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Bilateral Treaty Vs. Vienna Convention!

Julian Assange’s issue has got the British Government between honouring the Bilateral Treaty between United Kingdom and Sweden, on the one side; or the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, on the other, or so the UK would want to polish the Assange issue and present it to the  world!

Julian Assange had entered the Ecuadorian Consulate in London and had successfully sought Asylum for himself from Ecuadorian President against the wishes of the UK Authorites. The UK wants to extradite Assange to Sweden, where he is to be tried for charges of Rape, the UK seems to have taken their role pretty seriously, as they do not want a rape accused to escape the jurisdiction of the courts which have taken cognizance of the same! The greater zeal shown by the Swedish prosecution is in wanting Assange to be subjected to their jurisdiction ! The lawyer of Julian Assange is supposed to have told the court that when Swedish authorities could send a team of officials/officers to Serbia to examine a MURDER ACCUSED, why should not the investigation team from Sweden be despatched to London to gather evidence from Julian Assange. Interesting in the sense that Murder- though a serious crime- is not as heinous as Rape, but in the eyes of the law (as i know it) almost all countries prescribe a higher punishment for Murder than Rape (probably because it is easier to reconstruct a hymen than to create a Human- sorry pals for this!) and therefore the gravity attached to the offence of Murder is graver than Rape and logically, if Sweden could send a team to Serbia to interrogate a Murder accused, they surely can send one to London to interrogate a Rape Accused.

The important point is that the British Embassy in Quito, issues a statement saying that as per some 80’s law, the UK could withdraw the Diplomatic status of Ecuador! This seems like a  VENTRILOQUIST THREAT! A ventriloquist when he wants to say something offensive or threatening may make the doll in his hand open its mouth, but it is the ventriloquist himself who without opening his mouth would be able to produce the desired sounds! The UK by allowing their Embassy in Quito saying this, has not, technically speaking, issued any diplomatic threats to Ecuador. As usual, UK’s double speak is at its height!

The Taliban when it captured Kabul UN Office and pulled out Najibullah and hanged and hung him in a traffic signal post, there was no such pre-action threat sounded by Taliban and its cohorts! But, given to sophistication and mollycoddling the conscience of the unthinking literate, the UK Government wants to shed croc tears before launching on activities in blatant disregard of the Human Rights. At least, when Col Noriega escaped into a similar situation into the Vatican nuncio’s office, the US government waited for his surrender. But there is no such hope for the UK, as Julian Assange is of sterner stuff.

Coming to the Vienna convention, this is not one convention but a series of Conventions which on various issues have been brought into effect on different dates. But before VIENNA CONVENTIONS were done and ratified, there was this UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948. One has to go through the following Articles, which are very similar to the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS enshrined originally in our Constitution of India.

Article 11.

  • (1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

Article 14.

  • (1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
  • (2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Article 19.

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Just as our Parliamentary Legislators whittled down the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and pitted these Fundamental Rights against the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY, the United Kingdom is pitting its TREATIES with Sweden against Julian Assange to whittle down the Articles enshrined in the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!

I hope these imperialist interpretations are defeated by the ebullient ASSANGE!

Extradition & Julian Assange!

The British courts have decided to extradite Julian Assange to bring him within the jurisdiction of the Swedish courts. The matter in trial where the Swedish Prosecutor wants Assange, relates to Julian Assange’s alleged sexual crimes.

The interesting part about SEXUAL CRIMES is that when a CRIME begins and when the CRIME committed is condoned, depends on the GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION where the said SEXUAL ACT is committed. In Sweden the laws are very different from those in Australia. In Sweden the term “CONSENT” does not mean that once a woman gives her  consent,  till the culmination of the sexual act, the man is at liberty to have his member in. In fact, the CONSENT stands withdrawn the moment the woman withdraws her consent even during the intercourse. ANY DELAY IN WITHDRAWAL would tantamount to RAPE. So Julian Assange is accused of RAPE of this kind.

Secondly, the subsequent normal behaviour of the WOMAN with the seducer does not offer any immunity to the man from the woman bringing up RAPE charges later.

