Male hymen!!

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Now for those who are amused at the title to my blog, let me take you to a news item in the following link:-

Women who have been clamouring for gender equality have finally discovered something that should be very easy for them to identify “VIRGIN” males without much ado.

Pham Thi Hong, the female Acupuncturist from Vietnam, who claims that there is a red spot on /behind the ear of men who have not had sexual intercourse with women, has been instrumental in getting , shall we call it, acquittal for three young boys charged for rape on the grounds that these “red spots” are still intact and therefore these boys COULD NOT HAVE HAD sex with any woman- leave alone the victim!!

In India, such quack observations and assertions, however reputed their practice, would not carry any weight with the courts. But the courts in Hanoi seem to trust the assertions of HONG, which has in all probability has not gone through the sampling process. I hope the American Universities would come forward and do a study on this. Otherwise, it may continue to be an assertion with no proof like what Aristotle said: WOMEN HAVE FEWER TEETH THAN MEN and as Bertrand Russel puts it, it just needed Aristotle to check up the mouths of women before making that assertion.

Till Hong came out with the discovery, i have been quite sceptical about this MALE VIRGINITY issue. When Oprah Winfrey asked Michael Jackson, ” ARE YOU A VIRGIN?”, I was stunned as much as Michael Jackson was, even though i liked his reply- “I AM A GENTLEMAN.” Now what Michael meant by that was, probably, that MEN and VIRGINITY are unequally yoked. Yet Oprah Winfrey in her understated, disguised feminist style glossed over taking advantage of the severely embarrassed Michael Jackson. In any case the reply was as stinging as the reply given by Humphrey Bogart to the impudent , supercilious question about Rick’s nationality in the movie CASABLANCA.

Major Strasser: What is your nationality?
Rick: I’m a drunkard.
Captain Renault: That makes Rick a citizen of the world.

Now coming back to our VIRGINITY ISSUE, it is quite interesting that when it comes to the male ( according to Pham Thi Hong) virginity the identifying spot should be so far away from the epicentre!! The irony is that the FEMINISTS who have been linking VIRGINITY idea with MEN, on grounds of equality, have finally stumbled upon something quite serendipitously which has gone in favour of the accused men in Vietnam! Good luck to them. The only trouble is that men who want to get married to VIRGINS have to make their candidates go through a dead-frog procedure whereas, with this discovery, women who want VIRGIN men could easily get under the ears of their prospective grooms and get the proof!!



In a debate in channel m tv, on gender issue a woman called anousha springs a question on a callow youth if he was a virgin?

The woman had got into a mental rut!

Virginity is a factual phenomenon only applicable to females, and truly verifiable and provable.

The question can be whether the loss of the hymen was because of a finger or something thicker. But never that it wasn’t there to start with,
poor anousha, a victim of gender equality idea, stretched beyond reality!