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“Democracy” in essence means policy decisions are the prerogative of the people and the people SHALL decide. Therefore elections in India is a method to know the “will” of the people and the elected representatives through their legislation and executive control,  are supposed to reflect the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Periodic elections ensure that the will of the people can be altered or reassured, by either changing the party that runs the Government or re-electing the same party. What is the best way for a party which is 100% sure of NOT BEING RE-ELECTED? It has to RETREAT- like in a battle. So what does the retreating army do- FIRST AND FOREMOST IS TO TAKE AWAY THE ASSETS OR TO DESTROY THE ASSETS, so that the opponent is not empowered to deploy those assets against the retreated army.

In a democratic set up- it is not as much as TAKING AWAY or DESTROYING the assets as CREATING A LIABILITY OF GARGANTUAN PROPORTIONS to the new victors of the democratic terrain!

ELECTRICITY supply and distribution is a state issue, consequently,  when a party which runs the State Government is sure of losing the elections, all it has to do is to create a LIABILITY by borrowing electricity from all and sundry, distribute it to farmers and run up unpaid bills which will create heartburn to the people, against the succeeding incumbents. This is a classic case of CREATING A LIABILITY for the new Government and buying time for the vanquished to re-marshal its forces. The interest burdens would surely ensure that the new incumbent would not be able to spend any money on welfare projects and also earn a reputation for mismanagement!

If one reads these devices, it is often seen that such LIABILITIES are created in the last one year of the incumbency of the political party to be ousted!

Let us take the cost of the FOOD SECURITY BILL? It has been projected to be @ Rs. 25,000/- crore per year. BUT IS THERE A CEILING on this amount? NO, the proponents of the Bill have ensued that the cost ceiling is not FIXED. Therefore, like in any project, inflation and cost escalations could be cited for overrun of these projections. In any case, it seems that a beautiful WHITE ELEPHANT has been gifted to the next government so that all its surpluses, if any, is sucked out servicing this WHITE ELEPHANT, which the incumbent government has cleverly brought for the next Government to mount. (MIXED METAPHOR, LIKE MIXED ECONOMY?)

These kind of bills being passed during the closing of any political party’s term smacks of creation of a LIABILITY for the next than a genuine effort to share the good fortune of the people with the less fortunate. These Acts once passed cannot be ignored as these relate to the vote casting public and thereby becoming a COMPULSIVE LIABILITY in the hands of the next. This device seems to be a CLEVER RETREATING STRATEGY in Democracy!

Long live India’s democracy.

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