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Moral Principles of any culture are embedded in the human beings who represent that culture. Their belief in that culture should not be shaken, as that would leave them homeless in their land. Their belief would be dilapidated because of the invasion of an extraneous culture. But to hope for such a ideal situation would be foolhardy, as some persons who belong to the culture may not so zealously protect their culture when they are offered DEVELOPMENT. Development brings within itself certain extraneous cultural elements that might be disturbing to the local persons.

When Jehangir, the Mughal Emperor gave the rights to the East India Company to trade in Surat, i’m sure the EIC brought a whole lot of alien cultural inputs that must have disturbed the cultural sentiments of the locals. But the same EIC brought trade along with prosperity to that locality. I’m sure the local Surat residents must have seen many firang women in skirts, holding on to their men on the streets etc. But those changes were to be put up with, all for the sake of GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT & PROSPERITY.

When the land cost in big cities had galloped beyond the entrepreneur’s reach, they had to seek out smaller cities/town for the purposes of setting up BPOs and Call Centres. Since getting / attracting English speaking crowd was not difficult in MANGALORE, they had set up those BPOs and Call Centres. With such developments, there was bound to be reaction from the locals. Kids with a decent knowledge of English were never given more than Rs.3,000/- PM as salaries, but with the arrival of BPOs and Call Centres their salaries increased manifold, leaving them with enough to splurge on activities that they had only seen on movies. So a shift in the activities takes place.

In Mangalore, we all saw the brutality heaped on the heads of young girls, which must have surely traumatized them. It was the location that made all the difference. Had it happened in another city, probably there would have been a severe political backlash. The opposition in Karnataka has not reacted with vehemence.

The basic question that shud be asked was whether the young boys and girls did whatever they did within the confines of a place that allowed such activity, in the eyes of the law. If the answer is YES, then any person who intruded has indulged in CRIMINAL TRESSPASS, as they were armed with sticks which gave away their INTENTION. Subsequently by their behaviour they have committed HURT, OUTRAGED THE MODESTY OF WOMEN & DESTROYED PROPERTY. All punishable under the INDIAN PENAL CODE.

However, why in India we do not know of the EXEMPTIONS and JUSTIFICATIONS that are embedded in the same IPC? Sections 97 to 105 under the head of PRIVATE DEFENCE and take advantage of those?

Dr. Samuel Johnson’s recipe was this: If a madman were to come into this room with a stick in his hand, no doubt we should pity the state of his mind; but our primary consideration would be to take care of ourselves. We should knock him down first, and pity him afterwards.

I wish the young girls and boys had resisted the goons who had entered the pub AMNESIA at Mangalore and used their RIGHT TO SELF DEFENCE and caused the rogues to limit the imposition of their morality to their mothers, sisters and wives (if at all they would take it lying down)!!

These boys and girls were definitely not persons labouring under the dictum TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK! I wish and pray to God that the anarchy let loose by the goons in Mangalore are taught a lesson not to enter into others’ premises to impose their anachronistic sense of morality.

If the morons had had the balls they should have protested democratically and requested the pub owners to refrain from admitting Indian young girls. Secondly they should have spoken to their MLA and the MP to make laws to disallow young girls and boys. Instead what they did was an AMBUSH. It was an AMBUSH MORALITY.

The so called leader of that goon gang has the gall to go on the TV stating that women were not intended to be targeted and that that was unfortunate, as if the violence exhibited was legal! What notions of legality. These goons have no sense of morality that could be democratically propagated, but a sense of exclusivity that gives them a sense of superiority that they are commissioned to do things that are illegal and offensive to the society.

To add amusement to this drama enacted by the Ram Sena, their chief reels off a sanskrit shloka  MATRU…… etc signifying that the Indian culture extols Woman etc. He has to be probably reminded that Aishwarya Rai,   Shilpa Shetty,  Deepika Padukone and Shamita Shetty all hail from the same town of Mangalore or thereabouts, and the way they have glorified womanhood in scantily clad clothes and published as visual ads for movies & commercial advertisements should have elicited worse response from the Ram Sena and its votaries!


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