The most interesting part is that Julian Assange is accused of the charges of RAPE committed during the above mentioned bizarre situation, which make up the act, RAPE as per local laws and interpretations thereof . There were only 2 persons and one is accusing the other and the laws are loaded in favour of  the ACCUSER. The court has to merely ask Assange if he had had sex with the accuser and if he says ‘yes’, the next question would be with the prosecutrix and if she says that she withdrew her consent, ASSANGE stands condemned. Assange stands NO CHANCE in the Swedish courts with these kind of LAWS. Seems more like a NON REBUTTABLE RES IPSA LOQUITOR!!

Assange apprehends that he might be subsequently extradited to the USA and might be deported to the Guantanamo Bay. Well, why should ASSANGE not ask the courts in Britain to return him back to the British after the trial and sentence, if any,  in Sweden? I see no reason how the Swedish courts could extradite a person (borrowed from another jurisdiction for the purposes of making a suspect amenable to their jurisdiction) to another requesting state!

I feel that once a system is challenged, the beneficiaries and hangers-on of the system feel threatened and use every Machiavellian device to silence the threatener (Julian Assange).  Julain seems to be hounded out for this.

CONSENT in sex instead of helping WOMEN victims, are being used by unscrupulous women to silence people like Assange.. In any case, the biological laws of sex in men are  just like the Laws of Limitation, that once  TIME statrts running it doesn’t stop………………….till it runs the full course. But to help victims of “NO PROOF” cases, such LAWS were enacted and now the same aspect of NO PROOF is being used to put Assange in the dock. HOW PERVERSE!!


During their first trip to the US, BEATLES were asked by a fan at the JFK international Airport on the 7th of Feb, 1964, “ARE YOU FOR REAL?”

Pat came the repartee from John Lennon, “COME AND HAVE A FEEL!”

The Americans across the Atlantic had heard a lot about the lunacy BEATLES had indulged in, their music etc., but that was the first instance the AMERICANS had the opportunity of GETTING THE REAL FEEL of BEATLES. Humans are generally sceptical of what they hear and do not believe all that they hear. It is the RAW DATA that they look for. The RAW DATA may not reflect accurately the state of affairs, yet they get the “FEEL”.

Ringo Starr who was beside John Lennon started laughing at the repartee. The answer meant something entirely different to the ears of Ringo – after all they were Liverpool buddies you see? Contextually, the female fans heard what was said and they proceeded to HAVE A FEEL of the BEATLES. Rest is not merely history but HISTORIC.

With WIKILEAKS and OUTLOOK website (in India) putting out RAW DATA in the public domain, for those who care to read and listen there are ample stuff for them to make up their minds.

I am sure we don’t need a Barkha Dutt or a Vir Singhvi to shape our perceptions on the RAW DATA provided to us now. Now that we have the raw data they seem to be jittery, as to what conclusions we might draw. The melting of their HALOS seems to be of great concern to them. BTW, Roberto Cavalli’s black gown in the cabinet (!) of Nira Radia seems to have elicited the shy snail Tata into shedding of his halo too! Well to call Nira Radia’s audios in public domain as a threat to somebody’s privacy is ludicrous.


Thanks Julian Assange and Vinod Mehta. Thanks a million.

Julian Assange & wikileaks!

From GOD SAVE THE KING, society moved on to GOD SAVE OUR COUNTRY and now WIKILEAKS has not merely rattled the high priests of Hypocrisy, who occupy high places of power and STRATEGIZE ruthlessly and conceal their RUTHLESS intentions with the palatable SECURITY OF THE NATION line to allay the anxiety of the joes and janes, but has transported journalism to the next level.

This aspect was already known to those who had held positions of power, since they themselves were a part of that system which EMPOWERED them through the same means , hence they were unable to rip open the sweet coatings and lay the facts naked to the human eye. With the possible exception of Mikhail Gorbochev, none had laid open a system, of which he was a part of.

Then there were those INTELLECTUALS who also suspected the ostensible reasons based on which certain decisions were made. Yet those “suspicions” were brushed aside by the joes and james as the fulminations of a fevered mind of the intellectuals.

The underlying problem has been the conflict of interest between INDIVIDUALS and INSTITUTIONS. When INSTITUTIONS decide on a course of action, it is very difficult to point fingers at any particular person within the INSTITUTION. In effect, INSTITUTIONS became Special Purpose Vehicles for the managers of the INSTITUTIONS to fulfill their private agenda in the guise of Public Interest. For example, Justice Markandey Katju and his another Bench Justice made the observation “SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT, ” they were making an OBSERVATION on the INSTITUTION but there might be good and fair people in that INSTITUTION as well. So the HC of Allahabad has passed a resolution to expunge those remarks of the Supreme Court. So those GOOD individuals have right to a fair reputation and they rightly protested & naturally the bad ones too join in, to warm up themselves with the fair name of the few.

