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Shobhaa De is a woman of no mean achievement. She founded STARDUST, SOCIETY, and CELEBRITY and edited all the three magazines at some point of time. Shobhaa comes out as a strongly opinionated woman and in India to question a person with some achievements to his/her credit would be a taboo. It is that feudal mind set which reveres the successful and the famous and thereby not only abdicates one’s liberty to hold a contrary opinion but also adopts such opinions of te ACHIEVERS  as gospel truth.

I believe every Indian should distinguish between an OPINION and a “FACT”. The line between these 2 are severely blurred in this land. A FACT is provable and  any diligent seeker of truth, with effort, would be able to prove it. An OPINION is not so. It falls within the domain of the LIBERTY granted by God. Each one could hold any number of opinions on the same issue and vary it as the situation demands.

When India is the international flavour, why are our girls dressing like Marys off to church?” was one of the opinions expressed in her book, the title of which i hold no interest in promoting! Now- i have heard of “plain Janes” but “Marys to Church” is unheard of and is inapt in the English language.

Further, Mary has different connotations. Mary Immaculate (the mother of Jesus) was no plain Jane, when she heard that her cousin Elizabeth was with child, she traveled from Nazareth to Elizabeth’s place in Judah in the Southern part of Israel, some 80 kms, a considerable distance  in those days. Must have been an extremely energetic lady to have done that.

There was this MARY MAGDALENE, whom Dan Brown insinuates in his book to have been the wife of Jesus. Well, this one had 7 devils before she was exorcised of those devils by Jesus.

Then in the English history we have MARY, QUEEN of Scots, a woman who not only got her second husband murdered, but also ended up marrying the Murderer, James to rule Scotland for a while. Mary Queen of Scots even presented a threat to Elizabeth I of England that she had Mary arrested.

So history is replete with persons by name MARY, who have done extraordinary ( mostly notorious) things. Therefore to invent a phrase MARYS TO CHURCH is just not English.

Back to the topic, Shobhaa De besides her phenomenal achievements had been very forthright and open in her criticism. Maybe her profession, CINE JOURNALISM, allowed her the liberty to indulge in it freely, as none dared to antagonize a woman with such a CINE JOURNALISTIC back ground. But enter SONAM KAPOOR, an actress who hails from a Cine family and did not go through the “grind” before she was offered some decent roles. When Shobhaa De made some unsavoury remarks aginst the movie, Sonam let out a beautiful combo of 2 words describing Shobaa De- FOSSIL & MENOPAUSE!! So when i heard some channels clubbing both the words together to form a phrase to describe Shobhaa De as “ MENOPAUSAL FOSSIL” i was thoroughly gratified. Well btw, Shobhaa must be around 63 years of age.

Sonam, i know has apologised for stating her opinion on Shobhaa De, nevertheless, she has aptly helped the media in the coinage of MENOPAUSAL FOSSIL. I love these cat fights, especially when they get a lil cerebral.

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Mary Magdalene – An Apostle?

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When i reached Church for morning worship, i was amazed to find that last Sunday was the Sunday of Mary Magdalene. Whether there was any substance in DAN BROWN’S epiphany DA VINCI CODE or not i do not know, but his bunkum has had a startling effect on the Church establishment, otherwise they would not call Mary Magdalene an Apostle. Yeah, in the pew sheet for the Sunday (18/07/2010) Mary Magdalene had been described as an APOSTLE.

Well, an Apostle in the general sense is merely a proponent or a strident supporter of a postulate/hypothesis, but when the same word APOSTLE is used in a Church, it carries a special meaning. This is clear from verse 13 of Chapter 6 of LUKE in the Bible:-

And when it was day, he called unto him his disciples: and of them he chose twelve, whom also he named apostles;

Jesus had called only these 12 as APOSTLES. Later Paul the Saul Of Tarsus calls himself one. From thereon the APOSTLESHIP has caught the fancy of CHRISTIANS.

The point is when Jesus chose 12 of his disciples and called them Apostles, why did not Jesus call Mary Magdalene an Apostle? After all she was contemporaneous to Jesus. If Jesus did not call her Apostle, why are we eager to bestow that title on her? Curious. Yet, some Feminist Christians ( of both gender) take the instance of the resurrected Jesus first being sighted by Mary Magdalene as sufficient reason for elevating her to Apostleship. There is a verse in the Bible which says at Ecclesiastes 7:13-

Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?

But some Christians have launched themselves on that path of not only making things straight which God has made crooked, but also to HALLOW things which God had made PROFANE!!

Mary Magdalene from whom Jesus evicted 7 demons, provides HOPE for Christians, but she ain’t no role model baby!

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