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BLOOM BOX and Sridhar!

Bio fuel, wind energy, nuclear energy, hydro power all are going to be passe, if the BLOOM BOX which BLOOM ENERGY from the Silicon Valley has invented comes to mass production. The CEO of BLOOMENERGY is one K.R.Sridhar, apparently with roots from the Southern India.

The BLOOM BOX is supposed to be of the size of a small inverter that would be able to produce enough electricity to run four Indian homes (or so the TIMES OF INDIA dt. 23/02/2010 Bangalore edition claims).

I was excited more than Archimedes and i let out an EUREKA, when i read the article. It was not merely the joy of having been a contemporary to an invention that would be a game changer, but the thought of all those so called “EXPERTS” who have been talking of CLEAN ENERGY and building wind mills, hydro power plants costing around $1.25 million per MW of energy. Where would all these projects in India go if the BLOOM BOX were to hit India?

Licences have been obtained from the Union and state governments, by many entrepreneurs to build hydel power stations on build-operate-and-transfer basis.  There are the old hawks who have built up refineries on the hope that their bio-fuel would be the cornerstone for electricity production in India. If the BLOOM BOX hits India and is found economical (which i believe would be: pl watch this youtube video: what would happen to all those who have spent enormous amounts on various  persons along the way in obtraining the licences and permissions?

Elementary Mr.Watson: ENSURE THAT BLOOM BOX DOES NOT GET THE NECESSARY LICENCE TO BE FREELY IMPORTED INTO INDIA. IF WE ALLOW SUCH IMPORTS, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR SUZLONS, RELIANCES, EXIDES and a host of such companies which have been in Public Private Parnership with the Governments much before PPP was adopted as a policy!! IMPOSE 1000% customs duty on BLOOM BOX or even better make it a contraband!!! Another option open to the Suzlons, Reliances and Exides would be to become the sole distributor for BLOOM BOX and acquire the licence for marketing it in India REGION -wise!!lol

KUDOS to K.R.Sridhar. One whose invention is likely to be rated along with the inventions of  WATT, EDISON, FORD………….

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