The biggest BANNER raised to conceal the evil motives of such INSTITUTIONS is SECURITY OF THE NATION. No doubt, security of the nation should override all other consideration, but how valid is it when dealing with INTERNATIONAL issues? I suppose, in International issues SECURITY raised its initial rotten head in the Nuremberg trials (conducted by the victors on the losers at the end of the II World War) where even RESPONDEAT SUPERIOR , a long established doctrine was cut short and the plea that “i merely followed the orders of my superior” was not acceptable, as the court framed a new exception that   ‘ILLEGAL ORDERS NEED NOT BE OBEYED, FROM WHOMSOEVER THE ORDER MIGHT BE”. THEREBY STARTED THIS STORY OF SECURITY OF THE STATE.

So to cite a specific instance George Bush Jr, the then President of USA felt threatened by Saddam Hussein; Mr.Obama publicly feels that 26/11 at Mumbai did not warrant India getting ballistic about Pakistan. However thanks to Julian Assange of WIKILEAKS which says that the US was surprised that India did not retaliate with strikes. Well, one was the public posturing but their real perception was that INDIA OUGHT TO HAVE RETALIATED. Such is the GAP between PUBLIC STATEMENTS and STRATEGIC PERCEPTION.

One should thank JULIAN, i feel at first name terms with this Australian. I have not been particularly fond of Australians since the time they started attacking students, who were later discovered by their police to be Indians (LOL). JULIAN ASSANGE has done what the Barkhas and the Sanghvis have failed to do. The Barkhas and the Sanghvis got on to the INSTITUTIONAL BANDWAGON, whereas the FOURTH COLUMN was promoted as the champion of the INDIVIDUAL. It is not their betrayal which is surprising, but that The Barkhas and the Sanghvis have risen so high in the media firmament and remained there so long despite working at cross purposes with their mandate. By hindsight i seem to have a clue why they rose. They were pretending to be protectors of INDIVIDUALS, whereas their core was nothing but INSTITUTIONAL priorities. JULIAN ASSANGE had to RISE and he ROSE.

In the middle of all this cacophony, our own Rattan Tata who had seamlessly stepped into the shoes of the legendary JRD, claims his privacy had been INVADED. Mr.TATA should realize that the tapes put out in the public domain by The OUTLOOK website were tapes which are putatively recordings of the calls emanating or landing on Niira Radia’s instrument. If he had partaken in the goings-on of a sophisticated tout, he should not grudge and raise CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES, as he is merely incidental side-show and not the main piece!! No doubt, it is an indefeasible right to every Indian, but for Mr.Rattan Tata to raise this bogey seems ludicrous. Now with all his concern about how to doll up the moll in a designer black gown and get her to Mumbai for peacocking herself around, the HALO he had so assiduously held up had fallen and sure enough he has reasons to silence those voices which are very similar to his guttural and measured voice!!

The winners are the OUTLOOK website and OPEN magazine which had so boldly put out RAW DATA for the joes and janes to make up their own minds. Naturally the affected parties have reasons to be miffed!!

Coming back to WIKILEAKS they have blown the lid of the sanctimonious decisions made at summit levels and have provided raw data to show that the reasons for arriving at are plain Machiavellian. So all that false morality promoted seems an unnecessary burden laid on the public.

But all this is nothing new. After all one should remember that Queen Elizabeth defeated the Spanish Armada not by her Royal Navy, but by engaging  pirates like WALTER RALEIGH and FRANCIS DRAKE. It is the pirates who finally WIN WARS for their Countries and not the LAW ABIDING SHEEP OF CITIZENS. The sheep are required only for REVENUE collection during PEACE times, but countries thrive and survive during bad times thru ROGUE elements. LIZ KNEW IT AND DID IT MORE THAN 4 and a half centuries back.

Let me tell my readers a secret- RULERS THINK DIFFERENTLY, BUT INSIST ON THE JOES AND JANES  THINKING STRAIGHT. It is the latter part which i detest. May the Individuals enlighten themselves and fill up Institutions which are FREE, FAIR and TRANSPARENT. On this road, JULIAN ASSANGE has taken us to the next level.

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