARAK to go it alone, but BARAK insists on her going with him. Deborah warns him that if she were to go with him for the war, he would have to share the glory of the victory with her. Yet , being a chivalrous man, he took her along for the battle. They fight Sisera’s forces, destroy the iron chariots of Sisera and Sisera takes refuge in the house of a neutral person’s(Heber) home and there, Heber’s wife Jael puts the tired Sisera to sleep and NAILS A TENT PEG INTO THE TEMPLE OF SISERA. Barak wins.

The above incident must have happened, if taken in a historical perspective, around 3400-3500 years back.


This US election 2008 is gonna replicate what happened then (3000 odd- centuries are odd vis-a-vis millennia- years ago).

Firstly notice the coincidence of names:


McCain the Canaanite!

Barack comes from the afro-american community that is in terms of the status of the tribes of Israel, equivalent to be from the tribe of NAPHTALI.

Secondly, coming to the structure of the elections. There was a debate as to whether Barack shud be given the Democratic ticket or Mrs. Clinton. BARACK OBAMA is to lead the Democrats. Even Clinton endorses after losing out. I don’t think she was keen on going with him as the VP nominee, yet in a strategic positioning for the 2012 or 2016 elections she is with BARACK OBAMA. She is one of the ex first ladies of the US for 2 terms. Thereby she hails from a superior tribe of Ephraim- just like Deborah was. She is joining Obama in the battle, like Deborah. Obama needs her, to counter the white Palin effect!!

Thirdly, the person who sealed the victory for Barak was Heber’s wife Jael, who drove the tent peg into Sisera’s head. In US08, we are gonna have the REPUBLICAN LADY SARAH PALIN- who is gonna drive the nail in on McCain, and thus get Barack the VICTORY.

Fourthly, women play an important role in real bad TIMES. In the case of Barak the Jew, it was Deborah and Jael; and in the case of BARACK OBAMA it’s gonna be Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Hillary who was the opponent, and Palin, who is in the opposite camp are gonna be INDIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VICTORY OF BARACK.

What was the punchline after Barak defeated the Canaanites(Judges ch.4&5)?? It was:


What is gonna be the punchline when Obama defeats McCain? It SHALL be:


Do u guys get the drift? So much for prophecies.

Get on with your life instead of figuring out things in advance.