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South Indian Premier League!

The best part about blogging is that one has the liberty to say the “UNSAYABLE”, the PAROCHIAL and the REGIONAL, which not only reflect the meanness of the blogger but also a nice opportunity to vent the blogger’s  pent up feelings of RESENTMENT.

So on the 18th of April, 2010 Chennai Super Kings and the Deccan Chargers have catapulted themselves to the 3rd and 2nd slots respectively, of the points table of the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. Chennai Super Kings’ party could have been spoiled by the Kings Punjab team, even though Kings Punjab could not have made it to the final four even with a win. It was a delight to see the Jharkhandi Mahender Singh Dhoni take charge from the good work done by Raina and Badrinath.

Tamil Nadu needs a leader from outside the state of Tamil Nadu to perform. Politically if one sees the history of Tamil Nadu, MGR was a Malayali and Ms.Jayalalitha is considered to be a Kannadiga. Tamilians are not particular as to who leads them, so far as the directions are in Thamizh!! Dhoni has been talking a lot about the people of Chennai having tremendous love for him and that they talk to him in Thamizh too!

There are 2 Biharis who have captured the hearts of the Thamizian one is Udit Narain Jha and the other is Mahender Singh Dhoni (presently a Jharkhandi).

Deccan Chargers by any standards do not match up to the batting or the bowling line up of Delhi Dare Devils, yet since DELHI DARE DEVILS also depended on the last match to make it to the finals, this  match assumed the proportions of a knock out match. And Delhi lost.

So we have all the three southern teams and the team from Mumbai (which incidentally is politically ambivalent as to whether it belongs to the Northern part of India or otherwise!!). The allotment of teams had been such that 5 could be considered to be from Northern India and 3 from Southern India. Now statistically speaking there is only .25 probability that a Northern team could win the tournament. With the arrival of KOCHI in the IPL, there would be 4 southern teams and there is also a theoretical possibility from the next IPL that all the FINALISTS could be from the SOUTHERN India.

So to call this edition of IPL as South Indian Premier League 2010, sounds more appropriate!! Sorry Delhi guys, really sorry- after all Delhi is my capital too,  you see!!

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